International Journal of Žižek Studies

International Journal of Žižek Studies
Vol 4, No 4 (2010) Special Issue - Žižek's Theology: Guest Editor - Marcus Pound

Žižek, Milbank, and the Broken Middle ENGLISH
Marcus Pound
From a Perverse to a Suffering God – On Slavoj Žižek’s Materialist Reading of G.K. Chesterton ENGLISH
Mads Peter Karlsen
Wrestling with Angels: Or How to Avoid Decisionist Messianic Romances ENGLISH
Jayne Svenungsson
Žižek’s Atheist Theology ENGLISH
Daniel R Boscaljon
Religion and Revolution: Slavoj Žižek’s Challenge to Liberation Theology ENGLISH
Thomas Lynch
The Unbearable Truth of the Image: Žižek’s Iconoclastic Reading of Iconoclasm and Peter Brown’s Holy Man ENGLISH Dan Webb
Christian Experience Continues: On Žižek’s Work Since "The Parallax View" ENGLISH
Adam Kotsko
Comic Subjectivity: Žižek and Zupančič’s Spiritual Work of Art ENGLISH
Marcus Pound

Mild Curry, Mildly Queer: India, Sex, and Slavoj Žižek  ENGLISH
Tara Atluri
Techne and Mysticism: Courting Psychosis?  ENGLISH
Daniel Hourigan
The Horror of the Real: Žižek’s Modern Gothic  ENGLISH
Benjamin Noys
Reviews and Debates
Excerpts from "Zizek and the Media" ENGLISH
Paul Taylor
Recension d’Autour de Slavoj Žižek: Psychanalyse, Marxisme, Idéalisme Allemand FRANÇAIS
Benoît Guillette
A modest plea for a Chestertonian reading of The Monstrosity of Christ ENGLISH
Marika Rose
The Self-Annihilation of God ENGLISH
Thomas J.J. Altizer
Student Contributions
The Ticklish Review ENGLISH
Jason Wakefield
ʻWhat seems it is and in such seeming all things are': A dialogue between Terry Pratchett and Slavoj Zizek ENGLISH Andrew Rayment
Vol 4, No 3 (2010) - Latin American/Iberian Issue Part 1 
¿Se puede huir del soberano? o por qué el discurso del Amo es el lazo político fundante. ESPAÑOL
Gonzalo Barciela
Una inconsistencia en la concepción de la historia y la ideología de Žižek ESPAÑOL
José Luis Bellón Aguilerai, Carlos Enríquez del Árbol
La recepción del pensamiento de Slavoj Žižek en España. Una primera aproximación ESPAÑOL
Daniel Franco Romo
Sobre os Dereitos Humanos: Reflexões e Críticas de Slavoj Žižek  PORTUGUESE
Elizabete Guerra
Como tratar Žižek no marxismo? Uma proposta inspirada na crítica de Marx a Hegel  PORTUGUESE
Paulo Gajanigo
Reseña: El Títere y El Enano: El núcleo Perverso del Cristianismo. Slavoj Žižek. (2005). Buenos Aires, Paidos ESPAÑOL Maximiliano Korstanje
Hauntology or the Return of the Real Man Edging the Žižek-Laclau controversy on populism ENGLISH
Jan De Vos
”First to Fight!” - Playing Your Identity, Hooking Your Desire and Body ENGLISH
Janne Kurki
Change We Can’t Believe In: Adrian Johnston on Badiou, Žižek, & Political Transformation ENGLISH
Peter Gratton
The Paradox of Ideology, Identity, and Judgment: A Žižekian Analysis of Camus’ The Fall  ENGLISH
Sarah Elizabeth Kruse

Love and Desire “Between Two Deaths”: Žižek avec An-sky  ENGLISH
Graham Wolfe
Vol 4, No 2 (2010) Žižek's Communism 
“Žižek’s Communism” and In Defence of Lost Causes ENGLISH
Geoffrey Boucher, Matthew Sharpe
A Letter to Žižek Regarding In Defense of Lost Causes  ENGLISH
Adrian Owen Johnston
Causes for Concern: Žižek’s Politics of Loving Terror ENGLISH
Glyn Daly
Goodbye Lenin? Žižek on Neo-Liberal Ideology and Post-Marxist Politics ENGLISH
Robert Sinnerbrink
Psychoanalysis and Politics: Connections and Disjunctions in Žižek’s Defence of Lost Causes  ENGLISH
Ian Parker
“Then We Will Fight Them in the Shadows!” Seven Parataxic Views, On Žižek’s Style ENGLISH
Matthew Sharpe
On Acts, Pure and Impure ENGLISH
Yannis Stavrakakis
An Inversion of Radical Democracy: The Republic of Virtue in Žižek’s Revolutionary Politics ENGLISH
Geoffrey Boucher
Reviews and Debates
Change We Can’t Believe In: Adrian Johnston on Badiou, Žižek, and Political Transformation ENGLISH
Peter Gratton
Vol 4, No 1 (2010) Žižek and Ideology - Guest Editors: Heiko Feldner and Fabio Vighi

