Postcolonial Text

Postcolonial Text
Vol 5, No 4 (2009)
Preface to Vol 5 No 4 (2009) PDF
Ranjini Mendis
Dealing with Another Culture's Ghosts: Diaspora and Contact Zones in M. G. Vassanji's The Book of Secrets PDF David WF Mount
The "swaying sense of things": Boey Kim Cheng and the Poetics of Imagined Transnational Space, Travel, and Movement PDF
Angelia Poon
Postcolonial Affects:Victim Life Narratives and Human Rights in Contemporary India  PDF
Pramod K Nayar
Remembering the Nation's Aching Spots: Yvonne Vera's Authorial Position of a Witness and Healer PDF
Anna-Leena Toivanen
Disseminating Shahrazad in Postcolonial Algeria PDF
Anna Cavness
Which Tongue To Speak With? Philippine Poetry and the Nature of Language PDF
Meredith Ramirez Talusan
Book Reviews
Vernay's Panorama du Roman Australien PDF
Ludivine Eva Royer
Postcolonial Ecocriticism: Literature, Animals and the Environment PDF
Susie O'Brien
Detective Fiction in a Postcolonial and Transnational World PDF
Christophe Dony
Out-Posting Edward Said PDF
Saadi Norman Nikro
Poetry and Fiction
Our guilt Trips and their Exodus PDF
Babitha Marina Justin
e-Kerala Poems PDF
Jennifer Anderson
Poetry PDF
Nancy Anne Miller

Vol 5, No 3 (2009) - Special Issue: East African Literature and the Intellectual Landscapes
Introduction: Eastern African Literary and Intellectual Landscapes PDF
Dan Ojwang
Hip-Hop Literature: a case study from the new Kenyan literary scene PDF
Aurelie Marion Journo
Refusing to Tell: Gender, Postcolonialism, and Withholding in M.G. Vassanji's The Book of Secrets  PDF
Alison Toron
History, Nation, Ghetto: Kenyan Women's Literature and the Ethics of Responsibility PDF
Marie Kruger
"Young man, you keep insisting that this is your thing, and what should your fellow men seduce?": Sex, HIV/AIDS and Tribal Politics in the Benga of Okatch Biggy PDF
Tom Michael Mboya
Feminization of the Ugandan Nation in John Ruganda's The Floods, The Burdens and Black Mamba PDF
Chris J.C Wasike
The Body as a Figurative Code in Luo Popular Culture, Vernacular Literature, and Systems of Thought PDF
Benjamin M. O. Odhoji
Three Children's Critical Perspectives on Aspects of the Contemporary East African Social 'Web of Relationships': Uwem Akpan's Say You're One of Them PDF
Adrian Knapp
Book Reviews
Spatial Politics in the Postcolonial Novel PDF
Dave Gunning
Island Paradise: The Myth PDF
Harshana Sassanka Rambukwella
Erna Brodber's The Rainmaker's Mistake PDF
Curdella Forbes
Poetry and Fiction
Recent Poetry of JKS Makokha PDF
JKS Makokha

