Genders Journal

Genders Journal
Issue 52    2010
Manufacturing Hysteria The Import of U.S. Abortion Rhetorics to Poland By JUSTYNA WLODARCZYK
Getting The Girl Wittig and Zeig's Trojan Horse By JULIE SCANLON
You Have Not What You Ought Gender and Corporeal Intelligibility in Henry Fielding's The Female Husband  By EMILY BOWLES
Boys and Girls Come Out to Play Gender and Music-Making in Hamilton, New Zealand/Aotearoa  By MATTHEW BANNISTER
Jocasta and the Rebirth of Matriarchy Embodied Spectatorship in Margaret Oliphant's "The Portrait"  By DEBORAH MANION
Everybody Has a Mammy: The Productive Discomfort of Louise Beavers' Movie Maids By KAREN BEAVERS

Issue 51    2010
"I Really Must Be an Emma Bovary" Female Literacy and Adultery in Feminist Fiction By SUZANNE LEONARD
The Englishman in America Masculinity in Love and Death on Long Island and Father of Frankenstein By PÁRAIC FINNERTY
Bar and Dog Collar Commodity, Subculture, and Narrative in Jane DeLynn By GUY DAVIDSON
From Humanitarian Intervention to the Beautifying Mission Afghan Women and Beauty without Borders By PURNIMA BOSE 
Issue 50     2009
State of Transformation Drag Queen Masculinity in Two Scottish Texts By CAROLE JONES
Section 377 and the “Trouble with Statism” Legal Intervention and Queer Performativity in Contemporary India By NISHANT SHAHANI
Raskolnikova Rodion Romanovich's Struggle with the Woman Within By MARTA L. WILKINSON
Striking the Posture of a Whore The Bawdy House Riots and the “Antitheatrical Prejudice” By KATHERINE ROMACK
Out of Wedlock The Consummation and Consumption of Marriage in Contemporary Romance Fiction By JADE MCKAY and ELIZABETH PARSONS
Sheparding Romance Reviving the Politics of Romantic Love in Brokeback Mountain By BARBARA KOZIAK
Issue 49     2009
Are You Finally Comfortable in Your Own Skin? The Raced and Classed Imperatives for Somatic/Spiritual Salvation in The Swan By BRENDA R. WEBER and KAREN W. TICE
Misfortune and Men's Eyes Voyeurism, Sorrow, and the Homosocial in Three Early Brian De Palma Films By DAVID GREVEN
Lily: Sold Out! The Queer Feminism of Lily Tomlin By JENNIFER REED
The Cinematic Shrews of Teen Comedy Gendering Shakespeare in Twentieth-Century Film By ZACHARY LAMM
The Lack of Chinese Lesbians Double Crossing in Blue Gate Crossing By AARON K. H. HO
On Mothers Without Citizenship An Interview with Lynn Fujiwara By PAMELA THOMA
Issue 48     2008   - GOING CHEAP? Female Celebrity in Reality, Tabloid and Scandal Genres
Mother of the Year Kathy Hilton, Lynne Spears, Dina Lohan, and Bad Celebrity Motherhood By SHELLEY COBB
Fame is a Losing Game Celebrity Gossip Blogging, Bitch Culture, and Post-feminism By KIRSTY FAIRCLOUGH
The Horror of Something to See Celebrity "Vaginas" as Prostheses By MARGARET SCHWARTZ
From Bad Girl to Mad Girl British Female Celebrity, Reality Products, and the Pathologization of Pop-feminism By EMMA BELL
Living The Hills Life Lauren Conrad as Reality Star, Soap Opera Heroine, and Brand By ALICE LEPPERT and JULIE WILSON
Issue 47     2008
Latchkey Hero Masculinity, Class and the Gothic in Eric Kripke's Supernatural By JULIA M. WRIGHT
From Croft to Campus Extra-Marital Pregnancy and the Scottish Literary Renaissance By CHARLOTTE FAIRLIE
