16 - Politics & Aesthetics
Belvis, Cyril  The Godly Ilongga as Performative and Surplus: A Textual Analysis of Flores ni Maria Santisima  PDF
Karagouni, Villy  Implicitly Political: The Aesthetics of Jean Rhys's Voyage in the Dark  PDF
Malatino, Hilary Medical Histories, Queer Futures: Imaging and Imagining 'Abnormal' Corporealities  PDF
PrzybyÅ‚o, Ela The Politics of Ugliness PDF
Rae, Heather  The Politics of Monstrosity: Giant Bodies and Behaviour in Classical and Renaissance Literature and Art PDF
Tran, Danielle  An exploration of the use of colonial discourse within Mustafa Sa'eed's interracial relationships in Season of Migration to the North PDF
15 - Uniting Nations: Risks and Opportunities
Bates, Michael 'Cultural Exchange, Communal Destruction in W.G. Sebald's Vertigo' PDF 
Hansen, Arve 'Integration and Late Industrialisation: The Effects of Neoliberal Economic Globalisation on Development and Late Industrialisation' PDF 
 Lambkin, Magdalen 'Can Scriptures Unite? A theological exploration of the interreligious practice of Scriptural Reasoning' PDF 
 Mallet, Richard 'Beyond Failed States and Ungoverned Spaces: Hybrid Political Orders in the Post-Conflict Landscape' PDF 
 McQueen, Pamela 'Giving Voice to the Global Citizen: Characterization and Dialogue in David Greig's The Speculator.' PDF 
 Reeploeg, Silke 'Intercultural Opportunities and Regional Identity: Nordic Voices in Scottish Literature' PDF 
Sambaraju, Rahul and Kirkwood, Steve  ''We represent, here, the interests of the free world': Accountability in Israeli leaders' media talk on the Gaza Crisis (PDF00PDF-PDF00PDF)'  PDF 
14 - Imagination and Innovation
Erik Fuhrer What if Jesus Had a Sister? : Virginia Woolf's Messianic (re)Imaginings  PDF - Fuhrer
Judith Gruber Christian Identities: An imaginative and innovative quest for pluriform unity  PDF - Gruber
Paul Jordan Eurovision in Moscow: Re-imagining Russia On The Global Stage  PDF - Jordan
Efthymia Priki Elucidating and Enigmatizing: the Reception of the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili in the Early Modern Period and in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries PDF - Priki
Douglas Small The Phantasmagorical Imagination: From Singular Perversion To Curious Celebration PDF - Small
Veronica Marie Whale Expressions of Identity from Colonization to Globalization: Tracing Connections in the Process of Identification PDF - Whale
Lynn Whitaker  'Creative Bloody Futures': Discourses of Creativity in BBC Children's Production PDF - Whitaker
13 - Atlantic Exchanges
Dr Katie Gough  Atlantic Exchanges Introduction  PDF - Gough
Sarah Cassidy Homecoming Scotland: Mobilising Diasporia for Tourism Development PDF - Cassidy
Susan Miller The Young Robert Southey: An Atlantic Poet PDF - Miller
Jacob Patterson-Stein De-Nationalizing American Music in the 'Third Space' of Graceland PDF - Patterson-Stein
Andrew David Struan The Very Model of an Early Modern Major General: Thomas Gage and the British Atlantic World, 1763-1775 PDF - Struan
Tom Tàbori Uprising in Storyville: Conjuring Resistance in African-American Literature PDF - Tabori
12 - Technology and Humanity
Daniel Ashton  Policy, productivity, passion and piracy: Drawing lines around innovation in a knowledge-based economy PDF - Ashton 
Alistair Brown  Rereading Posthumanism in The War of the Worlds and Independence Day PDF - Brown 
