20 : Boundaries of Publication: Posthumography


19: Open Issue

Kembrew McLeod, Freedom of Expression Rochelle Becker-Bernstein

18: Imaging Place
Craig Saper: Introduction
Gregory L. Ulmer: The Chora Collaborations
David MacLennan, Donald Lawrence, and W.F. Garrett-Petts: Storymapping:  Exploring the Naturalists' Sense of Place
Barry Mauer: Lost Data, 2
Michael Jarrett: Walden + Railroad + Sound
17: Open Issue


16: Deleuze and Film

15: Deleuze and Guattari's Ecophilosophy
Water John Protevi

14: Feminism's Others
Heather Love and Mara Mills Sisters: Lynne Cheney's Feminism
Tina Krauss The L Word
Karmen MacKendrick The Rebirth of Pleasure

Introductory Drift Craig Saper and Ellen E. Berry
Drift Jim Miller
Drift  Clive Austin and Phil Smith
Transfers: Portrait of a City  Matt Roberts and Kristin Powers
Place and the Electrate Situation William Tilson and John Craig Freeman

11 & 12: The Becoming-Deleuzoguattarian of Queer Studies

Pink Vectors of Deleuze: Queer Theory and Inhumanism Jeffrey J. Cohen and Todd R. Ramlow
Necrosexuality Patricia MacCormack
n-1 sexes Hanjo Berressem
Anna Powell, Deleuze and Horror Film Reviewed by Don Anderson
10: Neo-Liberal Governmentality:Technologies of the Self & Government Conduct

The Difficult Middle Donald Callen
new features
HyperRhiz Helen J. Burgess

09: Open Issue

Medea Theory Darren Tofts
On the Origin of Writing John Morton
Dion Dennis
Between Nomadology, the War Machine and the State: A Deleuzian Analysis of the Film, USA the Movie
[Interested readers may also watch three short clips from
USA the Movie  Clip #1  Clip #2  Clip #3]
An Exeter Mis-Guide Reviewed by Simon Morgan-Russell
THE REVOLUTION MUST BE TELEVISED BECAUSE WE'VE ALREADY GOT SPONSORS LINED UP Or, how the Allied Media Conference gave Northwest Ohioans an opportunity to mass consume counter-culture relics of days past Reviewed by Rob Prince

08: Retro-Futures
Zones of Morbidity Jamie Skye Bianco
Tiers-temps, Tiers-étant Bernard Stiegler

07: Theory's Others

Introduction Carol Siegel
A Dialogue Across Feminist Generations Paula Kamen and Carol Siegel
Zoography Mark Zuss
What's Wrong With Posthumanism? Stefan Herbrechter and Ivan Callus

06: Codework and Surveillance

Introduction Louis Armand
05: Objects and their Subjects

Post-Proustian Glamour Michael Angelo Tata
Triumph Over Death Chris Sodring and David Carr 
Fantasy.Com: Game One [printable version]  Tom Lavazzi
Hyperrhiz Lewis LaCook, Marjorie Coverly Luesebrink , mIEKAL aND, Felt Bomar, Millie Niss, Davin Heckman edited by Jason Nelson
4: Cyberfeminisms

Introduction Radhika Gajjala
Cyborgian Voices: Vignettes of Virtual Identity Kristine Blair, Angela Haas, and Davin Heckman 

Whose Encyclopedia? Ramona Fernandez Nomads and Minorities Syed Manzurul Islam
Hyperrhiz  work by Thomas Swiss, Steve Duffy, Jason Nelson, edited by Jason Nelson  
Practicing What They Teach   Carol Siegel     
Sitting Like a Girl Laura Stempel 

Poems Alan Sondheim
Poems: Letters Gary Sullivan
Come Shining Photographs by Deborah Luster Essay by C.D. Wright Introduction by Bruce Lineker

01: Inaugural Issue

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