M/Othering the Children Pregnancy and Motherhood as Obstacle to Self-Actualization in Jane Eyre By TRACY LEMASTER
On the Semiotic Basis of Knowledge and Ethics An Interview with Susan Petrilli and Augusto Ponzio
about their new book,
Semiotics Unbound By DANIEL PUNDAY
Cartographies of a Violent Landscape Viramontes' and Moraga's Remapping of Feminisms in Under the Feet of Jesus and Heroes and Saints By ARIANNE BURFORD
Minnesota's Hot Mamas An interview with Joanna Inglot By JENNIE KLEIN
Issue 46     2007
The Hand With Two Sides Male Flight Self-Mutilation and the Constructed Feminine By ERIN LYNDAL MARTIN
The Perilous and Imperiled Black Family Romance Sujata Moorti interviews Candice M. Jenkins about her new book, Private Lives, Proper Relations: Regulating Black Intimacy By SUJATA MOORTI
Big Bad Chinese Mama Asian cyber-feminism and subversive textual strategies By CHRIS HUDSON
Issue 45     2007
Male Stewardesses Male Flight Attendants as a Queer Miscarriage of Justice By PHIL TIEMEYER
Perspectives by Incongruity Kenneth Burke and Queer Theory By DUSTIN BRADLEY GOLTZ
Bodies At Rest, Bodies In Motion Physical Competence, Women's Fitness, and Feminism By CAROL–ANN FARKAS
Becoming My Own Ghost Spinsterhood, Heterosexuality and Sarah Waters's Affinity By RACHEL CARROLL
Fantasies of Union The Queer National Romance in My Beautiful Laundrette By ALEXANDRA BARRON
Issue 44     2006
The Gender of Money By DIANE CADY
Feminine Freakishness Carnivalesque Bodies in Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus By WENDY O’BRIEN
Subjectivity Politics in Sorrow Mountain Transnational Feminism and Tibetan Autobiography By ALEXANDRA W. SCHULTHEIS
Making Over Masculinity A Queer "I" for the Straight Guy By DENNIS W. ALLEN
Issue 43     2006
Third Wave Feminism and the Politics of Motherhood By MARY THOMPSON
Black and White Masculinity in Three Steven Soderbergh Films By ELAINE ROTH
Agreeable Objects and Angry Paintings "Female Imagery" in Art by Hannah Wilke and Louise Fishman, 1970-1973 By MARGO HOBBS THOMPSON
Lesbian Violence as Fascist Crusade in Monster By TERRI GINSBERG
Postcolonial Masculinity 1947, Partition Violence and Nationalism  in the Indian Public Sphere By KAVITA DAIYA
Unintended Consequences of the Feminist Sex/Gender Distinction By ASIA FRIEDMAN
Issue 42     2005
Why Must They Take the Bus?  Editorial on the New Orleans Disaster By ANN KIBBEY
Kiwi Blokes Recontextualising White New Zealand Masculinities in a Global Setting By MATTHEW BANNISTER
"Let's Moider Mother" Heavenly Creatures and the Politics of Delusion By BETTY JAY
Passing As Queer and Racing Toward Whiteness To Wong Foo, Thanks but No Thanks By KATHRYN KANE
Metrosexuality the Middle Class Way Exploring Race, Class, and Gender in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy By BETH BERILA and DEVIKA DIBYA CHOUDHURI
Stillborns, Orphans, and Self-Proclaimed Virgins Packaging and Policing the Rural Women of Cane By JESSICA HAYS BALDANZI
Trauma Studies and Faulkner's Sanctuary Sex, Sexuality, Race, and American Literature By D. STRINGER
Issue 41     2005
Beauty, Desire, and Anxiety The Economy of Sameness in ABC's Extreme Makeover By BRENDA R. WEBER
Love Laughs at Andy Hardy The Rise of the Male Heterosexual Teenager By JEFFERY P. DENNIS
Mystically Perverse Towards a Queer Semiology of Breton Male Bodies By JOHN POTVIN