Vol 5, No 2 (2009)
Resistances of Literature: Strategies of Narrative Affiliation in Etel Adnan's Sitt Marie Rose PDF
Olivia C Harrison
Psychopathology and Healing in Ayi Kwei Armah's Two Thousand Seasons and The Healers PDF
Khondlo Mtshali
British Muslim Identities and Spectres of Terror in Nadeem Aslam's Maps for Lost Lovers PDF
Lindsey Moore
Salman Rushdie: Reading the Postcolonial Texts in the Era of Empire PDF
Masood Ashraf Raja
Revisions, Reroutings and Return: Reversing the Teleology of Diaspora in Sunetra Gupta's Memories of Rain PDF
Bidisha Banerjee
Choreography, Sexuality, and the Indigenous Body in Tomson Highway's Kiss of the Fur Queen PDF
Rachid Belghiti
Writing Postcoloniality: Nation and Women in Dogeaters PDF
Savitri Ashok
Book Reviews
Imagining Justice: The Politics of Postcolonial Forgiveness and Reconciliation PDF
Gillian Whitlock
Midnight's Diaspora: Critical Encounters with Salman Rushdie PDF
Alia Rehana Somani
Offspring Fictions by Matt Kimmich PDF
Andrew Simon Teverson
Other Tongues: Rethinking the Language Debates in India PDF
R. Azhagarasan
Political Tourism and its Texts PDF
Catherine Howell
Poetry and Fiction
The Porcelain; The Crow PDF
Rizwan Akhtar
from patrons 2-m16 PDF
Jose Diaz Claramont
Hong Kong's Lost and Found & Hong Kong Symphony PDF
Jenny Banh
Vol 5, No 1 (2009) On Things Fall Apart 
Prefatory Note to articles on Things Fall Apart PDF
Uzoma Esonwanne, Neil ten Kortenaar
Superfluous Words: Ecological and Cultural Resilience in Things Fall Apart
Susie O'Brien
Things Fall Apart from a Sri Lankan Perspective
Chelva Kanaganayakam
Dialogical Theology as Politics in Mongo Beti, Wewere Liking, and Chinua Achebe PDF
Ashton Nichols
Writing Biafra: Adichie, Emecheta and the Dilemmas of Biafran War Fiction  PDF
Hugh Hodges
An Ambiguous 'Freedom Song': Mind-Style in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Purple Hibiscus PDF
Daria Tunca
The Stimulus of (Postcolonial) Violence: Interview with Peter Onwudinjo PDF
Gloria MT Emezue
Writing Africa/African Writing PDF
Bronwyn Griffith Mills
Inhabiting the "New" South Africa: Ethical Encounters at the Race-Gender Interface in Four Post-Apartheid Novels by Zoë Wicomb, Sindiwe Magona, Nadine Gordimer and Farida Karodia PDF
Suzanne James
Pacific Islands Writing: The Postcolonial Literatures of Aotearoa/New Zealand and Oceania. PDF
Rognvald William Thomas Leask
Review of Communicating in the Third Space by Karin Ikas and Gerhard Wagner PDF
Dana C. Mount
Poetry and Fiction
Assimilating Indian TV Screen PDF
Priyadarshi Patnaik
Zam-Zam PDF
Dhri Jyoti Kalita
Vol 4, No 4 (2008)
Making a Mockery of Mimicry: Salman Rushdie's Shame PDF
David W Hart
The Perplexed Persona of Frantz Fanon's Peau noire, masques blancs PDF
Jane Hiddleston
Creative and Cultural Identity in the Work of Anson Gonzalez: A Study of Proseleela, Chela Quest, and Crossroads of Dream as Spiritual and Literary Autobiography  PDF
Cynthia James
The Hidden Life of Things: Commodification, Imperialism, and Environmental Feminism in Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things PDF
Susan Marguerite Comfort
'Postcolonial Triangles': An Analysis of Masculinity and Homosocial Desire in Achebe's A Man of the People and Greene's The Quiet American PDF
Beth Ellen Kramer
Assessing the Limitations of Laughter in Indra Sinha's Animal's People PDF
Heather R. Snell
"The struggle to annihilate caste will be victorious" : Meena Kandasamy in conversation. PDF
Ujjwal Jana
The Post-Colonial and the Global ed. Revathi Krishnaswamy and John C. Hawley PDF
Andrew Simon Teverson
Explorations in Irish Literature by Heinz Kosok PDF
Katrin Urschel
Daddy Sharpe by Fred W. Kennedy PDF
Hugh Hodges
Interdisciplinary Measures: Literature and the Future of Postcolonial Studies by Graham Huggan PDF
Linda Rodenburg
Rethinking Difference and the Body of the Nation in Cannibal Democracy: Race and Representation in the Literature of the Americas PDF
Alessandra Capperdoni
Poetry and Fiction
Regina - Amollo
Colonial Commode PDF
Shweta N Rao
Jade is not Jade PDF
Jane L Fernandez

