Journal of Research Practice

Journal of Research Practice
Volume 6, Issue 2 - Experiential Knowledge in Organised Inquiry
Naturalistic Cognition: A Research Paradigm for Human-Centered Design HTML
Peter Storkerson
Capturing and Retaining Knowledge to Improve Design Group Performance HTML
Seymour Roworth-Stokes
Methodological Innovation in Practice-Based Design Doctorates HTML
Joyce S. R. Yee
Researcher Practice: Embedding Creative Practice Within Doctoral Research in Industrial Design HTML
Mark Andrew Evans
The Conversational Self: Structured Reflection Using Journal Writings HTML
Kaye Frances Shumack
The Power of Visual Approaches in Qualitative Inquiry: The Use of Collage Making and Concept Mapping in Experiential Research HTML
Lynn Butler-Kisber, Tiiu Poldma
Volume 6, Issue 1
Living Autoethnography: Connecting Life and Research HTML
Faith Wambura Ngunjiri, Kathy-Ann C. Hernandez, Heewon Chang

Ethics and Vulnerability in Autoethnographic Practice
"Do Thyself No Harm": Protecting Ourselves as Autoethnographers HTML
April Chatham-Carpenter
The Crises and Freedoms of Researching Your Own Life HTML
Caroline Pearce
Using Autoethnography to Explicate Social Identities
Unraveling Researcher Subjectivity Through Multivocality in Autoethnography HTML
Robert Mizzi
Doing Ethnography, Being an Ethnographer: The Autoethnographic Research Process and I HTML
Rahul Mitra
Methodological and Analytical Dilemmas in Autoethnographic Research HTML
Elena Maydell
Researcher-Researched Difference: Adapting an Autoethnographic Approach for Addressing the Racial Matching Issue HTML
Donnalyn Pompper

Collaborative Autoethnographic Practice
Becoming University Scholars: Inside Professional Autoethnographies HTML
Fernando Hernández, Juana Maria Sancho, Amalia Creus, Alejandra Montané
Exemplifying Collaborative Autoethnographic Practice via Shared Stories of Mothering HTML
Patricia Geist-Martin, Lisa Gates, Liesbeth Wiering, Erika Kirby, Renee Houston, Anne Lilly, Juan Moreno

Radical Directions in Autoethnographic Practice
Autoethnographic Mother-Writing: Advocating Radical Specificity HTML
Patty Sotirin
Opening My Voice, Claiming My Space: Theorizing the Possibilities of Postcolonial Approaches to Autoethnography HTML
Archana A. Pathak
Volume 5, Issue 2
Where to Begin? Eye-Movement When Drawing HTML
Bryan John Maycock, Geniva Liu, Raymond M. Klein
Rethinking Interventionist Research: Navigating Oppositional Networks in a Danish Hospital HTML
Niels Christian Nickelsen
Catching Gender-Identity Production in Flight: Making the Commonplace Visible HTML
Darryl W. Coulthard
Volume 5, Issue 1
Collaborative Research on Sustainability: Myths & Conundrums of Interdisciplinary Department HTML PDF
Kate Sherren, Alden S. Klovdahl, Libby Robin, Linda Butler, Stephen Dovers
Methodological Quandaries in Joint Israeli-Palestinian Peace Research HTML
Julia Chaitin

Science as Reflective Practice: A Review of Frederick Grinnell's Book, Everyday Practice of Science HTML
D. P. Dash

Volume 4, Issue 2
PhD by Publication: A Student's Perspective HTML PDF
Lisa M. Robins, Peter J. Kanowski
Exploring Space and Place With Walking Interviews HTML PDF
Phil Ian Jones, Griff Bunce, James Evans, Hannah Gibbs, Jane Ricketts Hein
Volume 4, Issue 1
Scientific Journals as Fossil Traces of Sweeping Change in the Structure and Practice of Modern Geology HTML PDF Sarah E. Fratesi, H. Leonard Vacher
The Art of Rhetoric as Self-Discipline: Interdisciplinarity, Inner Necessity, and the Construction of a Research Agenda HTML PDF
Anne R. Richards
Genesis of an Academic Research Program HTML PDF
Gautam Bhattacharyya
Meaningful Academic Work as Praxis in Emergence HTML PDF
Keijo Räsänen
Volume 3, Issue 2 

Crossing the Boundaries
Learning Not to Think Like an Economist HTML PDF
David R. Ross
Temporary Anchors, Impermanent Shelter: Can the Field of Education Model a New Approach to Academic Work? HTML PDF
Jody Cohen, Alice Lesnick, Darla Himeles
Beyond the Archive: Cultural Memory in Dance and Theater HTML PDF
Carol L. Bernstein
Breaking the Rule of Discipline in Interdisciplinarity: Redefining Professors, Students, and Staff as Faculty HTML PDF Alison Cook-Sather, Elliott Shore
Reframing the Structures
History of Science as Interdisciplinary Education in American Colleges: Its Origins, Advantages, and Pitfalls
How and Why to Teach Interdisciplinary Research Practice HTML PDF
Rick Szostak
Multidisciplinarity, Interdisciplinarity, and Bridging Disciplines: A Matter of Process HTML PDF
Dawn Youngblood
Advancing Transdisciplinary and Translational Research Practice: Issues and Models of Doctoral Education in Public Health HTML PDF
Linda Neuhauser, Dawn Richardson, Sonja Mackenzie, Meredith Minkler