David Gill  Reconsidering Virtual Nuclear Arsenals PDF - Gill
Eva Giraud  McLibel to Mcspotlight: the impact of information and communications technology upon radical pamphleteering PDF - Giraud 
Hannah Little Microfilm, Mormons and the Technology of the Archive PDF - Little 
Adam Lowe Holding it Together: Postmodern Modes of Cohesion  PDF - Lowe 
Michael Morrison  Beyond the perils and promise of human enhancement: the social shaping of enhancement technologies PDF - Morrison 
Alexia Smit  White Men with Scalpels: Technology, bodies and 'male melodrama' in Nip/Tuck  PDF - Smit 
Kathryn Tabb  Authority and Authorship in a PDFPDFst-Century Encyclopaedia and a 'Very Mysterious Foundation' PDF - Tabb 
Zsofia Anna Toth SPDFm0ne: Simulacrum and Simulation Incarnated in the Perfection of Humanoid Virtuality PDF -Toth 
Campbell Wilson The Ecologist and the Alternative Technology movement, PDFPDFPDF0-PDFPDF: New Environmentalism confronts 'technocracy' PDF - Wilson 
11 - Social Engagement, Empowerment and Change
Brenna Dorrance Conflict Resolution and Development through Social Empowerment Programmes in Northern Afghanistan  PDF - Dorrance
Jeffrey Gunn Inside 'Rotten English': Interpreting the Language of Ambiguity in Ken Saro-Wiwa's Sozaboy  PDF - Gunn
Richard Iveson A Politics of Disease: The fantastic trope and the dismemberment of reality  PDF - Iveson
Amadu Wurie Khan Countering Media Hegemony, Negative Representations, the 'Bad Citizen': Asylum seekers' battle for the hearts and minds of Scotland  PDF - Khan
Liberty Kohn Antilanguage and a Gentleman's Goloss: Style, Social Meaning and Entitlement to Irony in A Clockwork Orange PDF - Kohn
Leonidas Koutsoumpos Actions and the energeiai: the 'ethics of borderlands' in the educational praxis of architecture  PDF - Koutsoumpos
Ruth Alexandra Liston The Child in Criminology: Site of Intervention, Site of Control, Site of Blame   PDF - Liston
Maria Teresa Martinez Dominguez Oil Politics in the Amazon: From Ethnocide to Survival   PDF - Martinez Dominguez
Teresa Piacentini Contesting identities in exile: an exploration of collective self-understanding and solidarity in Refugee Community Organisations in Glasgow  PDF - Piacentini
Miriam Ross Grupo Chaski's Microcines: Engaging the Spectator  PDF - Ross
Colin Vernall Money No Object: Revolution and Revaluation in the Economics of Place and the Place of Economics in Art PDF - Vernall
10 - Orality and Literacy
Professor Willy Maley Introduction to 'Orality and Literacy' PDF - Maley Intro
Caitriona Noonan Introduction: Ten Issues of eSharp PDF - Ten Issues 
Jeffrey Gunn Literacy and the Humanizing Project in Olaudah Equiano's The Interesting Narrative and Ottobah Cugoano's Thoughts and Sentiments PDF - Gunn 
Stuart A. Harris-Logan Nam Bithinn Mar Eun ('If I were a Bird'): Re-accessing the Paralinguistic Dimension of Traditional Scots Gaelic Storytelling PDF - Harris-Logan 
Katherine Knowles 'This little ': Inscribing History upon the Child in Shakespeare's King John PDF -Knowles 
Mariangela Palladino Mnemonics and Orality in Toni Morrison's Love PDF - Palladino 
Fiona Stewart, Hannah Little and Marc Alexander From Conversation to Conference: 'The Cultural Value of Oral History'  PDF - CVOH 
Andreas Boldt  Perception, Depiction and Description of European History:
Leopold von Ranke and his Development and Understanding of Modern Historical Writing.
