Advances in Social Work

Advances in Social Work
Vol 11, No 2 (2010)
The Role of Science in Postmodern Practice PDF
Phillip Dybicz
Let’s Talk About Same Sex: How Social Workers Can Make Judges Listen PDF
Stephanie K. Boys
Does Ethnicity Matter? Social Workers’ Personal Attitudes and Professional Behaviors in Reporting Child Maltreatment PDF
Vicki Ashton
“We Have a Lot of Sleeping Parents”: Comparing Inner-City and Suburban High School Teachers’ Experiences with Parent Involvement PDF
David Wilkerson, Hea-Won Kim
Evidence-Based Practice Questionnaire: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis in a Social Work Sample PDF
Karen Rice, Jeongha Hwang, Tina Abrefa-Gyan, Kathleen Powell
Development and Validation of A Short Form of the Attitude Toward Poverty Scale PDF
Sung Hyun Yun, Robert D. Weaver
Evaluating Qualitative Research for Social Work Practitioners PDF
Cynthia A. Lietz, Luis E. Zayas
Developing a Pedagogy of ITV Teaching Experience through a Teaching Circle PDF
Kala Chakradhar, Llena Chavis
Enhancing Self-Awareness: A Practical Strategy to Train Culturally Responsive Social Work Students PDF
Nalini J. Negi, Kimberly A. Bender, Rich Furman, Dawnovise N. Fowler, Julia Clark Prickett
I Found Myself at this Practicum: Student Reflections on Field Education PDF
Sabrina Williamson, Carol Hostetter, Katharine Byers, Pamela Huggins
The Breakthrough Series Collaborative on Service Integration: A Mixed Methods Study of a Strengths-Based Initiative PDF
Cynthia A. Lietz, Kathleen L. Andereck, Richard C. Knopf
Strategies for Engaging Men as Anti-Violence Allies: Implications for Ally Movements PDF
Erin Casey
Does Police Intervention in Intimate Partner Violence Work? Estimating the Impact of Batterer Arrest in Reducing Revictimization PDF
Hyunkag Cho, Dina J. Wilke
Vol 11, No 1 (2010)
Spirituality and Older Adults: Ethical Guidelines to Enhance Service Provision PDF
David R. Hodge, Robin P. Bonifas, Rita Jing-Ann Chou
Child Welfare Workers’ Knowledge and Use of a Resilience Approach in Out-of-Home Care PDF
Madhavappallil Thomas, Barbara Reifel
Attitudes of Kuwaiti Young Adults toward Marriage and Divorce: PDF
Humoud Alqashan, Hayfaa Alkandari
Mental Health, Access, and Equity in Higher Education PDF
Jennifer Martin, Fiona Oswin
Information and Communication Technologies in Social Work PDF
Brian E. Perron, Harry O. Taylor, Joseph Glass, Jon Margerum-Leys
Employment-Related Salaries and Benefits in Social Work: A Workforce Survey PDF
Suk-Young Kang, Judy Krysik
Vol 10, No 2 (2009)
A Social Work Model of Empathy PDF
Karen E. Gerdes, Elizabeth A. Segal
The Effect of Statutory Regulations on Social Workers’ Decisions to Report Child Maltreatment PDF
Vicki Ashton
Social Work in a Developing Continent: The Case of Africa PDF
Christopher Chitereka
Modern Social Support Structures: Online Social Networks and their Implications for Social Workers PDF
Kala Chakradhar, Victor Raj, Arabella Raj
Virtual Worlds and Social Work Education: Potentials for “Second Life” PDF
Robert Vernon, Lisa Lewis, Darlene Lynch
Research Training, Institutional Support, and Self-Efficacy: Their Impact on Research Activity of Social Workers PDF
Mark Thomas Lynch, Lening Zhang, Wynne S. Korr
Toward Building a Culture of Strengths in U.S. MSW Programs PDF
Linda Plitt Donaldson, Barbara P. Early, Min-Ling Wang
Vol 10, No 1 (2009)
Exploring the Impact and Implications of Residential Mobility: From the Neighborhood to the School PDF
Robin L. Ersing, Richard Sutphen, Diane Nicole Loeffler
Child Welfare Workers’ Connectivity to Resources and Youth’s Receipt of Services PDF
Alicia C. Bunger, Arlene R. Stiffman, Kirk A. Foster, Peichang Shi
Intergenerational Groups: Rediscovering our Legacy PDF
Scott P. Anstadt, Deb Byster
Clinical Social Workers: Advocates for Social Justice PDF
Anne Marie McLaughlin
Addressing the Mental Health Problems of Chinese International College Students in the United States PDF
Meirong Liu
Examining Predictors of Social Work Students’ Critical Thinking Skills PDF
Kathleen Holtz Deal, Joan Pittman
Addressing Sexual Minority Issues in Social Work Education: A Curriculum Framework PDF
Lindsay Gezinski
Vol 9, No 2 (2008)
A Multiparadigmatic Approach to Religion in Social Work Education PDF
Jon E. Singletary
The Generalist Model: Where do the Micro and Macro Converge? PDF
Shari E. Miller, Carolyn J. Tice, Diane M. Harnek Hall
Online Practice Course Development with Action Research: A Case Example PDF
Khadija Khaja, Phillip Ouellette, Carenlee Barkdull, Joanne Yaffe
Resilience amid Academic Stress: The Moderating Impact of Social Support among Social Work Students PDF Scott E. Wilks
Longitudinal evaluation of outcomes for youth with serious emotional disturbance during two years of Children’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation PDF
Nathaniel J. Williams, Michael Sherr
Social Work Practice with Latinos Living with HIV/ AIDS PDF
Diana Rowan, Rich Furman, April Jones, Kevin Edwards
An Adult Education Model of Resident Participation: Building Community Capacity and Strengthening Neighborhood-Based Activities in a Comprehensive Community Initiative (CCI). PDF
Daniel Brisson, Susan Roll
Convergence of a strengths perspective and youth development: Toward youth promotion practice PDF
Jeong Woong Cheon