Vol 4, No 3 (2008)
'This is Dog Country': Reading off Coetzee in Alex Miller's Journey to the Stone Country  PDF
Julie Mullaney
Imagining the Global and the Rural: Rural Cosmopolitanism in Sharon Butala's The Garden of Eden and Amitav Ghosh's The Hungry Tide PDF
Emily Johansen
Men Negotiating Identity in Zadie Smith's White Teeth PDF
Taryn Beukema
When the East is a Career: The Question of Exoticism in Indian Anglophone Literature PDF
Nivedita Majumdar
Inventing or Recalling the Contact Zones: Transcultural Spaces in Amitav Ghosh's The Shadow Lines PDF
Nadia Butt
Hatoum, Said and Foucault: Intellectual Resistance through Revealing the Power-Knowledge Nexus PDF
Rehnuma Sazzad
Imagining the Future of English Studies in Sri Lanka PDF
Maithree Wickramasinghe
The Generation of Memoir PDF
Dorothy Lane
Helga Ramsey-Kurz, The Non-Literate Other: Readings of Illiteracy in Twentieth-Century Novels in English PDF Federica Zullo
Carceral Literature from the Prison to the Residential School PDF
Allison Hargreaves
Review of Asian Canadian Writing Beyond Autoethnography PDF
Y-Dang Troeung
The Transfer, Carryover and Displacement of Canadian Literatures into German/y: a Review of Luise von Flotow and Reingard M. Nischik, eds. Translating Canada PDF
Sandra Singer
Poetry and Fiction
Of This November, Mumbai PDF
Aparna Halpé
Yambuk PDF
Nathanael O'Reilly
Breaking Surf PDF
Nathanael O'Reilly
Witnessing Saigon PDF
Sue Faye Gillett
Home Away from Home PDF
Sofiul Azam

Vol 4, No 2 (2008)
Postcolonial Text Enters a New Phase PDF
Ranjini Mendis, John Willinsky
"Don't Let Yourself Be Made Game Of": Yambo Ouologuem's Le Devoir de violence and the Game of Genre PDF Susan Gorman
Creolization and the Collective Unconscious: Locating the Originality of Art in Wilson Harris's Jonestown, The Mask of the Beggar and The Ghost of Memory. PDF
Lorna M Burns
The Importance of Being Ethnic and the Value of Faking It PDF
Carrie Dawson
Escaping the Tyranny of Magic Realism? A Discussion of the Term in Relation to the Novels of Zakes Mda PDF Derek Alan Barker
Tremblings In The Distinction Between Fiction And Testimony PDF
Jessica Murray
The "Non-Native Native" in V.S. Naipaul's A Bend in the River  PDF
Joseph Walunywa
India on a Platter: A Study of Gurinder Chadha and Paul Mayed Berges's Cinematic Adaptation of The Mistress of Spices PDF
Rajyashree Khushu-Lahiri, Shweta Rao
Book Reviews
Theorizing on the Left PDF
Hedi Ben Abbes
Negotiating the Overlapping Discursive Territory of Exotica Tibet: Reading Dibyesh Anand's Geopolitical Exotica PDF
hajer ben gouider trabelsi
I Hear Voices: In Our Own Voices: Learning and Teaching Toward Decolonisation PDF
Joel Kuortti
Review of Literature of the Indian Diaspora PDF
Anna Michal Guttman
Poetry and Fiction
Converging Latitudes PDF
Mary Laura Griffin
(Un)binding the states of location, be(long)ing, representation: Getting lost in the East Asian library PDF
Jungah Kim
For Benazir PDF
Masood Ashraf Raja
Babel PDF
Elizabeth Hays Tussey

Vol 4, No 1 (2008)
Dismantling the Gaze: Julia Margaret Cameron's Sri Lankan Photographs PDF
Kanchanakesi Channa Warnapala
A Question of Black or White: Returning to Hanif Kureishi's The Black Album PDF
Sara Upstone
New Media, Digitextuality and Public Space  PDF
Pramod K Nayar
"May the unfixable broken bone give us new bearings": Ethics, Affect and Irresolution in Ingrid de Kok's A Room Full of Questions PDF
Susan Eileen Spearey
Authority and Misquotation in V.S. Naipaul's A Bend in the River PDF
Imraan Coovadia
"The Biggest Callaloo Anybody Ever See": The Callaloo Metaphor in Robert Antoni's Divina Trace PDF
Giselle Rampaul
Imagined Geographies: Mapping the Oriental Habitus in the Nineteenth Century British Novel PDF
Savi Munjal
The Challenges of Aesthetic Populism: An Interview with Jean-Pierre Bekolo PDF
Akin Adesokan
Book Reviews
In Search of "Home" PDF
Yasmine Gooneratne
Reading the TRC for an Ethics of Mourning: Mark Sanders' Ambiguities of Witnessing PDF
Veronica Blackbourn
Mirroring a People and Writings from Different Angles PDF
Gamini Edirisingha Arachchige Fonseka
David Malouf: From Nation to Cosmopolitan Narration PDF
Victor Clifford Oost
African Intimacies: Race, Homosexuality, and Globalization by Neville Hoad PDF
Brenna Moremi Munro
Poetry and Fiction
A Daughter Dies PDF
Ashwani Kumar
Plutonium PDF
Iftekhar Sayeed
The House With a Thousand Novels; Encroachment PDF
Aruni Kashyap
From Pasan, a Threnody for Lanka PDF
Ashley Halpé
The Journey Continues PDF
Ashley Halpé

