Avant: Journal of the Philosophical-Interdisciplinary Vanguard

Avant: Journal of the Philosophical-Interdisciplinary Vanguard
First Issue
To touch a snake from the inside. Art & Cognition
Tomasz Górny, Witold Wachowski Krzysztof Ćwikliński Full text [PDF]
“How it is”. Balka’s Black Box and the strengths and weaknesses of the sensorimotor solution
Victoria Louise Stone Full text [PDF]
Without possibility of correction. Interview with Krzysztof Knittel
Anna Karczmarczyk, Piotr Momot, Witold Wachowski Translation: Krzysztof Ćwikliński Full text [PDF]
Non-stimulating tradition: The Effect of Temperament on Painting Art Preferences
Joanna Rządkowska, Alicja Paracka and Natalia Frankowska Full text [PDF]
Me and other things. An introduction to the study of the Buddhist metaphor of self with the application of Jäkel’s model of mental activity
Witold Wachowski Full text [PDF]
Complexity is around us. Part one: chaos game
Dawid Lubiszewski Full text [PDF]
A phantom body as bodily self-consciousness
Przemysław Nowakowski Translation: Paweł Gładziejewski Abstract [PDF]
The Emulating Interview… with Rick Grush
Przemyslaw Nowakowski Full text [PDF]
Neurophenomenology: an invitation to discussion
Paweł Gładziejewski Full text [PDF]
Anna Karczmarczyk Full text [PDF]
Controlled hallucination
Przemyslaw Nowakowski Translation: Anna Karczmarczyk Full text [PDF]
Francisco Varela: Neurophenomenology: a methodological remedy for the hard problem (Polish version, English abstract) [Abstract]
Shaun Gallagher and Francisco Varela: Redrawing the Map and Resetting the Time  [PDF]
Robert Hanna and Evan Thompson: The Spontaneity of Consciousness (Polish version, English abstract) [Abstract

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