Žižek’s Notion of Ideology Critique in Context ENGLISH
Heiko Feldner, Fabio Vighi
'Thought is Grievance: On Žižek’s Parallax' ENGLISH
Rex William Butler
The Real Internet ENGLISH
Jodi Dean
Struggling with Žižek's Ideology: The Deleuzian Complaint, Or, Why is Žižek a Disguised Deleuzian in Denial?  ENGLISH Jan Jagodzinski
The Necessity of Belief, Or, The Trouble with Atheism ENGLISH
Todd McGowan
A Subject that Matters: Žižek’s Ideology Critique Today ENGLISH
Fabio Vighi, Heiko Feldner
Habermas avec Žižek ENGLISH
Ricardo Camargo
Shakespeare's Politics of Invisibility: Power and Ideology in The Tempest ENGLISH
Étienne Poulard
Techne and Impossibility: Re-reading Žižek’s Ideology-Critique as Geistgekritik  ENGLISH
Daniel Hourigan
Reviews and Debates
On Practicing Theory: Some Remarks on Adrian Johnston’s Badiou, Žižek, and Political Transformations ENGLISH Fabio Vighi
Meta-Dialectics and the Balancing Acts of Žižekianism: A Response to Fabio Vighi ENGLISH
Adrian Owen Johnston
Symptom or Sinthome? A critical review of "Burnout and intersubjectivity: A psychoanalytical study from a Lacanian perspective" ENGLISH Duane Rousselle
Review: First as Tragedy, Then as Farce. Slavoj Žižek. New York: Verso, 2009. 157pp. ENGLISH
Douglas Reeser

Vol 4, No 0 (2010) Žižek on Wagner

Video - Žižek on Wagner ENGLISH
Slavoj Žižek
Slavoj Žižek

Excerpts from the forthcoming book "Žižek and the Media" ENGLISH
Paul Anthony

Vol 3, No 4 (2009) Žižek in Tehran - Guest Editor Nathan Coombs

Slavoj Žižek and Iran's Summer of Discontents: Return to Ayatollah Khomeini's Dreams? ENGLISH
Reza Afshari
Iran's Utopian Melancholy ENGLISH
Reid Kane
The Discrete Charm of European Intellectuals ENGLISH
Hamid Dabashi
How to fall short of realpolitik; or, the fatal idealism of backing Mir Hossein Mousavi ENGLISH
Nathan Coombs
The Pre-modern Iranian Other: A Critique of Multiculturalist Ideology ENGLISH
James Mollison
The Failure of the Islamic Revolution: the nature of the present crisis in Iran ENGLISH
Christopher Cutrone
Iranian Capitalism and the Search for Islam  ENGLISH
Carl Robert Packman
Acting as One – A Dialogue ENGLISH
Sina Badiei, Luke Evans
Vol 3, No 3 (2009)

Of Diabolical Evil, and Related Matters: On Slavoj Žižek ’s Reading of Kant’s Practical Philosophy ENGLISH
Matthew Sharpe
Representing Terrorism: Reanimating Post-9/11 New York City ENGLISH
Luke John Howie
In Interstitial Space: Zizek on "Architectural Parallax" ENGLISH
Nadir Z Lahiji
Symptomatology of Spirit, The Curve of Intentionality and Freedom  ENGLISH FRANÇAIS
Raoul Moati
The concept of political subject. The Real, the partial, non-All and the retroacción in Žižek, Laclau and Badiou ESPAÑOL ENGLISH Roque Farran

Spectacular sports as desire engine ENGLISH
Torgeir Fjeld
Beckett's Ticklish Characters ENGLISH
Federico Bellini
Christian Communists, Islamic Anarchists? - Part 2 ENGLISH
Nathan Coombs

El Titere y el Enano: El Nucleo Perverso del Cristianismo ESPAÑOL
Review of Alain Badiou's Number and Numbers ENGLISH
Carl Robert Packman
Review of Milbank/Zizek The Monstrosity of Christ: Paradox or Dialectic? ENGLISH
Carl Robert Packman
Humanism is Not Enough - An Interview with Slavoj Žižek ENGLISH
Michael Hauser
Csak egy ateista hihet igazán: politika a félelem és reszketés peremén  MAGYAR
Nikoletta Nemesi