Vol 3, No 4 (2007)
Interrupting Ethnographic Spectacles in Eric Valli's Himalaya PDF
Puspa Damai
Macrocosm-opolitanism? Gilroy, Appiah, and Bhabha: The Unsettling Generality of Cosmopolitan Ideas PDF
Sam Knowles
Postcolonial Haunting: Anxiety, Affect, and the Situated Encounter  PDF
Michael F O'Riley
Rex Oedipus: Animals and the Ethics of Sympathy in Recent Work by J. M. Coetzee PDF
Kate McInturff
Joseph Conrad: Question of Racism and the Representation of Muslims in his Malayan Works PDF
Masood Ashraf Raja
Fall and response: Alan Duff's shameful autoethnography  PDF
Otto Heim
"The Trauma of a Diminished Existence": Chinua Achebe Revisited PDF
Angela Lamas Rodrigues
Book Reviews
In the Shadows of Postcolonial Studies PDF
Raphael Dalleo
Revisiting Christopher Koch PDF
Paul Sharrad
Identity as a Rational Choice PDF
Rehnuma Sazzad
Between Rites and Rights: Excision in Women's Experiential Texts and Human Contexts PDF
Paula Ruth Gilbert
Poetry and Fiction
Ain't It That Tagore's Spectre? PDF
Sofiul Azam
And Friday is not my name PDF
Jane L Fernandez
What makes us human? PDF
Jane L Fernandez
Vol 3, No 3 (2007)
Irish Cultural Studies and Postcolonial Theory PDF
Eoin Flannery
Modeling the Origins and Evolution of Postcolonial Politics: The Case of Ireland PDF
Timothy Jerome White
Hibernian Evanescence: Globalisation, Identity and the Virtual Shamrock  PDF
Paul Frederick O'Brien
Suspect Grounds: Temporal and Spatial Paradoxes in Bram Stoker's Dracula: a Postcolonial Reading PDF
Robert A Smart, Michael Hutcheson
Reimagining Women's History in the Fiction of Éilís Ní Dhuibhne, Anne Enright, and Kate O'Riordan  PDF
Caitriona Moloney
"You're only putting it on"- dressing up, identity and subversion in Northern Irish drama. PDF
Tom Maguire
Postcolonialism in the poetry of Mary Dorcey  PDF
Rose Atfield
Interview with Edward W. Said PDF
Kevin Whelan, Andy Pollak
Ireland and Empire PDF
Alison O'Malley
The Neo-Primitivist Turn: Critical Refletions on Alterity, Culture, and Modernity PDF
Shaobo Sxie
Postcolonial Poetry in English PDF
Arjun Ghosh
Poetry and Fiction
Maple Street PDF
Nathanael O'Reilly
Numb PDF
Yichaelle Gigi Devendra
First English Word PDF
Jose Varghese
Vol 3, No 2 (2007)
West African Cinema: Africa at the Movies PDF
Onookome Okome
Wicked Villagers and the Mysteries of Reproduction: An Exploration of Horror Videos from Ghana and Nigeria PDF
Tobias Maria Wendl
Video Boom: Nigeria and Ghana PDF
Jonathan M. Haynes
Censorship and the Content of Nigerian Video Films PDF
Paul Ushang Ugor
Nigerian Video Film as Minor Transnational Practice  PDF
Moradewun A Adejunmobi
From Lagos to Douala: Seeing Spaces and Popular Video Audiences PDF
Babson Ajibade
History and Nation Imagination: Igbo and the Videos of Nationalism PDF
Chukwuma Okoye
Blood Masculinities: The Triad of Men's Violences in Ghanian Occult Video Films PDF
Wisdom S. Agorde
Nollywood: Spectatorship, Audience and the Sites of Consumption PDF
Onookome Okome
TK in NYC: an Interview with Tunde Kelani PDF
Jonathan Haynes
"The Message Is Reaching a Lot of People": Proselytizing and the Video Films of Helen Ukpabio PDF
Onookome Okome
Book Reviews
Versions and Voices PDF
Meera Visvanathan
Voices of Resistance: Muslim Women on War, Faith and Sexuality PDF
Masood Ashraf Raja
After Colonialism: African Postmodernism and Magical Realism PDF
Brendon L Nicholls
Poetry and Fiction
Englishes & Englishes PDF
Obododimma Oha
Grandmother Died PDF
Vivimarie VanderPoorten Medawattegedera