Vol 9, No 1 (2008)
Reflection on teaching effective social work practice for working with Muslim communities PDF
Khadija Khaja, Chelsea Frederick
Attachment and Alternatives: Theory in Child Welfare Research PDF
Karla T. Washington
Post 9-11 Terror Hysteria: Social Work Practice and The US Patriot Act PDF
Fred H. Besthorn
Dual Degree Social Work Programs: Where are the Programs and Where are the Graduates? PDF
Shari E. Miller, Karen M. Hopkins, Geoffrey L. Greif
Analysis of Violence Against Women Act and the South Asian Immigrants in the United States PDF
Shreya Bhandari
The Need for Advancement in the Conceptualization of Cultural Competence PDF
Joseph S. Gallegos, Cherie Tindall, Sheila A. Gallegos

Vol 8, No 2 (2007)
The Internationalization of Doctoral Social Work Education: Learning from a Partnership in Ethiopia PDF
Alice K. Johnson Butterfield
The Transformative Power of a Learning Community PDF
Carol Hostetter, Sabrina Williamson, Katharine V. Byers, Pamela J. Huggins
Late Onset of Prescription Drug Abuse or Dependence Among Older Adults: Implications for Treatment PDF
Kathy Lay, Lucy J. King
Considering Family and Significant Others in the Faculty Recruitment Process: A Study of Social Work Recruiting Practices PDF
Michael E. Sherr, Johnny M. Jones
Journal Writing for Life Development PDF
Dorothy M. Epple
Social Work in Natural Disasters: The Case of Spirituality and Post-traumatic Growth PDF
Li-ju Jang, Walter F. LaMendola
Social Justice and Lesbian Feminism: Two Theories Applied to Homophobia PDF
Denise L. Levy
Social Work Practice with Arab Families: The Implications of Spirituality vis-à-vis Islam PDF
Ronald E. Hall
The Perceptions of Mexican-American Men as Fathers PDF
Jeffrey Shears, Rich Furman, Nalini Junko Negi
Vol 8, No 1 (2007)