Rethinking the Questions
Synecdoche and Surprise: Transdisciplinary Knowledge Production HTML PDF
Anne Dalke, Elizabeth McCormack
Interdisciplinarity, Transdisciplinarity, and Beyond: The Brain, Story Sharing, and Social Organization
HTML PDF Paul Grobstein
Volume 3, Issue 1 
On Learning the Research Craft: Memoirs of a Journeyman Researcher HTML PDF
Cathy Guthrie
Astronomy Education: Becoming a Hybrid Researcher HTML PDF
Erik Brogt
Voice of the Researcher: Extending the Limits of What Counts as Research HTML PDF
Stephen John Quaye
Painting a Counter-Narrative of African Womanhood: Reflections on How My Research Transformed Me HTML PDF Faith Wambura Ngunjiri
Reclaiming Queerness: Self, Identity, and the Research Process HTML PDF
Janna Marie Jackson
The Role of Documentation in Practice-Led Research HTML PDF
Nithikul Nimkulrat
Re-Envisioning Research as Social Change: Four Students' Collaborative Journey HTML PDF
Malia Villegas, Theresa Kathleen Sullivan, Shai Fuxman, Marit Dewhurst
Building Internal Strength, Sustainable Self-Esteem, and Inner Motivation as a Researcher HTML PDF
Carlos Andres Trujillo
Constructing Meaning from Letterforms: Reflections on the Development of a Practice-Based Research Proposal HTML PDF
Phil Jones
The Frustrations of Reader Generalizability and Grounded Theory: Alternative Considerations for Transferability HTML PDF
Thomas Misco
A Portrait of the Researcher as a Boundary Crosser HTML PDF
Jacob D. Vakkayil
Volume 2, Issue 2
My Life's Journey as Researcher HTML PDF
Elinor W. Gadon
Exploring Forms of Triangulation to Facilitate Collaborative Research Practice: Reflections From a Multidisciplinary Research Group HTML PDF
Tarja Tiainen, Emma-Reetta Koivunen
Exploring Interdisciplinarity: The Significance of Metaphoric and Metonymic Exchange HTML PDF
Anne Dalke, Paul Grobstein, Elizabeth McCormack
Internet-Based Data Collection: Promises and Realities HTML PDF
Jacob A. Benfield, William J. Szlemko
Finding Respondents from Minority Groups HTML PDF
Nelda Mier, Alvaro A. Medina, Anabel Bocanegra-Alonso, Octelina Castillo-Ruiz, Rosa I. Acosta-Gonzalez, Jose A. Ramirez
Rethinking Critically Reflective Research Practice: Beyond Popper’s Critical Rationalism HTML PDF
Werner Ulrich
Volume 2, Issue 1
Auto-Photography as Research Practice: Identity and Self-Esteem Research HTML PDF
Carey M. Noland
Being Bilingual: Issues for Cross-Language Research HTML PDF
Bogusia Temple
A Continuation of Paul Grobstein's Theory of Science as Story Telling and Story Revising: A Discussion of its Relevance to History HTML PDF
Toni Weller
Using Activity Diaries: Some Methodological Lessons HTML PDF
Tracey Crosbie
Creating a Wider Audience for Action Research: Learning from Case-Study Research HTML PDF
Bodil Stilling Blichfeldt, Jesper Rank Andersen
Searching for an Appropriate Research Design: A Personal Journey HTML PDF
Anne Probert
It's We, the Researchers, Who are in Need of Renovation HTML PDF
Zvi Bekerman
The Art of Observation: Understanding Pattern Languages HTML PDF
Werner Ulrich
Volume 1, Issue 2
Integration Initiatives at CSIRO: Reflections of an Insider PDF HTML
Geoff Syme
Clarifying the Imperative of Integration Research for Sustainable Environmental Management PDF HTML
Stephen Dovers
Introduction of Social Sciences in Australian Natural Resource Management Agencies PDF HTML
Alice Roughley, David Salt
Integrative Research in the University Context: Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, The Australian National University PDF HTML
Robert Wasson, Stephen Dovers
Strategic Integration: The Practical Politics of Integrated Research in Context PDF HTML
Lorrae van Kerkhoff
Implementing a Process for Integration Research: Ecosystem Services Project, Australia PDF HTML
Steven J. Cork, Wendy Proctor
Integration Research for Shaping Sustainable Regional Landscapes PDF HTML
David Brunckhorst
Volume 1, Issue 1
Revisiting Science in Culture: Science as Story Telling and Story Revising PDF HTML
Paul Grobstein
The Acquisition of High Quality Experience PDF HTML
Gerard De Zeeuw
"Why Did We Have the Partition?" The Making of a Research Interest PDF HTML
Satish Saberwal
Digital Video as Research Practice: Methodology for the Millennium PDF HTML
Wesley Shrum, Ricardo Duque, Timothy Brown
Playful Collaborative Exploration: New Research Practice in Participatory Design PDF HTML
Martin Johansson, Per Linde
Investigating the Research Approaches for Examining Technology Adoption Issues PDF HTML
Jyoti Choudrie, Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi
On Borges' Amnesia and Talmudic Understanding: Reviving Ancient Traditions in Re-Search PDF HTML
Zvi Bekerman, Yair Neuman
Logic of Leadership Research: A Reflective Review of Geeks & Geezers by Bennis and Thomas PDF HTML
P. Dash
Can Nature Teach us Good Research Practice? A Critical Look at Frederic Vester's Bio-cybernetic Systems Approach PDF HTML
Werner Ulrich

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