Vol 3, No 2 (2009) Korean Special Issue: Guest Editor - Myoung Ah Shin

라깡의_개념을_통한_해체식민_담론의_형성 Formation of a Discourse of Decolonization through Lacanian Concepts: Real-ized Dimension of Decolonization KOREAN Myoung Ah Shin
황정아-보편주의와 Universalism and Community: Badiou, Žižek and Nietzsche's Thinking on Christianity
KOREAN Jung-A Hwang
이윤성 Žižek's Postmodern Ideology, or Traversing the Fantasy and the Specters KOREAN Yoon Sung Lee
이성민+1-기능하 Ethics that function KOREAN
Seongmin Lee
구자광--대상 - "Democracy-to-come": Žižek vs. Derrida KOREAN
Jakwang Gu
이성민2-김정선 - The Coast Guard, a story of a monstrous hero or perverse sacrifice (The film, aka Hae anseon directed by Ki-duk Kim in 2002) KOREAN Jung sun Kim
신명아,2_라깡의+실재와+고 Lacan's 'Real' and Karatani's 'Transcritique' KOREAN Myoung Ah Shin

Ian Parker’s Preface to the Slovenian Edition of Slavoj Žižek: A Critical Introduction KOREAN
Ian Parker
Vol. 3, No. 1 (2009)
Slavoj Žižek
Realizing the Scene; Punk and the Evacuation of Meaning and Fantasy  ENGLISH
Richard Pope
Thinking The Political By Way Of “Radical Concepts” ENGLISH
Katerina Kolozova
El Concepto pensado como Nudo Borromeo ESPAÑOL ENGLISH
Roque Farran
Slavoj Žižek in Post-Marxism CHINESE
Zhenjiang Han
Traversing the Sublime - a Žižekian Reading of Lu Xun's "Regrets for the Past" ENGLISH
Ping Zhu
Transgressive Conformity: DVD and downloading in China  ENGLISH
Magnus Wilson
Reviews and Debates
Towards a Violent Absolute: Some Reflections on Žižekian Theology and Violence ENGLISH
Carl Robert Packman
A Short Clarification ENGLISH
Slavoj Zizek
Resources and News
Slavoj Žižek - Notes Towards a Definition of Communist Culture HTML
Paul A. Taylor
Student Contributions
Hegel Among the Quantum Physicists ENGLISH
Roland Williamson
Christian Communists, Islamic Anarchists? – part 1 ENGLISH
Nathan Coombs

Vol 2, No 4 (2008) - Žižek and Lacan
Žižek and Lacan - Editorial Introduction ENGLISH
Calum Neill
An obsessional act of erasure: Žižek on L’Origine du Monde ENGLISH
Kate Briggs
Žižek: silence and the real desert ENGLISH
Rob Weatherill
Žižek’s New Universe of Discourse: Politics and the Discourse of the Capitalist ENGLISH
Levi R. Bryant
Female Rivals: Feminism, Lacan & Žižek try to think of something new to say ENGLISH
Kareen Ror Malone
On Reading Žižek: Notes for Lacanian Clinicians ENGLISH
Carol Owens
Embracing the Paradox: Zizek’s Illogical Logic ENGLISH
Sheila Kunkle
Lacan after Žižek: Self-Reflexivity in the Automodern Enjoyment of Psychoanalysis ENGLISH
Robert Samuels

Vol 2, No 3 (2008) Žižek on Video

Žižek on Video ENGLISH
Paul A. Taylor
Language, Violence and non-violence ENGLISH
Slavoj Žižek
Psychoanalysis and Politics: The Theory and Ideology of Slavoj Žižek/Psicoanálisis y política: la teoría de la ideología de Slavoj Žižek.  ESPAÑOL ENGLISH
George I. García, Carlos Gmo. Aguilar Sánchez
The concept of citizenship in postmarxist political theory. The return of the political and the problem of madness/El concepto de ciudadano en la teoría política posmarxista. El retorno de lo político y el problema de la locura. ENGLISH ESPAÑOL
Roque Farran
Reviews and Debates
‘Preface to Slovene Edition’ of Ian Parker's Slavoj Žižek: A Critical Introduction ENGLISH
Ian A. Parker
Interviews and Lectures
Conversation with Slavoj Žižek about "Slavoj Žižek : A Critical Introduction" ENGLISH
Ian Parker
Vol 2, No 2 (2008) Žižek and Hegel + additional papers