Using A Semiotic Metatheory for Theory Understanding, Appraisal, and Use: An Illustrative Social Work Translation of the Affect Control Theory of Emotions  PDF
James A Forte
Motivational Interviewing: A Theoretical Framework for the Study of Human Behavior and the Social Environment PDF
Katherine van Wormer
Attachment Theory and the Social Work Curriculum PDF
Timothy Page, Rhonda Norwood
A Critique of Feminist Theory PDF
Kathy Lay, James G. Daley
A Critical Review of Theory in Social Work Journals: A Replication Study PDF
Carolyn S. Gentle-Genitty, Virgil Gregory, Corey Pfahler, Misty Thomas, Lisa Lewis, Kim Campbell, Kathy Ballard, Kathy Compton, James G. Daley
Analysis of Social Work Theory Progression Published in 2004 PDF
Valerie D. Decker, Philip D. Suman, Barb J. Burge, Ankita Deka, Melanie Harris, Dwight J. Hymans, Michael Marcussen, Donna Pittman, David Wilkerson, James G. Daley
A Lesson on Social Role Theory: An Example of Human Behavior in the Social Environment Theory PDF
Agnes M. Dulin
Ecological Theory Origin from Natural to Social Science of Vice Versa? A Brief Conceptual History for Social Work PDF
Karen Smith Rotabi
Kinship Ties: Attachment Relationships that Promote Resilience in African American Adult Children of Alcoholics PDF
J. Camille Hall
Complexity Theory, Nonlinear Dynamics, and Change: Augmenting Systems Theory PDF
Ralph Woehle
Life Span and Resiliency Theory: A Critical Review PDF
Alexa Smith-Osborne
An Analysis of Afrocentricity as Theory for Social Work Practice PDF
Dwain A Pellebon
Psychodynamic Theory PDF
Kathleen Holtz Deal
Theory for the Public Good? Social Capital Theory in Social Work Education PDF
MaryAnn Overcamp-Martini
Reassembling the Social Environment: A Network Approack to Human Behavior PDF
Dhrubodhi Mukherjee
Institutionalization: A Theory of Human Behavior and the Social Environment PDF
Miriam McNown Johnson, Rita Rhodes

Vol 7, No 2 (2006)
Maximizing response rates in survey research: Issues and methods PDF
Darcy Clay Siebert
Political ideologies of social workers: An under explored dimension of practice PDF
Mitchell Rosenwald, Cheryl A. Hyde
Social workers and involuntary treatment in mental health PDF
Melissa Floyd Taylor
Investigation of the factor structure of the mental, physical and spiritual well-being scale PDF
Diane L. Green
Prevention: Making a shadow component a real goal in social work PDF
Jane D. Woody
Effectively working with challenging clients who receive hunger service assistance: Case examples and eight recommended guidelines PDF
Sharon E. Moore, Cynthia A. Moore, Jacquelyn Monroe, Renee Campbell-Mapp
A comparative analysis of on-line and classroom-based instructional formats for teaching social work research  PDF
David Westhuis, Philip M. Ouellette, Corey L. Pfahler
Integrating learning community principles and strategies for enhancing academic and social agency partnerships in social work education PDF
Pamela Johansen, Philip M. Ouellette

Vol 7, No 1 (2006)
Theory discussion in social work journals: a preliminary study  PDF
James G. Daley, Jon Peters, Ron Taylor, Victoria Hanson, Delthea Hill
Finding identity, security, and meaning in a pressured environment: the tornado model PDF
Angel Naivalu, Elaine Walton
Faculty perceptions of curricular deficits in preparing students for practice with Latinos PDF
Rich Furman, Kimberly Bender, Chance Lewis, Jeffery Shears
Correlates of perceptions of elder’s suffering from depression PDF
Michael N. Kane, Debra Lacey, Diane Green
Graduating BSW student attitudes towards vulnerable populations and their preferences towards interventions to serve them PDF
Tim G. Reutebuch
Intrinsic spirituality among Alzheimer’s caretakers: A pathway to resiliency PDF
Scott E. Wilks
Exploring the state of religious diversity in social work education PDF
David Hodge
Vol 6, No 2 (2005)
Perspectives on the Mission of the Social Work Profession: A Random Survey of NASW Members PDF
Catherine N. Dulmus, Lessi L. Bass, Shelia G. Bunch
Social Workers and Involuntary Treatment in Mental Health PDF
Melissa F. Taylor
Using Films to Teach Social Welfare Policy PDF
Debra Anderson, Carol Langer, Rich Furman, Kim Bender
Community Alternatives for Love and Limits (CALL): A community-based family strengthening multi-family intervention program to respond to adolescents at risk PDF
David Wilkerson, Philip M. Ouellette
Group Work with Parents of Adolescent Sex Offenders: Intervention Guidelines PDF
Robert Bennett, Eldon Marshall
The spiritual competence scale: validating a population specific measure of cultural competence with a faith-based sample PDF
David R. Hodge