PDF - Boldt
Thomas Byrne Progress Amidst the Pitfalls? Perception, Deception and Reception in the Writing of an Early Modern Biography. PDF - Byrne
Tatsuya Mitsuda  The Equestrian Influence and the Foundation of Veterinary Schools in Europe, c. 1760-1790 PDF - Mitsuda
Christopher Prior
Writing Another Continent's History: The British and Pre-colonial Africa, 1880-1939 PDF - Prior
9 - Gender: Power and Authority
Howard Hsueh-Hao Chiang Epistemic Gender, Sex Beyond the Flesh: Science, Medicine, and the Two-Sex Model in Modern America PDF - Chiang
Charlotte Coles The Question of Power and Authority in Gender Performance: Judith Butler's Drag Strategy PDF - Coles
Rachel Foulds Masculinity Versus Femininity: An Overriding Dichotomy in the Music of Soviet Composer Galina Ustvolskaya PDF - Foulds
Sarah Godfrey Villainous Victims: The Paradox of the 'Damaged' Man in Naked and Nil By Mouth PDF
Brian Gourley Feminised Idolatry and The Subversion of Religious Orthodoxy in John Bale's Three Laws PDF - Gourley
Olu Jenzen The Queer Uncanny PDF - Jenzen
Clare Kinsella Femininity, Masculinity and Fear of Crime within Heterosexual Relationships PDF - Kinsella
Kathrine Klein Grace Aguilar's 'Edict': Empowering Domesticity in The Edict: A Tale of 1892 PDF - Klein
Lucy Nicholas Approaches to Gender, Power and Authority in Contemporary Anarcho-punk: Poststructuralist Anarchism? PDF - Nicholas
Shira Segal The Masculinization Project of Hospital Birth Practices and Hollywood Comedies PDF - Segal
Matthew Sung A Discourse Study of Gender and Leadership in The Apprentice PDF - Sung
Jessica Webb Why Women Fell: Representing the Sexual Lapse in Mid-Victorian Art PDF - Webb
8 - Un/Worldly Bodies

Debra Strickland Introduction to 'Un/Worldly Bodies' PDF - Strickland
Kirsten Bedigan Changed Appearances: The Use of Masks on the Ceramics from the Theban Kabeirion in Greece  PDF - Bedigan
Melissa Ann Crowder Beside My Self: The Abject In Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper PDF 
Holly Luhning  Manacles of Madness: Haywood's The Distress'd Orphan; Or Love in A Madhouse PDF
Elena Martin  Golden Mouths and Speaking Bodies: John Chrysostom's Depiction of Christian Martyrs PDF
Shital Pravinchandra  The Third-World Body Commodified: Manjula Padmanabhan's Harvest PDF
Michelle Weldon The Parental Body in Law: An Examination of how the Working Parent is Conceptualized in UK Labour Law PDF - Weldon
7 - Faith, Belief and Community

Margaret Del Cooke 'Delirious Expenditure': Post-Modern Ghost Dances and the Carnivalesque  PDF
Rolf Dreier Dances of Death in Rural Lucerne PDF - Dreier
Luke Fodor The Reality of the Unmediated: Traumatic and Mystical Experience PDF - Fodor
Chris Jackson An examination of the manipulation of the European Union-Turkish boundary, as a means of governance for the European Union PDF - Jackson
Hannah Jones Faith in Community PDF - Jones
Francesco Manzini Fever as Fervour: Mesmerism, Religion, Gender and Class in Balzac's Ursule Mirouet
Zhan McIntyre Housing regeneration in Glasgow: Gentrification and upward neighbourhood trajectories in a post-industrial city PDF - McIntyre
Monica Mircescu The Language of Home PDF - Mirsescu
Vicky Simpson Scars Upon My Heart and Soul: Religious Belief in Women's Poetry of World War 1 PDF
Paul Stronge In the Name of All that is Holy: Classification and the Sacred PDF - Stronge
Kenneth Jason Wardley The Catholic Way of Death: Contemporary Reflections on Thanatology and Theology PDF - Wardley
6.2 - Identity and Marginality (Volume II)
Elise Boneau Obscenity out of the Margins: Mysterious Imagery within the Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles, MS Hunter 252 PDF - Boneau
Natasha Gordon-Chipembere Carving the Body: Female Circumcision in African Women's Memoirs PDF 
Anna Haynes Frida Kahlo: An Artist 'In Between' PDF - Haynes
Gwenllian Lansdown Regressive History and the Rights of Welsh Speakers: Does History Matter? PDF
Alexandra Lewis Grappling with Essential Reality at the Margins of Community: Identity, Alienation and Transcendence in Patrick White's Voss PDF - Lewis 
Sophie Mamattah Migration and Transnationalism, the Complete Picture? A Case Study of Russians Living in Scotland PDF - Mamattah
Katarzyna Pabijanek Images of Intellectual Nomadism in Works by Katarina Sevic and Zsofia Váradi. PDF
