Liminalities Journal of Performance Studies

Liminalities - A Journal of Performance Studies

Chloe Johnston 
James Croft 
Pauline Oliveros and Quantum Sound   [html & pdf] JoAnne C. Juett 
Vim and Vigor [radio play, mp3 | runtime: 45:33] David J. Eshelman 
SLOW [video of performance | runtime: 4:38] Julie Cosenza 
Brian Rusted
Photography by Default  Clément Chéroux  pdf
Helicopter : Helicopter m. deragon open
Is Dalibar Martinis's "Performing Installation" Theatre?  Jerzy Limon pdf | video supplement
Venice Topologies/Sent to Coventry Nicolas Whybrow  html | pdf
Scripting and Staging a Theoretical Mashup: Nonfiction Zombie in a Dance Club Tracy Stephenson Shaffer read & watch
T...O...R...N...: Research Findings as Performance Art Lisa Kay pdf
Performing Loss: Rebuilding Community through Theater and Writing (by Jodi Kanter) Amy Darnell read
5.5 (On Hospitality) 
My Neighbor’s Face and Similar Vulgarities Naida Zukić pdf
Five Days and Five Words in Sarajevo Paige M. Erickson  pdf
Moving Relations: On the Limits of Belonging Aimee Carrillo Rowe pdf
“She Ain’t No Diva!”: Reflections on In/Hospitable Guests/Hosts,Reciprocity, and Desire Bernadette Marie Calafell pdf
“Sole/Daughter:” Race, Intellect and the Performative Process of Creating Black Subjectivity Rachel N. Hastings pdf
Rethinking Conquergood: Toward an Unstated Cultural Politics Shane T. Moreman pdf
Home: Hospitality, Belonging and the Nation Karma R. Chávez, Sara L. McKinnon, Lucas Messer and Marjorie Hazeltine watch & read
Bringing it Back Home: Producing Neoliberal Subjectivities Kathryn Sorrells  pdf
‘Oh, let’s not.’ Hospitable Silences: Home: Hospitality, Belonging, and the Nation Jeanine Marie Minge pdf
Drunk Dialing Naida Joshua Gunn look & listen
Zero Tolerance and Central Park Rumba Cabildo Politics Berta Jottar  pdf | extras
On Writing on Walking  Louis Bury pdf
Travelling an Urban Puzzle: The Construction, Experience and Communication of Multi(pli)cities Bas Spierings pdf
The Perch: A Talk Opera Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch read & listen
Rebirthing Mother Christie Logan read
You Can Do It: A Conversation with Theatrical Artist Cynthia Hopkins Jason Del Gandio pdf
Moving Bodies: Kenneth Burke At The Edges of Language (by Debra Hawhee) Dustin Bradley Goltz read
The Stage and the Stake 16th Century Anabaptist Martyrdom as Resistance to Violent Spectacle by W. Benjamin Meyers pdf
What the Fuck is That? The Poetics of Ruptural Performance by Tony Perucci  pdf  supplements
Collage: A Paradigm for Performance Studies by Amy K. Kilgard  pdf
Living on Third Street: Plays of the Living Theatre, 1989–1992 (by Hanon Reznikov) reviewed by Claudia Costa Pederson read
Queer Political Performance and Protest: Play, Pleasure, and Social Movement (by Benjamin Shepard) reviewed by L. M. Bogad  read

Excavating the Future: An Old Shanghai Miscellany by Shiloh R. Krupar  pdf
Activism Based in Embarrassment: The Anti-Consumption Spirituality of the Reverend Billy by Carmen L. McClish  pdf
“My Personal Is Not Political?” A Dialogue on Art, Feminism and Pedagogy by Irina Aristarkhova & Faith Wilding pdf
Raging Against the Mass Schooling Machine: Performing Pedagogy Against the Grain by Andrew Miller pdf
The Uneasy Student Body Performing Fat Suits by Deborah Morrison Thomson pdf
Making Camp: Rhetorics and Transgression in U.S. Popular Culture (by Helene A. Shugart & Catherine Egeley Waggoner) reviewed by Marjorie Hazeltine read
American Aloha: Cultural Tourism and the Negotiation of Tradition (by Heather A. Diamond) reviewed by Cora Leighton read

