The Baltic International Yearbook of Logic, Cognition and Communication

The Baltic International Yearbook of Logic, Cognition and Communication
Editor's Introduction
PDF Douglas Patterson
The Rule-Following Paradox and the Impossibility of Private Rule-Following
PDF Jody Azzouni
Understanding the Logical Constants and Dispositions
PDF Corine Besson
Reference and Knowledge of Reference
PDF Gregory Bochner
Language Understanding and Knowledge of Meaning
PDF Mitchell Green
Knowledge of Meaning, Conscious and Unconscious
PDF Steven Gross
Inferential Role and the Ideal of Deductive Logic
PDF Thomas Hofweber
Some Models of Linguistic Understanding
PDF Guy Longworth
Having Linguistic Rules and Knowing Linguistic Facts
PDF Peter Ludlow
On the Epistemology and Psychology of Speech Comprehension
PDF Dean Pettit
The Semantic Realism/Anti-Realism Dispute and Knowledge of Meanings
PDF Panu Raatikainen
Intellect and Concept
PDF Gurpreet Rattan
Are There Understanding-Assent Links? 
PDF Åsa Wikforss
The Early Life Of Russell’s Notion Of A Propositional Function
PDF Michael Beaney
R.G. Collingwood, Analytical Philosophy And Logical Positivism
PDF James Connelly
Twardowski And Representationalism
PDF Ryan Hickerson
British Idealist Aesthetics, Collingwood, Wollheim, And The Origins Of Analytic Aesthetics
PDF Chinatsu Kobayashi
Naturalized Rationality. A Glance At Bolzano's Philosophy Of Mind
PDF Anita Konzelmann-Ziv
A Substantive Non-Solution To The Problem Of Unity
PDF Samuel Lebens
Definitions And Contradictions. Russell, Poincaré, And Lesniewski
PDF François Lepage
The Mathematical Roots Of Russell’s Naturalism And Behaviorism
PDF James Levine
Russell And Frege On The Logic of Functions
PDF Bernard Linsky
Husserl Between Frege’s Logicism And Hilbert’s Formalism
PDF Ulrich Majer
Theory Of Knowledge In Britain From 1860 To 1950
PDF Mathieu Marion
Language And Logic In German Post-Hegelian Philosophy
PDF Volker Peckhaus
Brentano’s Psychology And Logic And The Basis Of Twardowski’s Theory Of Presentations
PDF Robin Rollinger
Twardowski On Truth
PDF Peter Simons
Russell's Transcendental Argument Revisited
PDF David Sullivan
Non-Descriptivism About Modality. A Brief History And Revival
PDF Amie Thomasson
PDF Elisabeth Camp
Metaphorical Singular Reference. The Role of Enriched Composition in Reference Resolution
PDF Anne Bezuidenhout
Showing, Telling and Seeing. Metaphor and “Poetic” Language
PDF Elisabeth Camp
Metaphor and Lexical Semantics
PDF Michael Glanzberg
Metaphor Without Properties
PDF Samuel Guttenplan
Problems of Paraphrase: Bottom's Dream
PDF David Hills
Metaphor and Metalanguage
PDF Michiel Leezenberg
A Frame-Based Analysis of Synaesthetic Metaphors
PDF Wiebke Petersen, Jens Fleischhauer, Hakan Beseoglu, Peter Bücker
Metaphorical Meanings. Do you see what I mean?
PDF Marga Reimer
The Life and Death of a Metaphor, or the Metaphysics of Metaphor
PDF Josef Stern
Metaphor and the 'Emergent Property' Problem: A Relevance-Theoretic Approach
PDF Deirdre Wilson, Robyn Carston
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