Vol 3, No 1 (2007)
Performing (R)evolution: The Story of El Teatro Campesino PDF
Ingrid Mundel
Postcolonial romanticisms? The sublime and negative capability in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and J. M. Coetzee's Waiting for the Barbarians PDF
Philip Dickinson
Redeeming the Word: Religious Experience as Liberation in Erna Brodber's Fiction PDF
Curdella Forbes
The Subaltern Speaks: Ambiguity of Empire in Conrad's "Karain: A Memory" PDF
Crystal A O'Neal
Desiring the Metropolis: The Anti-Aesthetic and Semicolonial Modernism PDF
Saikat Majumdar
Unspeakable Outrages and Unbearable Defilements: Rape Narratives in the Literature of Colonial India PDF
Pamela Lothspeich
Rehvana's 'negritudism' or Mat(h)ildana's metissage-marronnage in Suzanne Dracius' L'autre qui danse and "L'ame soeur"  PDF
Hanetha Vete-Congolo
Book Reviews
African Masculinities: Men in Africa from the late Nineteenth Century to the Present PDF
Marc A Epprecht
Mongia's Brand India PDF
Dieter J. Riemenschneider
Review of Black British Literature: Novels of Transformation PDF
Kanika Batra
A Feminist 'Family Drama' PDF
Chantal Zabus
Poetry and Fiction
The Undead PDF
Sindhu Menon
Starlight Tours (three linked poems) PDF
Sabina Kim
And So Farewell, My Country PDF
Sofiul Azam

Vol 2, No 4 (2006)
Acknowledgements PDF
Ranjini Mendis, John Willinsky
The Cultural Capital of Sound: Québécité's Acoustic Hybridity PDF
Julia Catherine Obert
The Paradox of Return: Origins, Home and Identity in M.G. Vassanji's The Gunny Sack PDF
Ashok K Mohapatra
Okonkwo's Suicide As An Affirmative Act: Do Things Really Fall Apart? PDF
Alan R Friesen
Dances with Coyote: Narrative Voices in One Good Story, That One PDF
Maria Truchan-Tataryn, Susan Alison Gingell
How Soon Is Now? Intertextuality and Reading in the Postcolonial Present PDF
Zach Weir
The Anxieties of Authorship in Malaysian and Singaporean Writings in English: Locating the English Language Writer and the Question of Freedom in the Postcolonial Era PDF
Grace V.S. Chin
Means and Motives: The Mystification of Mountaineering Discourse PDF
Jon F. Gordon
Jumping in Heart First: An Interview with ahdri zhina mandiela PDF
Susan Alison Gingell
On a Journey Homeward: An Interview with Muhammad Haji Salleh PDF
Mohammad A. Quayum
Book Reviews
Zadie Smith's On Beauty PDF
Laila Amine
Along the Borders of the Postcolonial Book: Richard Watts' Packaging Post/Coloniality PDF
Eli Sorensen
Postcolonial Critics and Globalization: Pamela McCallum and Wendy Faith's Linked Histories PDF
Julie McGonegal

