Issue # 6 | Spring 2010 | Digitally-Driven Architecture
Henriette Bier and Terry Knight  | Digitally-Driven Architecture Article [free PDF]
Michael Fox  | Catching up with the Past: A Small Contribution to a Long History of 
Interactive Environments Article [free PDF]
Daniel Rosenberg | Indeterminate Architecture: Scissor—Pair Transformable 
Sokratis Yiannoudes | Kinetic Digitally-Driven Architectural Structures as ‘Marginal’ 
Objects - a Conceptual Framework Article [free PDF]
Mark David Hosale and Chris Kievid | Modulating Territories, Penetrating Boundaries
Charlie Gullström  | Mediated Windows: The Use of Framing and Transparency in
Designing for Presence Article [free PDF]

Issue # 5 | Autumn 2009 | Metropolitan Form
David Prosperi, Anne Vernez Moudon, and François Claessens |  The Question of 
Metropolitan Form: Introduction Article [free PDF]
Stephen Read | Another Form: From the ‘Informational’ to the ‘Infrastructural’ City 
Olgu Çalişkan | Changing Perspectives on the Planning of Ankara (1924-2007) and 
Lessons for a New Master-Planning Approach to Developing Cities Article [free PDF]
René van der Velde and Saskia de Wit | The Landscape Form of the Metropolis 
Qiang Sheng and Linfei Han | Movement Technologies, Scale Structure and
Metropolitan Life – an Empirical Research on the Effects of the Transportation System
on the Metropolitan Process in Beijing Article [free PDF]
Jing Zhou and Lei Qu | Peripheral Cluster versus New Town: A Comparative Study on
Two Types of Peripheral Developments in the Beijing Metropolitan Region Article PDF
Arie Romein, Otto Verkoren and Ana María Fernandez-Maldonado | Polycentric
Metropolitan Form: Application of a ‘Northern’ Concept in Latin America Article [PDF]
Teresa Stoppani | The Vague, the Viral, the Parasitic:Piranesi’s Metropolis Article [PDF]
Gonçalo Furtado  | Interpreting the Contemporary Metropolis: Notes on the Urban 
Debate and on Ignasi Solà-Morales Article [free PDF]

Issue # 4 | Spring 2009 | Agency in Architecture: Reframing Criticality in Theory and Practice

Isabelle Doucet and Kenny Cupers, editors | Agency in Architecture: Reframing
Criticality in Theory and Practice Article [free PDF]
Scott Lash and Antoine Picon, in conversation with Kenny Cupers and Isabelle Doucet.
Comments by Margaret Crawford | Agency and Architecture: How to Be Critical?
Pep Avilés | Autarky and Material Contingencies in Italian Architectural Debate
(1936-1954) Article [free PDF]
Sebastian Haumann | Vernacular Architecture as Self-Determination: Venturi, Scott
Brown and the Controversy over Philadelphia's Crosstown Expressway, 1967-1973
Rolf Hughes | The Art of Displacement: Designing Experiential Systems and  
Transverse Epistemologies as Conceptual Criticism Article [free PDF]
Robert Cowherd | Notes on Post-criticality: Towards an Architecture of Reflexive
Modernisation Article [free PDF]
Gevork Hartoonian | Theatrical Tectonics: The Mediating Agent for a Contesting
Tatjana Schneider and Jeremy Till | Beyond Discourse: Notes on Spatial Agency
Review articles
The Agency | Before and After AGENCY Article [free PDF]
Lara Schrijver | Whatever Happened to Projective Architecture? Rethinking the
Expertise of the Architect Article [free PDF]
Tahl Kaminer | Framing Colomina Article [free PDF]
Issue # 3 | Special issue | Architecture and Phenomenology
Stephen Read | Technicity and Publicness: Steps towards an Urban Space 
Jasper Coppes | Revisiting the Invisible Hiding Place Article [free PDF]
Leslie Kavanaugh | Brentano on Space Article [free PDF]
Susan Herrington | You Are Not Here: Sartre’s Phenomenological Ontology and the
Architecture of Absence Article [free PDF]
Randall Teal | Placing the Fourfold: Topology as Environmental Design
Anne Bordeleau | An Indexical Approach to Architecture Article [free PDF]
Michael Lazarin | Temporal Architecture: Poetic Dwelling in Japanese buildings 
Akkelies Van Nes | The Heaven, the Earth and the Optic Array: Norberg Schulz’s Place
Phenomenology and its Degree of Operationability Article [free PDF]
Review articles
Jondi Keane and Evan Selinger | Architecture and Philosophy: Reflections on Arakawa
David Kirshner | Tools: Stuff: Art Article [free PDF]
Issue # 2 | Spring 2008 | Mapping Urban Complexity in an Asian Context
Xing Ruan | Ephemeral China/Handmade China Article [free PDF]
Robin Visser | Diagnosing Beijing 2020: Mapping the Ungovernable City
Qiang Sheng | Spatial ‘Complexity’: Analysis of the Evolution of Beijing’s Movement
Network and its Effects on Urban Functions Article [free PDF]
Non Arkaraprasertkul | Politicisation and the Rhetoric of Shanghai Urbanism
Anastasia Karandinou and Leonidas Koutsoumpos | Performing Mimetic Mapping: A
Non-Visualisable Map of the Suzhou River Area of Shanghai Article [free PDF]
Neeraj Bhatia | The Rise of the Private: Shanghai’s Transforming Housing Typologies
Jonathan D. Solomon | Caves of Steel: Mapping Hong Kong in the 21st Century 
Raymond Lucas | Getting Lost in Tokyo Article [free PDF]
Kelly Shannon | The ‘Agency of Mapping’ in South Asia: Galle-Matara (Sri Lanka),
Mumbai (India) and Khulna (Bangladesh) Article [free PDF]

Issue # 1 | Autumn 2007 | Trans-disciplinary
Lukasz Stanek, Tahl Kaminer, editors | Trans-disciplinarity: The Singularities and
Multiplicities of Architecture Article [free PDF]
Jean-Louis Violeau | Why and How 'To Do Science'? On the Often Ambiguous
Relationship between Architecture and the Social Sciences in France in the Wake of
K. Michael Hays | Notes on Narrative Method in Historical Interpretation Article [PDF]
Mark Jarzombek | The Cunning of Architecture’s Reason Article [free PDF]
Ákos Moravánszky | Architectural Theory: A Construction Site Article [free PDF]
Patrick Healy | Max Raphael, Dialectics and Greek Art Article [free PDF]
Wouter Davidts | The Vast and the Void. On Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall and 'The 
Unilever Series' Article [free PDF]
Review articles
Arie Graafland | Peter Eisenman: The Formal Basis of Modern Architecture 
Isabelle Doucet | A Vision for Brussels: Fuel to the Urban Debate or, at Last, an End to
the Brussels Trauma? Article [free PDF]
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