5.1 - On Paradigms of Performance Studies
From Paradigmatic Acts to Encounters along a Line of Flight by Craig Gingrich-Philbrook  read | pdf
On the Haunting of Performance Studies by Benjamin D. Powell & Tracy Stephenson Shaffer pdf
Talking with the Religious 'Other': Returning to a Concept of the Sacred in Performance Studies by Joy Crosby pdf
Performance as Refrain: News Images, Lived Images and the Post-9/11 Landscape by Gordon Coonfield pdf supplements
Colleague-Criticism: Performance, Writing, and Queer Collegiality by Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, Jill Dolan, and Jaclyn Pryor pdf
Closer: Performance, Technologies, Phenomenology (by Susan Kozel) reviewed by Shauna M. MacDonald   read

Mapping Mediatization in The Life and Times of King Kong by Tracy Stephenson Shaffer (with web design by Pierre Cazaubon) enter
The Invisible Theatre of Antonin Artaud by Mischa Twitchin enter [editor's notes: the installation soundtrack lasts 25 minutes; experience may be enhanced by using headphones] 
Performing vs. the Insurmountable: Theatrics, Activism, and Social Movements by Benjamin Shepard, L. M. Bogad, & Stephen Duncombe pdf
Effacement and Metaphor: Searching for the Body in Educational Discourse by Keith E. Nainby & Deanna L. Fassett pdf
Sarah Palin, Sexual Anomalies and Historical Analogues by Carrie Rentschler read
Laughing Mad: The Black Comic Persona in Post-Soul America (by Bambi Haggins) reviewed by Ashley Black read

13 Ways to Kill a Mockingbird by Patricia A. Suchy enter
Anarcha-Anti-Archive The Anarcha Project by Aimee Meredith Cox, Tiye Giraud, Anita Gonzalez, Petra Kuppers and Carrie Sandahl. Website Development by Petra Kuppers and Jay Steichmann. enter
Performance Praxis (Aimee Meredith Cox)
Breaking Trances and Engaging the Erotic: The Search for Queer Spirituality by Karma Chávez pdf
Resistant Privilege and (or?) Privileged Resistance: Navigating the Boxes of Embodied Identity by Jason Zingsheim pdf
Operation Free Cheese by Faust Radio listen

Bible Beater/Bra Burner by Jennifer L. Frietag read/view
Kenneth Burke on Shakespeare (edited by Scott L. Newstok) by David Payne read

4.1 On The City
I Love Livin' in the City by Daniel Makagon  read | pdf
Places and Stages: Narrating and Performing the City in Milan, Italy by Cristina Moretti  read | pdf
"Finders Keepers": Performing the Street, the Gallery and the Spaces In-between by Luke Dickens read/watch | pdf
Making Sense of the City: Place, Space, and Rhetoric in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square by erin daina mcclellan     » read | pdf
Unsafe Houses: The Narrative Inversion of Suburban Morality in Popular Film by Joan Faber McAlister     » read | pdf
Space Wars & Walking through a Liquid Forest of Symbols by Anders Lund Hansen     » read/watch | pdf
Staging and Enforcing Consumerism in the City: The Performance of Othering on the 16th Street Mall by Richard G. Jones, Jr. & Christina R. Foust     » read | pdf
“Full of Proud Memories of the Past, on which Irishmen Love to Dwell”:  Irish Nationalist Performance and the Orange Riots of 1871 by Stephen Rohs     » read | pdf
A Taste of Buffalo: Staging the Lives of U.S. Cities by David J. Eshelman     » read | pdf
Flowing Through the City: An Urban Ethnography by Renee Human     » view site
3.3 - On Sound
Sounding Off On Sound by Michael LeVan     » read | pdf
Connecting with the Cosmic: Arthur Russell, Rhizomatic Musicianship, and the Downtown Music Scene, 1973-92 by Tim Lawrence pdf
Don't Mourn by Sarah Kanouse  flash 
“…where there is a lot of sound…”: Resistance, Subjectivity and the Tri-languaging of the Media of Enunciation in Manu Chao’s Clandestino and Próxima Estación… Esperanza by Cornelia Gräbner pdf 
The Dreamwork of Hearing in the Age of the Technological Reproducibility of Secrets by Mischa Twitchin  listen
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again: An Ethnographic Performance of Black Motherhood by Evette Hornsby-Minor (film by Rachel Ramist) watch
Term-Limited by Susan Gage  listen
DJ Parasite: An [au]/[o]-tophonographic Sound Track by David Darius Jiri Sander Scheidt  listen
Radiophonic Performance and Abstract Machines: Recasting Arnheim's Art of Sound by Serge Cardinal pdf 
Performing Pennsylvania Hall: Aural Appeals in Angelina Grimké’s Abolitionist Discourse by Jackson B. Miller       read/listen | pdf
The Noises of American Literature, 1890-1985: Toward a History of Literary Acoustics (Philipp Schweighauser) by Karin Bijsterveld  read
Radio Territories (edited by Erik Granly Jensen & Brandon LaBelle) by Michael LeVan  read
Sorority Rush as Lust by Dean Scheibel and Megan Desmond     read | pdf
9 from Black Stone by Dale Smith [poems]
[Insert Scholarly Title Here]: Negotiating Contested Identities Through X-Communication by Dustin Goltz pdf