"Blanca from the Block" Whiteness and the Transnational Latina Body By STEPHEN KNADLER
"To Be Real" Drag, Minstrelsy and Identity in the New Millennium By ESTHER GODFREY
Passing as a"Lady" Nationalist Narratives of Femininity, Race, and Class in Elite Canadian Figure Skating By KAREN MCGARRY
Issue 40     2004 - Scared of the Dark: Race, Gender and the "Horror Film" 
Race, Gender and Terror The Primitive in 1950s Horror Films By PATRICK GONDER
NeoSlaves Slavery, Freedom, and African American Apotheosis in Candyman, The Matrix, and The Green Mile By KIM D. HESTER-WILLIAMS
Passing For Horror Race, Fear, and Elia Kazan’s Pinky By MIRIAM J. PETTY
The Horrors of Remembrance The Altered Visual Aesthetic of Horror in Jonathan Demme’s Beloved By ELLEN C. SCOTT
Technologies of Race Special Effects, Fetish, Film, and the Fifteenth Century By MARK WINOKUR
Daywalkin’ Night Stalkin’ Bloodsuckas Black Vampires in Contemporary Film By FRANCES GATEWARD
Issue 39     2004
A Labour of Patriotism Female Soviet Gymnasts’ Physical and Ideological Work, 1952-1991 By WENDY VARNEY
States of Emergency The Labors of Lesbian Desire in ER By DANA HELLER
"Quality Postfeminism?"  Sex and the Single Girl on HBO By DIANE NEGRA
Dialogues between Paul Virilio and Chela Sandoval.Towards a better understanding of uses and abuses of new technologies By INGRID MARIA HOOFD
Family, Sexuality, Gender, Art Jo-Anne Berelowitz interviews Vivien Green-Fryd about her new book, Art and the Crisis of Marriage By JO-ANNE BERELOWITZ
Issue 38     2003
Disenfranchised Bodies Jyotirmoyee Devi’s Writings on the Partition By DEBALI MOOKERJEA-LEONARD
Utopia and Castration How to Read the History of Homosexuality By JEFF KING
Smoke and Mirrors Feminism, Figurality, and “The Vine-Leaf” By VALERIE ROHY
Rhetoric of the Medical Management of Intersexed Children New insights into "Disease", "Curing", "Illness" and "Healing" By J. DAVID HESTER
Stage Door Jennies Brett Farmer interviews Stacy Wolf about her New Book, A Problem Like Maria: Gender and Sexuality in the American Musical. By BRETT FARMER
Issue 37     2003
Editorial Page: The Current Political Climate By Members of the Editorial Board
Multiplicity and Its Discontents Feminist Narratives of Transnational Belonging By DALIA KANDIYOTI
Flesh in the Word Billy Budd, Sailor, Compulsory Homosociality, and the Uses of Queer Desire By DAVID GREVEN
Curing Boys Don't Cry Brandon Teena's Stories By CAROL SIEGEL
'Oi. Dancing Boy!' Masculinity, Sexuality, and Youth in Billy Elliot By CYNTHIA WEBER
Refashioning Masculine Identity Jo-Anne Berelowitz interviews Martin A. Berger about his book: Man Made: Thomas Eakins and the Construction of Gilded Age Manhood. By JO-ANNE BERELOWITZ
Issue 36     2002
Dictators, Movie Stars, and Martyrs The Politics of Spectacle in Jessica Hagedorn's Dogeaters By MYRA MENDIBLE
Consuming Pleasures of Re/Production Going Behind the Scenes in Spielberg's Jurassic Park and at Universal Studios Theme Park By ANN BRIGHAM
Embodied Modernities Feminist Agency in Singapore Women's Literature By ESHA NIYOGI DE
Japan's Feminist Fabulation Reading Marginal with Unisex Reproduction as a Keyconcept By AKIKO EBIHARA
Memories of Bilitis Marie Laurencin beyond the Cubist Context By ELIZABETH OTTO