The Hegelian “Night of the World”: Žižek on Subjectivity, Negativity, and Universality ENGLISH
Robert Sixto Sinnerbrink
Žižek and the Real Hegel ENGLISH
David J. Gunkel
The Concrete Universal in Žižek and Hegel ENGLISH
Wendell Kisner
Žižek's Phenomenology of the Subject ENGLISH
Tere Vaden
Christ, Hegel, Wagner ENGLISH
Slavoj Žižek

Kant, or The Crack in the Universal: Slavoj Zizek’s Politicising of the Transcendental Turn ENGLISH
Matthew Sharpe
Interpassivity revisited: a critical and historical reappraisal of interpassive phenomena  ENGLISH
Gijs van Oenen
Alain Badiou and the ‘Platonism of the multiple’ - or on what the gesture of the re-entanglement of mathematics and philosophy implies. ENGLISH ESPAÑOL
Roque Farran
Reviews and Debates
The only hope of the revolution is the crowd: The limits of Žižek’s Leninism DETAILS ENGLISH
Paul Kellogg
Symbolic Violence and Global Capitalism ENGLISH
Tonci Valentic
Seongmin Lee
A Review of The Universal Exception CHINESE ENGLISH
Hsiang Hsu
Rejecting both Mao and Deng: Slavoj Žižek and Waiting for the Leftist Critique to Come ENGLISH
Nathan Coombs
Film Review - Žižek! ENGLISH FRANÇAISE
René Lemieux
Clinical Experience DETAILS ENGLISH
Janne Kurki
Student Contributions
Who Needs Yalom When We Have Žižek? ENGLISH
William John Urban
Vertigo by Far East (Italiano) ITALIANO
Marco Grosoli
M. Hommelette’s Wild Ride: Lamella as a Category of Shame ENGLISH
Christine Evans
Vol 2, No 1 (2008) Graduate Student Special Issue

Guest Editorial Introduction ENGLISH
Chris McMillan, Russell Manning,
A Parallax View of Psycho ENGLISH
Richard Misek
How Badly Do You Want to Kill Your Father? ENGLISH
Bryce Lease
From Panopticon to Pan-psychologisation or, Why do so many women study psychology?  ENGLISH
Jan De Vos
There's a Crack in Everything, That's How the Light Gets In ENGLISH
Cameron Stewart Freeman
Symptomatic Readings : Žižekian theory as a discursive strategy ENGLISH
Chris McMillan
Capitalism’s Cynical Leviathan: Cynicism, Totalitarianism, and Hobbes in Modern Capitalist Regulation
 ENGLISH Peter Bloom
The Four Fundamental Concepts of Slavoj Žižek’s Psychoanalytic Marxism ENGLISH
Kirk Boyle
From Marx to the Act ENGLISH
Gregory C. Flemming
Reading Emancipation Backwards: Laclau, Žižek and the Critique of Ideology in Emancipatory Politics ENGLISH Matthew Joshua Flisfeder
Acts of Freedom: Revolution and Responsibility ENGLISH
Charles Hamilton Wells
Vol 1, No. 4 - Zizek and Heidegger

Why Heidegger Made the Right Step in 1933 ENGLISH
Slavoj Zizek
The Burning Cup: Or, Im Anfang war die Tat  ENGLISH
Richard Polt
Where’s the Point? Slavoj Žižek and the Broken Sword ENGLISH
Gregory Fried
Another Step, Another Direction: A Response to Zizek’s ‘Why Heidegger Made The Right Step in 1933
ENGLISH Miguel de Beistegui
The Life of the Universal: Response to Slavoj Zizek ENGLISH
Bernhard Radloff
Reply to Zizek ENGLISH
Michael Lewis
Slavoj Žižek e l’immaginario ITALIANO
Marco Senaldi
The Materialism of Spirit - Žižek and the Logics of the Political ENGLISH
Glyn Daly
Fictional Symptoms in Lorrie Moore's "People Like That Are The Only People Here" ENGLISH
Tom Ratekin
De Maistre Avec De Sade, Zizek Contra De Maistre  ENGLISH
Matthew Sharpe
A Mass Media Cure for Auschwitz: Adorno, Kafka and Zizek ENGLISH
Henry Krips
Vol 1, No 3 (2007) Žižek and Cinema