Vol 6, No 1 (2005) Special Issue: The Futures of Social Work
The Future of Social Work as a Profession PDF
Leon Ginsberg
Social Work Education: A Future Of Strength Or Peril  PDF
Julia M. Watkins, Dean Pierce
The Future of Global Social Work PDF
Miriam Potocky-Tripodi, Tony Tripodi
The Future of Multicultural Social Work PDF
Rowena Fong
Future of Macro Social Work PDF
F. Ellen Netting
Social Welfare Policy in an Information Age: New Vision or More of the Same? PDF
John G. McNutt
The Future of Evidence-Based Social Work: An Optimistic View? PDF
Barry R. Cournoyer
The Future of Strengths-Based Social Work PDF
Charles A. Rapp, Dennis Saleebey, W. Patrick Sullivan
Technology Convergence and Social Work: When Case Management Meets Geographic Information PDF
Robert Vernon
The Future of Spirituality in Social Work: The Farther Reaches of Human Nurture PDF
Edward R. Canda
Social Work Practice and People with Disabilities: Our Future Selves PDF
Lisa S. Patchner
The Future of Social Work in Aging: “Everything Old is New Again” PDF
Nancy P. Kropf, Margaret Adamek
The Future of Rural Social Work PDF
Susan A. Murty
The Future of American Families: Implications for Social Work Research, Practice, and Education PDF
Karen Kayser
The Future of Social Work in Child Welfare PDF
Jacquelyn McCroskey
The Future of School Social Work Practice: Current Trends and Opportunities PDF
Cynthia Franklin
Social Work in Health Care in 2025: The Landscape and Paths of Transformation PDF
Kathleen Ell, Besty Vourlekis
Mental Health Services in the 21st Century: The Economics and Practice Challenges on the Road to Recovery PDF
W. Patrick Sullivan
The Future of Social Work Practice in Addictions PDF
Diana M. DiNitto
The Future for Social Work in Juvenile and Adult Criminal Justice PDF
Rosemary C. Sarri, Jeffrey J. Shook
Looking Through the Prisms: A Synthesis of the Futures of Social Work PDF
James G. Daley

Vol 5, No 2 (2004)
The Struggle to Survive: The Power of Partnerships in the Quest for Nonprofit Sustainability  PDF
Karl Besel, Ngoan Hoang, Richard Cloud, Seana Golder, Linda Bledsoe, Patrick McKiernan
Factors That Influence Domestic Violence Practice Self-Efficacy: Implications for Social Work PDF
Fran Danis
Cross-cultural Differences in Preferred Forms of Address: Implications for Work with African American Adults PDF Wanda Lott Collins, Sharon E. Moore
Views of Reference List Accuracy from Social Work Journal Editors and Published Authors  PDF
Scott E. Wilks, Christina A. Spivey
Why Conduct a Spiritual Assessment? A Theoretical Foundation for Assessment PDF
David R. Hodge
Teaching Content on Social Work Practice with Religious Congregations: A Curriculum Module PDF
Michael Sherr, Terry Wolfer
Equal Access to Justice in a Rural Western State PDF
Monte Miller

Vol 5, No 1 (2004) Special Issue: Student Assessment

Sequencing Tasks in Developing an Accredited Social Work Program and Assessing Program Outcomes PDF Charles Zastrow, Tim Reutebuch
Gatekeeping Prior to Point of Entry PDF
Larry Reynolds
Effectiveness of Admission Criteria on Student Performance in Classroom and Field Instruction PDF
M. Thomas, Roseanna McCleary, Patricia Henry
Assessment as Learning: The Role of Minor Assignment in Teaching and Learning PDF
Paul Adams
Evaluation of Two Interviewing Skills Measures: An Instrument Validation Study PDF
Cathy King Pike, Robert Bennett, Valerie Chang
Using Technology to Evaluate a Web-Based Clinical Social Work Research Course PDF
Zvi Gellis
The Acquisition of Social Work Interviewing Skills in a Web-based and Classroom Instructional Environment: Preliminary Findings PDF
Phillip Ouellette, Valerie Chang
Using Portfolios: Integrating Learning and Promoting for Social Work Students PDF
Mona Schatz
Assessment in Social Work Education: A Bibliography PDF
Robert Vernon, Mary Stanley
Vol 4, No 1 (2003)
Nature, Genetics and the Biophilia Connection: Exploring Linkages with Social Work Values and Practice  PDF Fred H. Besthorn, Dennis Saleebey
Hearing the Silence: Children’s Voices on Violence PDF
Kathryn S. Collins
Translating Concept into Act forMulti-Cultural Practice: Comparison of Students’ and Field Instructors’ Perceptions of Diversity Training Effectiveness PDF
Theresa J. Early, M. Elizabeth Vonk, Mary Ellen Kondrat
Exploring Redundancy in SocialWork Education PDF
Bruce Dalton, Lois Wright