Cutting through Narcissism Queer Visibility in Scorpio Rising By PATRICK S. BRENNAN
Labor Camp  Brett Farmer interviews Matthew Tinkcom about his New Book, Working Like a Homosexual: Camp, Capital, Cinema By BRETT FARMER
Issue 35     2002
The Gender Politics of Justice A Semiotic Analysis of The Verdict By ANN KIBBEY
American Formalist Aesthetics and the Gendered Body Jo-Anne Berelowitz interviews Marcia Brennan
about her New Book,
Painting Gender, Constructing Theory, The Alfred Stieglitz Circle and American Formalist Aesthetics By JO-ANNE BERELOWITZ
"I Want It That Way" Teenybopper Music and the Girling of Boy Bands By GAYLE WALD
"What is the Matter with Mary Jane?" Madeleine Smith, Legal Ambiguity, and the Gendered Aesthetic of Victorian Criminality By SHEILA SULLIVAN
There is No Masculinity Crisis By JAMES HEARTFIELD
What is Prior?  Working-Class Masculinity in Pat Barker's Trilogy By PETER HITCHCOCK
How My Dick Spent Its Summer Vacation  Labor, Leisure, And Masculinity On The Web By RYAN BISHOP AND LILLIAN S. ROBINSON
Issue 34     2001
Skins, Patches, and Plug-ins Becoming Woman in the New Gaming Culture By ALLYSON D. POLSKY
Whatever Turns You On Becoming-Lesbian and the Production of Desire in the Xenaverse By JEANNE E. HAMMING
A Myth Beyond the Phallus Female Fetishism in Kathy Acker's Late Novels By CHRISTOPHER KOCELA
Passionate Fictions Horizons of the Exotic and Colonial Self-Fashioning in Mircea Eliade's Bengal Nights and Maitreyi Devi's Na Hanyate By SRIPARNA BASU
Fritz Bultman's Actaeon Paintings Sexuality, Punishment, and Oedipal Conflict By EVAN R. FIRESTONE
The Evolution of a Lesbian Icon Annamarie Jagose interviews Laura Doan about her New Book, Fashioning Sapphism: The Origins of a Modern English Lesbian Culture By ANNAMARIE JAGOSE
Issue 33     2001
Disentangling the Strangled Tehuana The Nationalist Antinomy in Frida Kahlo's "What the Water Has Given Me" By JEFFREY BELNAP
A Journey Shared  Ursula Biemann's Been There and Back to Nowhere: Gender in Transnational Spaces  By JO-ANNE BERELOWITZ
To Mirror Tomorrow Reflections on Feminism and the Future By E. L. McCALLUM
Between Here and There Feminist Solidarity and Afghan Women By SHAHNAZ KHAN
Hollywood Homosexuals Annamarie Jagose interviews Brett Farmer about His New Book, Spectacular Passions: Cinema, Fantasy, Gay Male Spectatorships By ANNAMARIE JAGOSE
The Dawn of the Hillary Clinton Backlash An Introduction By FRANCES E. DOLAN
Elizabeth Cromwell's Kitchen Court Republicanism and the Consort By KATHARINE GILLESPIE
Issue 32     2000
The Politics of Representation Genre, Gender Violence and Justice By ELAYNE RAPPING
Hollywood Lesbians Annamarie Jagose interviews Patricia White about Her Latest Book, Uninvited: Classical Hollywood Cinema and Lesbian Representability By ANNAMARIE JAGOSE
Inflamed Passions Fire, the Woman Question, and the Policing of Cultural Borders By SUJATA MOORTI
Feminist Art and (Post)Modern Anxieties The Judy Chicago Retrospective By COURTNEY BAILEY
Jouissance of the Commodities Rimbaud against Erotic Reification By MERRILL COLE
Issue 31     2000
Eugenic Feminisms in Late Nineteenth-Century America Reading Race in Victoria Woodhull, Frances Willard, Anna Julia Cooper and Ida B. Wells By STEPHANIE ATHEY
