International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology

International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology
Vol 2, No 3 (2010)
Editorial PDF
Clem Herman
U.S. University Leader Pronouncements on Women and STEM Fields PDF
Connie L McNeely, Lindsey Hopewell
Gender Inequality within the U.S. Land-Grant Agricultural Sciences Professoriate PDF
Jessica Goldberger, Jessica Crowe
Researching UK Women Professionals in SET: A Critical Review of Current Approaches PDF
Sarah Barnard, Abigail Powell, Barbara Bagilhole, Andrew Dainty
Capturing Stereotypes: Developing a Scale to Explore U.S. College Students’ Images of Science and Scientists PDF
Mary Wyer, Jennifer Schneider, Sylvia Nassar-McMillan, Maria Oliver-Hoyo
Keeping College Women in STEM Fields PDF
Roxanne M Hughes

Women in Science: Lessons from Australia PDF
Sharon Bell

Case Studies
Faculty Gender Balance: Best Practices for Undergraduate Institutions PDF
Tom Eppes, Ivana Milanovic, Jennifer Sanborn

Review of 'Becoming an Engineer in Public Universities: Pathways for Women and Minorities'. Editors:Kathryn M. Borman, Will Tyson and Rhoda H. Halperin. PDF
Jörg Müller
Review of 'Women and Information Technology: Research on Underrepresentation'. Editors: J McGrath Cohoon and William Aspray. PDF
Clem Herman
Review of 'Who’s afraid of Marie Curie?'. Author: Linley Erin Hall PDF
Ruth Wilson
Review of 'Performing Gender at Work'. Author: Elisabeth Kelan PDF
Diane P McCarthy

Vol 2, No 2 (2010)
Clem Herman
Multiple Disadvantages? The Earnings of Asian Women Computer Scientists in the United States PDF
Yu Tao
Stories Women Tell: Minority Faculty Women in Different Scientific Fields PDF
Nina Toren
Taking a Lifecycle Approach: Redefining Women Returners to Science, Engineering and Technology PDF
Clem Herman, Juliet Webster
The Effectiveness of Institutional Intervention on Minimizing Demographic Inertia and Improving the Representation of Women Faculty in Higher Education PDF
Amanda V. Bakian, Kimberly A. Sullivan
Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) in Korea: Improving Retention and Building Capacity.
PDF Kong-Ju-Bock Lee
Teaching Women's Studies to Engineers: Male-Bashing Feminist or Concerned Mother? PDF
Barbara Bonnekessen

Case Studies
Evaluation of the "Engineer Your Life" Initiative PDF
Christine Andrews Paulsen, Chris P. Bransfield, Thea Sahr
Review of Ethnicity and Gender at Work - Inequalities, Careers and Employment Relations. Authors: Harriet Bradley and Geraldine Healy PDF
Kathrine Jensen
Review of 'Beyond the Boys' Club by Suzanne Doyle-Morris PDF
Esther Haines
Review of Gender, Health and Information Technology in Context. Edited by Ellen Balka, Eileen Green, and Flis Henwood. PDF
Scout Calvert
Review of Gender and Information Technology: Moving Beyond Access to Co-Create Global Partnership. Author: Mary Kirk PDF
Gill Kirkup

Vol 2, No 1 (2010)
Editorial PDF
Clem Herman
"She Won’t Make Me Feel Dumb”: Identity Threat in a Male-Dominated Discipline PDF
Laura E. Hirshfield
Discovering Women in STEM: Girls into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths PDF
Richard Watermeyer, Vicki Stevenson
Commitment to Graduate Studies and Careers in Science and Engineering: Examining Women's and Men’s Experiences PDF
Tanya Darisi, Valerie J Davidson, Karen Korabik, Serge Desmarais
The Gendered Construction of Technical Self-Confidence: Women's Negotiated Positions in Male-dominated, Technical Work Settings PDF
Helen Peterson
Turning Good Policies into Good Practice: Why is it so difficult? PDF
Lisa Lee, Wendy Faulkner, Carme Alemany
Gender Still Matters in Australian Schooling PDF
Léonie J Rennie

Review of Women and Science in India - a Reader. Editor: Neelam Kumar PDF
Madhuri Sharma
Review of Lab Coats and Lace: the Lives and Legacies of Inspiring Irish Women Scientists and Pioneers, edited by Mary Mulvihill PDF
Maureen McNeil
Review of Women, Science, and Myth: Gender Beliefs from Antiquity to the Present, edited by Sue V. Rosser PDF Pam Stello
Review of Every Other Thursday by Ellen Daniell PDF
Liz Sourbut
Review of Going Diverse: Innovative Answers to Future Challenges. International Conference on Gender and Diversity in Science, Technology and Business PDF
Jennifer Dyer, Liz Elvidge

Vol 1, No 1 (2009)
Editorial PDF
Clem Herman
Using Appreciative Inquiry as a Tool to Instigate Transformational Change in Recruiting and Developing Women Faculty in STEM Disciplines PDF
Jill E Nemiro, Barbara Hacker, Mary Lucero Ferrel, Ruth Guthrie
From Persistence to Resistance: Pedagogies of Liberation for Inclusive Science and Engineering PDF
Donna Riley, Lionel Claris
The Influence of the Teacher’s Sex on High School Students’ Engagement and Achievement in Science PDF
Eyvind Elstad, Are Turmo
Gender Trouble in Web 2.0. Gender Perspectives on Social Network Sites, Wikis and Weblogs PDF
Tanja Carstensen
Do Gender Differences in Undergraduate Engineering Orientations Persist when Major is Controlled? PDF
Harriet Hartman, Moshe Hartman

Case Studies
The Juno Code of Practice: Advancing Women's Careers in Higher Education PDF
Peter Main, Jennifer Dyer, Saher Ahmed, Katharine Hollinshead
Evolution of a Cross-year Mentoring Scheme PDF
Cornelia Boldyreff, Elizabeth Marie Massey

Current Issues for Gender and SET: Perspectives from Research, Policy and Practice PDF
Clem Herman, Jenni Carr
A Review of 'Sciences from Below:Feminisms, Postcolonialities and Modernities'. Author: Sandra Harding PDF Hilary Rose
A Review of 'Gendered Innovations in Science and Engineering'. Editor: Londa Schiebinger.
PDF Alison E Adam
Growing up with Games: Gendered Play Spaces - A Review of 'Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat: New Perspectives on Gender and Gaming'. Editors: Yasmin B. Kafai, Carrie Heeter, Jill Denner and Jennifer Y. Sun PDF
Emma Westecott
A Review of 'African Women and ICTs'. Editors: Ineke Buskens and Anne Webb PDF
Dorothy K Gordon

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