The Aesthetics of the Oppressed (Augusto Boal) by Isabella Drzemczewska Hodson   » read
Electoral Guerilla Theatre: Radical Ridicule and Social Movements (L. M. Bogad) by Benjamin Shepard   » read
Electoral Guerilla Theatre: Radical Ridicule and Social Movements (L. M. Bogad) by Alison Mader   » read

Mirrored Asylum: Reflections on Naming, Home and Subjectivity in Ireland essay by Sara McKinnon pdf
On Answering Machines and the Voice Abject by Joshua Gunn, with Flash design by Crystal Watson open      
Love, Longing, Language, Lust script and notes by Laura Winton
Love, Longing, Language, Lust: An Erotic Daydream Post-September 11th  pdf 
Loving and Longing in Performance: Notes on Storying and Staging pdf 
Methodology of the Heart: A Performative Writing Response essay by M. Heather Carver pdf
Editor's Introduction: Performance & Pedagogy by John T. Warren pdf
2.3 - Forum: Terry Galloway's Disability Humor 
Just the Funny Bits video of performance selections by Terry Galloway watch video
Perform/Ability: Terry Galloway's Just the Funny Bits pdf
More than Just Funny: Reading Galloway from a Disability Perspective essay by Carrie Sandahl pdf
A Terrible Beauty is Born: Comic Critique in Terry Galloway's Just the Funny Bits essay by Joanne Gilbert pdf
Afterword/Forward notes from Terry Galloway pdf
"Always Wear Your Pearls": Responding to Galloway's Responders essay by Bruce Henderson  pdf
The City poem and audio performance by Laura Winton read/listen artist statement   pdf 
Richard Foreman is Angry interview with Richard Foreman by Laura Winton pdf
On Performance & Home, Part One 
Shadowboxing: Myths and Miniatures of Home performance script and full show video by Elyse Lamm Pineau watch in quicktime  pdf script 
Homesteading: At Play in the House of Wood and Wonder artist/scholar statement by Elyse Lamm Pineau pdf
Cups (Sufficiency Enigma, 1999) a performance script by Craig Gingrich-Philbrook  pdf
"Like a Form of Justice": Disrupting Heteronormativity in Craig Gingrich-Philbrooks' Cups an essay by Keith C. Pounds pdf
Insufficiency Enigma: Audiencing Craig Gingrich-Philbrooks' Cups an essay by Ronald J. Pelias  pdf 
Why I Don't Memorize, Exactly: Autoperformance as Elaborative Praxis an essay by Craig Gingrich-Philbrook  pdf
Woman Enough an audio essay by Cheyanne Nesgoda Vanderdonckt  listen
Back on the Path & Searching for Myself in the Open poems by Darren C. Goins 
Feminists as Invisible Dramaturgs: A Case Study of Terry Galloway's Lardo Weeping an essay by Donna Marie Nudd pdf

Social Dramas and Cultural Performances: All the President's Women an essay by Elizabeth Bell read
Performing the Dum' Dum Doctrine: A Non-Representational Account of Bush's Expansionism a performative essay by Jason Del Gandio, with contributions and illustrations by Robert Israel read
Flag Football an audio performance by Elizabeth Whitney listen 
Lost Lust: The Performative Remainder a performance script via detournement by Bernardo Alexander Attias and Almetria Magdelena Vaba read
Dress/Talk/Trash: Trailer Park Chic, Post-Punk-Pop and My Body of Pedagogy an essay from the trenches by Robyn Diner read 
Review of Appropriating Blackness: Performance and the Politics of Authenticity, by E. Patrick Johnson 
by Robert Avery read

for jerry on the mountain near election day a poem by jason hedrick read
flag a performance by craig gingrich-philbrook  watch 
watching "flag" and my relative disinterest of generic clarity an essay by john t. warren  read 
speaking freely fragments of a performance script by jason hedrick
the engastrimyth squeaks: know thyself an audio essay by marcyrose chvasta listen
recognition performance selections by keith c. pounds