Vol 2, No 3 (2006)
Author Meets Critics Forum
Forum on J. Edward Chamberlin's If This Is Your Land, Where Are Your Stories? PDF
Susan Alison Gingell, Jill Didur
An Open Letter to Ted Chamberlin by Way of Review PDF
Susan Alison Gingell
We Are Waiting for You Whites to Tell Us Your Stories PDF
Neil ten Kortenaar
Theorizing the Politics of Common Ground PDF
Cheryl Suzack
Ted Chamberlin Meets a Critic PDF
Regna Darnell
Author Responds to Critics PDF
J. Edward Chamberlin
A Wounded Discourse: The Poetics of Disease in Cristina Garcia's Dreaming in Cuban PDF
April A. Shemak
"Because I am in All Cultures at the Same Time": Intersections of Gloria Anzaldua's Concept of Mestizaje in the Writings of Latin American Jewish Women Writers PDF
Benay D. Blend
Anthropology as Cultural Translation: Amitav Ghosh's In an Antique Land PDF
Claire Chambers
Translating Minoritized Cultures: Issues of Caste, Class and Gender PDF
Barbara J.T. Godard, Arun P. Mukjerjee, Alok Mukherjee
Anachronistic Periodization: Victorian Literature in the Postcolonial Era or Postcolonial Literature in the Victorian Era? PDF
Chu-chueh Cheng
Book Reviews
Karayanni's Dancing Fear and Desire PDF
Suha Kudsieh
No Love Poems PDF
Chika Unigwe
Poetry and Fiction
Visiting Giants PDF
Vivimarie VanderPoorten Medawattegedera
Mangosteen; Globalisation; Crossing the Line; Your World's Antipodes PDF
John C. Eustace
Concordia Discors, Cui Bono? PDF
Sofiul Azam

Vol 2, No 2 (2006)
Like Cattle for Slaughter? Reading Nervous Conditions' Pedagogical Interventions HTML
Elizabeth A. Jackson
Histories of the Present: Reading Contemporary Singapore Novels between the Local and the Global HTML
Philip Holden
The Junction Avenue Theatre Company's Sophiatown and the Limits of National Oneness HTML
Gugu Hlongwane
Amitav Ghosh and The Forgotten Army HTML
Neelam A Maharaj
Deconstructing Home and Exile: The Subversive Politics of Tahar Ben Jelloun's With Downcast Eyes HTML
Salah M. Moukhlis
Maps of Desire HTML
Kofi O. S. Campbell
David Malouf: Exploring Imperial Textuality HTML
Saadi Norman Nikro
Reinaldo Arenas' Transformative Revolution HTML
Enrique Morales-Diaz
From the Garden of Languages, the Nectar of Art: An Interview with Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o HTML
Uzoma Esonwanne
Book Reviews
Orient Re-oriented HTML
Atef Laouyene
Sri Lankan English Literature and the Sri Lankan People, 1917-2003 HTML
Lakshmi de Silva
Poetry and Fiction
To Oriental Eyes HTML
Christopher Kelen
The Discovery of Europe HTML
Jane N. Downing
What The Mind Remembers Without An Audience I - VIII HTML
Funso Aiyejina
The Oriental Express HTML
Michelle Baker

Vol 2, No 1 (2006)
Editorial Note HTML
John Willinsky, Ranjini Mendis
Introduction: The Politics of Postcoloniality HTML
Julie McGonegal
Is There a Politics of Postcoloniality? HTML
Diana Brydon
Reading Anandamath, Understanding Hindutva: Postcolonial Literatures and the Politics of Canonization HTMLChandrima Chakraborty
Postcolonial Diasporas HTML
David Chariandy
Post-Palliative: Coloniality's Affective Dissonance HTML
Ranjana Khanna
The Postcolonial Condition: A Few Notes on the Quality of Historical Time in the Global Present HTML
Sandro Mezzadra, Federico Rahola
Global Literary Study, Postcolonial Study, and Their (Missing) Interrelations: A Materialist Critique HTML
Sabine Milz
On (Not) Being Postcolonial HTML
Tilottama Rajan
New Imperialisms, New Imperatives: Taking Stock of Postcolonial Studies HTML
Nagesh Rao
Reading the Text in its Worldly Situation: Marxism, Imperialism, and Contemporary Caribbean Women's Literature HTML
Helen C. Scott
Postcolonialism's Ethical (Re)Turn: An Interview with Simon Gikandi HTML
David Jefferess, Simon Gikandi
Book Reviews
Of Walls and Veils HTML
Rumina Sethi
Who’s Afraid of the “Nation-State?” A Review of Imre Szeman’s Zones of Instability: Literature, Postcolonialism, and the Nation HTML
Don Moore
Poetry and Fiction
tsunami HTML
Indira BI Babbellapati
Re-Union HTML
Cherif A Correa
Nya G. Fleron
Two Poems HTML
Nouri Gana
Poems of Resistance and Bondage HTML
William H Walcott
Editorial Team: Volume 2 No 1 (2006) Special Issue HTML
Ranjini Mendis