Queer World Making  Annamarie Jagose interviews Michael Warner By ANNAMARIE JAGOSE
Performing the Closet Grids and Suits in the Early Art of Gilbert and George By KATHERINE BOURGUIGNON
Women's Classic Blues in Toni Morrison's Jazz Cultural Artifact as Narrator By TRACEY SHERARD
Sutures in Ink National (Dis)Identification and the Seaman's Tattoo By CHRISTINE BRAUNBERGER
The One Who Loved My Work A Meditation on Art Criticism By CHRISTINA OLSON SPIESEL
Issue 30     1999
A Site of Subaltern Articulation The Ecstatic Female Body in the Contemporary Bangladeshi Novels of Taslima Nasrin By SAIYEDA KHATUN
Truth, Speech, and Ethics A Feminist Revision of Free Speech Theory By SUSAN H. WILLIAMS
"Going Straight" Camera Work as Men's Work in the Gendering of American Photography, 1900-1923 By COLIN EISLER
Rethinking Law and Fatherhood Male Subjectivity in the Film A Perfect World By AUSTIN SARAT
Lecter Knows Worst Justice as Marginal Value and the Law of Series in Thomas Harris's Silence of the Lambs By SALAH el MONCEF
Issue 29     1999
The Real of Edye-Icon Edye Smith, The Oklahoma City Bombing, and the Mobilization of Ideologies By MARGARET HIRSCHBERG
Class, Gender, and Public Education A Material History of the Academy By MELISSA M. MOWRY
Masculinity Without Men Interview with Judith Halberstam About Her Latest Book, Female Masculinity By ANNAMARIE JAGOSE
The Racial Double Standard Behind the Littleton School Shooting Authorities Couldn't See the Trench Coats for the Trees By J. ELYSE SINGLETON
Close Encounters on Screen Gender and the Loss of the Field By JUDITH ROOF
Signing Woolf The Textual Body of the Name By EYAL AMIRAN
Of Beauty Pageants and Barbie Theorizing Consumption in Asian American Transnational Feminism By PAMELA THOMA
Issue 28     1998
Freedom of Expression An Essay on Rights, Relation and Recognition By STEVEN J. HEYMAN
Tropical Rearwindow Gauguin's Manao Tupapau and Primitivist Ambivalence By LEE WALLACE
Watch Yourself Performance, Sexual Difference, and National Identity in the Irish Plays of Frank McGuinness By SUSAN C. HARRIS
Las Comadres A Feminist Collective Negotiates a New Paradigm for Women at the U.S./Mexico Border By JO-ANNE BERELOWITZ
Inspectin' and Collecting The Scene of Carl Van Vechten By BETH A. McCOY
Feminine Intensities Soap Opera Viewing as a Technology of Gender By ROBYN R. WARHOL
"O, Soften him! or harden me!" Childbirth, Torture, and Technology in Richardson's Pamela By BONNIE BLACKWELL
Afghanistan's Forgotten Women News and commentary By ROB SCHULTHEIS
Issue 27     1998
Stricken Deer Secrecy, Homophobia, and the Rise of the Suburban Man By ANDREW ELFENBEIN
Picturizing Race Hollywood's Censorship of Miscegenation and Production of Racial Visibility through Imitation of Life    [37 illus. & film clip] By SUSAN COURTNEY
Theories of Materiality and Location Moving Through Kathy Acker's Empire of the Senseless By DANIEL PUNDAY
Obscene Publics Jesse Sharpless and Harriet Jacobs By BRUCE BURGETT
Visions of Life on the Border Wonderland Women, Imperial Travelers, and Bourgeois Womanhood in the Nineteenth Century By LAURA E. CIOLKOWSKI
Minding One's P's and Q's Homoeroticism in Star Trek: The Next Generation.By ATARA STEIN
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