Ricky Werner Queer Adolescence: (Homo)sexuality in The Catcher in the Rye and The Bell Jar PDF
6.1 - Identity and Marginality (Volume I)
Rebecca Kay Introduction to 'Identity and Marginality'  PDF - Kay
Claire Deal and Pam Fox Captive Audience: Exploring Identities of Privilege and Marginality through a Service-Learning Partnership between College Students and Inmates at a Regional Jail PDF - Deal and Fox
Anne Faulkner Jewish Identity and the Jerusalem Conference: Social Identity and Self-categorization in the Early Church Communities PDF - Faulkner
Mark John Isola From Whitman's Nationalism to Stoddard's Expatriotism: The Emergence of a Modern Gay Male American Subjectivity PDF - Isola
Katie Klein An(Other) Scribbler: Grace Aguilar's Anglicized Jewish Woman PDF - Klein
Corinna Krause Postcolonial theory in a Scottish Gaelic context  PDF - Krause
Sophia Marshman From the Margins to the Mainstream? Representations of the Holocaust in Popular Culture  PDF - Marshman
Marilyn Michaud The Double as Failed Masculinity in David Ely's Seconds PDF - Michaud
Tereza Novotna Czechoslovakismus, and (German) National Minorities between World Wars PDF- Novotna
Michell Ward Empowerment in Chains: Exploring the Liberatory Potential of Masochism PDF - Ward
5 - Borders and Boundaries
Anna Ball Writing in the Margins: Exploring the Borderland in the Work of Janet Frame and Jane Campion PDF - Ball 
Stella Bolaki 'This Bridge We Call Home': Crossing and Bridging Spaces in Sandra Cisneros's The House on Mango Street PDF - Bolaki
Eugene de Klerk A Striptease in Pink Limelight: Removing the Veil between the Subjective and the Objective PDF - deKlerk
Aminul Hoque Long-Distance Nationalism: A Study of the Bagir Ghati Community Living in East London PDF - Hoque
Stefanie Lehner Towards a subaltern aesthetics: Reassessing Postcolonial Criticism for Contemporary Northern Irish and Scottish Literatures. James Kelman and Robert McLiam Wilson's Rewriting of National Paradigms  PDF - Lehner
Frauke Matthes Beyond Boundaries? V.S. Naipaul's The Enigma of Arrival and Emine Sevgi Özdamar's MutterZunge as Creative Processes of Arrival PDF - Matthes
Lisa Otty The No Man Show: Technology and the Extension of Presence in the Work of Andy Warhol PDF
Anna Richardson The Ethical Limitations of Holocaust Literary Representation PDF - Richardson
4 - Journeys of Discovery
Nigel Leask Introduction to 'Journeys of Discovery' PDF - Leask
Rosy Aindow A Suitable Wardrobe: The Lone Female Traveller in Late Nineteenth-Century Fiction PDF
Julie Candy Landscape and Perception: The Medieval Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela from an Archaeological Perspective PDF - Candy
Emma Dummett Vernacular Architecture, Nature and the Sacred: Le Corbusier and the Influence of the 'Journey to the East' PDF - Dummett
Monique Galloway Planes, Trains, Automobiles... & Space Shuttles: The Function of Travel in the Fiction of Jean Echenoz PDF - Galloway
Jessie Gibbs Y tu mamá también: Road Movies Mapping the Nation PDF - Gibbs
Christopher Gregory-Guider 'Deep Maps': William Least Heat-Moon's Psychogeographic Cartography PDF
Jim Harold Deserts, Cars, Maps and Names PDF - Harold
Penny Johnson Following Neruda's Footsteps: A Pilgrimage to Machu Picchu  PDF - Johnson
Rory Johnstone A Journey of Discovery on the River of Life: Blood and the Art of Eric Orr PDF - Johnstone
Ursula Kluwick The Wonders and Perils of Air: Crossing Magic Realities in Salman Rushdie's Fiction PDF
Paul-Vincent McInnes Surviving Modernity: Sinclair Lewis and the PDFPDFPDF0s PDF - McInnes
Kirsten Møllegaard Aloha Ahoy: Tourism and Nostalgia at Honolulu Harbor PDF - Mollegaard
Emily Peppers Moving Music: Travelling Musicians and the Introduction of the Viol into James V's Scotland PDF - Peppers 
Ludwig Schnauder Marlow's Journey in Conrad's Heart of Darkness: Criss-crossing the Boundaries of Imperialist Ideology and Epistemology PDF - Schnauder
3 - Borders and Boundaries

2 - Trailblazing

1 - Magic
Rodge Glass Sharp Into Focus
Linda Henderson The Waters of Ulhava
Joanna Lilley Disappearing Ink
Cathy McSporran The Death of Columba
Fiona Parott Seldom's Sense and Underground
Alison Swinfen Sharp Poems
Val Thornton Poems
Sam Trainor Wolf Serenade
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