Vol 1, No 2 (2005)
Enacting Postcolonial Theory HTML
Paul Sharrad
Vexing Encounters: Uncanny Belonging and the Poetics of Alterity in Caryl Phillips's Cambridge HTML
Maurizio Calbi
"Between Mosaic and Melting Pot": Multiculturalism and Cultural Citizenship in Bharati Mukherjee HTML
Sharmani Patricia Gabriel
Arresting Metaphors: Anti-colonial Females in Australian Cinema HTML
Anthony J Lambert
Aesthetics of Subjectivty, Ethics of "Otherness": The Fiction of Shashi Deshpande HTML
Saikat Majumdar
A Linguistic Comparison of Haitian Creole and Louisiana Creole HTML
Kirstin L Squint
Set Adrift: Identity and the Postcolonial Present in Gould's Book of Fish HTML
Zach Weir
How to Teach a Culturally Different Text HTML
Chelva Kanaganayakam
On the Validity of the African Experience HTML
Alnaaz Kassam
Book Reviews
Postcolonializing Trauma Studies HTML
Samuel Durrant
Action and Romance (Postcolonial Style) HTML
Yasmine Gooneratne
When East Meets West: A Sweet and Sour Encounter in Ang Lee's The Wedding Banquet HTML
Elisabetta Marino
Intrusive Pasts, Intrusive Bodies: Achmat Dangor's Bitter Fruit HTML
Helene Strauss
Poetry and Fiction
1st Lane Ratmalana HTML
Aparna E. Halpé
Weddings HTML
Parvathi Arasanayagam
Among the Itinerants HTML
Aparna E. Halpé
Life-Force HTML
indira babbellapati
Living Out the Drought HTML
Robert Elliot Fox
my dreams HTML
indira babbellapati
afriCan, indians i have known, simulation, turkey red, tweak HTML
vernyce dannells
Golam (Slave) HTML
Liza Das
Intellectual Decolonization Through Writing HTML
Deidra Suwanee Dees
A dream healed me HTML
Jane L Fernandez
The Last Wave HTML
Ramani V Samaraweera
The Last Nawab HTML
Iftekhar Sayeed
Bloodline HTML
Kamala S. K. Wijeratne
Editorial Team: Vol 1 No 2 HTML
Ranjini Mendis

Vol 1, No 1 (2004)
Welcome to Postcolonial Text HTML
Ranjini Mendis
Edward Said's Untidiness HTML
Victor Li
Dance in the British South Asian Diaspora: Redefining Classicism HTML
Alessandra Lopez y Royo
Between Piracy and Justice: Liminality in Maxwell Philip's Emmanuel Appadocca HTML
Gregory A. Wilson
Imagining Early Melbourne HTML
Kathryn H. Ferguson
Resistance and Representation: Postcolonial Fictions of Nations in Crisis HTML
Nagesh Rao
From St. Augustine to Salman Rushdie: Time and Narrative in Minority Literature HTML
Randy S. Boyagoda
A "Lingo of Its Ahn": Linguistic Control in The Shadow of a Gunman HTML
John R. Ziegler
Colonial Mirror Images of Micronesia and Japan: Beyond the Tug of War between "Americanization" and "Japanization" HTML
Naoto Sudo
Hybrid Iconographies of Modernity and Tradition: Moroccan Official Portraiture of King Hassan II HTML
Julian Vigo
An Interview with Austin Clarke HTML
Kelly l. Hewson
An Interview with Jaime Shaggy Flores HTML
Felicia L. Fahey, Liz Hoagland
An Interview with Earl Lovelace HTML
Kelly I. Hewson
Book Reviews
Possibly Postcolonial HTML
Cynthia Sugars
The Reality of Brathwaite's Words: A Dialogue Between Genres HTML
Christine J. Pagnoulle
Words Doing Battle HTML
Susanne Eileen Marshall
The Whale Rider HTML
Antje M. Rauwerda
Poetry and Fiction
From Pasan HTML
Ashley Halpé
Ann Aldred
Durga Pooja HTML
Jean Arasanayagam
Who We Are HTML
Cyril Dabydeen
From Tsunami HTML
Yasmine Gooneratne
Three Poems HTML
Suwanda Sugunasiri
Amos Tutuola HTML
Robert Elliot Fox
Two Poems HTML
The Other Burial Society HTML
Pumla Dineo Gqola
About the Contributors to Poetry and Fiction HTML
Editorial Team Vol 1 No 1 Postcolonial Text HTML
Ranjini Mendis
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