Introduction: Enjoying the Cinema ENGLISH PORTUGUÊS
Todd McGowan
Qui Perd Gagne: Failure and Cinematic Seduction ENGLISH
Hugh S. Manon,
Žižek’s Choice ENGLISH
Sheila Kunkle
The Violence of Creation in "The Prestige". ENGLISH
Todd McGowan
No Business Like Schmo Business: Reality TV and Fetishistic Inversion ENGLISH
Jennifer Friedlander
Hurt—Agony—Pain—Love It!: The Duty of Dissatisfaction in the Profiler Film ENGLISH
Jason Landrum
Devouring Holes: Darren Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream and the Tectonics of Psychoanalysis ENGLISH
Paul Eisenstein
Signifying Grace: a reading of Lars Von Trier’s Dogville ENGLISH
David Denny
Resources and News
Žižek's The Fright of Real Tears:Theory, Post-Theory and Kieslowski DETAILS ENGLISH
Gopalan Ravindran
Vol 1, No 2 (2007) Žižek & Badiou

Truth as Formal Catholicism - On Alain Badiou, Saint Paul: La Fondation de l'universalisme ENGLISH
Marc de Kesel
Badiou: Notes From an Ongoing Debate  ENGLISH
Slavoj Žižek
Addendum: ‘Let a thousand flowers bloom!’ - Some Brief Remarks on and Responses to Žižek’s ‘Badiou: Notes from an Ongoing Debate’ ENGLISH
Adrian Johnston
The Quick and the Dead: Alain Badiou and the Split Speeds of Transformation ENGLISH
Adrian Johnston
Žižek’s struggle with “the usual gang of democracy-to-come-deconstructionist-postsecular-Levinasian-respect-for-Otherness suspects”  ENGLISH Ken Jackson
Symptomal Knots and Evental Ruptures: Žižek, Badiou and Discerning the Indiscernible  ENGLISH
Levi R. Bryant
Against Spontaneity: The Act as Over-Censorship in Badiou, Lacan, and Žižek  ENGLISH
Ed Pluth
Reviews and Debates
Socialism reconsidered: Remarks on Žižek`s Repeating Lenin ENGLISH
Tonci Valenci
Vol 1, No 1 (2007) Why Žižek?
Paul A. Taylor
Why Žižek?...Why online? ENGLISH ESPAÑOL TAMIL
David J. Gunkel
Bülent Somay
Why Žižek for Political Theory? ENGLISH PORTUGUÊS
Jodi Dean
Why Žižek? - Interpassivity and Misdemeanours:The Analysis of Ideology and the Žižekian Toolbox
Sympathy for the Inhuman ENGLISH
Glyn Daly
Todd McGowan
Reviews and Debates
ŽIŽEK, MY NEIGHBOUR - regarding Jodi Dean's Žižek's Politics ENGLISH
Scott Stephens
Reply to Stephens ENGLISH
Jodi Dean
How many revolutionary agents can dance on the head of a pin? ENGLISH
Bülent Somay
Vol 1, No 0 (2007) Backstory: Previously Published Material

From the Spectacular Act to the Vanishing Act: Badiou, Žižek, and the Politics of Lacanian Theory ENGLISH
Adrian Johnston
Cinema as the Royal Path of the Unconscious - On Žižek's Pervert's Guide to Cinema ENGLISH HRVATSKI
Srecko Horvat
The Cynic’s Fetish: Slavoj Žižek and the Dynamics of Belief ENGLISH
Adrian Johnston
Revulsion is not without its subject: Kant, Lacan, Žižek and the Symptom of Subjectivity  ENGLISH
Adrian Johnston
There is Truth, and then there are truths—or, Slavoj Žižek as a Reader of Alain Badiou  ENGLISH
Adrian Johnston
A postmodernist response to 9-11: Slavoj Žižek, or the jouissance of an  Hegelian  ENGLISH
Walter A. Davis
Why Žižek? Learning Mathematics, Training Teachers, Setting Policies ENGLISH
Tony Brown
Interviews and Lectures
Why Only an Atheist Can Believe: Politics on the Edge of Fear and Trembling ENGLISH
Slavoj Žižek
Žižek! - A Conversation with Paul A. Taylor for Kritikos ENGLISH
Paul A. Taylor
The Importance of Žižek's Thought ENGLISH HRVATSKI
Paul A. Taylor
The Pervert's Guide To Cinema ENGLISH HRVATSKI
Sophie Fiennes
The Reality of the Virtual ENGLISH HRVATSKI
Ben Wright
Resources and News
Online Resources in English ENGLISH
Paul A. Taylor
Enlaces Externos en Español ESPAÑOL
Paul A. Taylor

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