Vol 4, No 2 (2003)
A Portal for a School of Social Work: Going for the Edge PDF
Robert Vernon, Cynthia Schultz
An Outcome Evaluation of Competency Based Training for Child Welfare PDF
M. Elizabeth Vonk, W. Sean Newsome, Denise E. Bronson
Booked for theWeek: A Survey of the Use of Bibliotherapy by Licensed Clinical Social Workers PDF
Rich Vodde, Danny R. Dixon, Martha M. Giddings
SocialWork Practice Innovations: Helping Clients Understand, Explore, and Develop Their Friendships PDF
Rich Furman, Kathryn Collins, Janet Swanson

Vol 3, No 2 (2002)
Equipping Social Workers to Address Spirituality in Practice Settings: AModel Curriculum PDF
David R. Hodge
Online Social Work Practice: Issues and Guidelines for the Profession PDF
Goutham M. Menon, Julie Miller-Cribbs
Social Work Practice Behaviors and Beliefs: Rural-Urban Differences? PDF
Tom A. Croxton, Srinika Jayaratne, Debra Mattison
Correlates of MSW Students’ Perceptions of Preparedness to Manage Risk and Personal Liability PDF
Michael N. Kane
Poetry Therapy as a Tool for Strengths-Based Practice PDF
Rich Furman, Eleanor Pepi Downey, Robert L. Jackson, Kimberly Bender
Substance Abuse and Suicidal Behavior inWomen Ages 30 to 39 Years PDF
Nancy J. Osgood, Ameda A. Manetta

Vol 3, No 1 (2002)
Keynote Speech: 90th Anniversary Symposium Indiana University School of Social Work PDF
Andrew Cuomo
In the Belly of the Beast: A Case Study of Social Work in a Managed Care Organization  PDF
Lisa S. Patchner
Evaluating Kinship Care Alternatives: A Comparison of a Private Initiative to Traditional State Services PDF
Rodney A. Ellis, Gary D. Ellis, Rochelle Galey
African-Americans and Clinical Trials Research: Recommendations for Client Engagement PDF
Sharon E. Moore, Wanda Lott Collins
Service Learning as a Transition into Foundation Field PDF
Nancy P. Kropf, Mininder Tracey
Student-Identified Strengths and Challenges of Using Blackboard for Group Projects in a Social Work Course PDF
Melissa B. Littlefield

Vol 2, No 2 (2001)
Indiana University School of Social Work: 90 Years of Professional Education PDF
Monique Bush, Gerald T. Powers, David Metzger, Cyrus S. Behroozi, Sheldon Siegel, Barry R. Cournoyer
The 2001 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards: Issues and Opportunities for BSW Education PDF
Irene Queiro-Tajalli, Katharine Byers, Edward Fitzgerald
The 2001 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards: Implications for MSW Programs PDF
Marion Wagner, Paul Newcomb, Robert Weiler
The 2001 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards: The Value of Research Revisited PDF
Barry R. Cournoyer, Margaret E. Adamek
Assessment of Student Learning in SocialWork Education: The Indiana Model PDF
Barry R. Cournoyer
Developing and Teaching anMSWCapstone Course Using Case Methods of Instruction PDF
Terry A. Wolfer, Miriam L. Freeman, Rita Rhodes
Vol 2, No 1 (2001)
Identity and Multicultural Social Work Research: A Reflection in Process PDF
Michael S. Spencer
How Are We Doing? Agency/University Collaboration for Assessment of Client Outcomes PDF
Carol S. Cohen, Michael H. Phillips, Marianne Chierchio
Social Work Programs' Use of the World Wide Web to Facilitate Field Instruction PDF
Jerry Finn, Steven M. Marson
The Role of Local Governmental Funding in Nonprofit Survival PDF
Karl Besel
Issues in the Seclusion and Restraint of Juveniles: Policy, Practice and Possibilities PDF
Rodney A. Ellis, Anne L. Pruett, Karen M. Sowers
Healing Rituals for Survivors of Rape PDF
Colleen Galambos
Perceptions of Welfare Recipient Fraud and Provider Fraud: A 20-Year Follow-Up PDF
Lucinda Lee Roff, David L. Klemmack, Debra M. McCallum, Michael B. Conaway
Vol 1, No 2 (2000)
Power in The People: Strengths and Hope PDF
Dennis Saleebey
Cultural Sensitivity in ATOD Agencies: Administrator and Staff Perceptions in the Hispanic Heartland PDF
David R. Hodge, Paul Cardenas, Harry Montoya
Faculty-Student Collaboration: Issues and Recommendations PDF
Angeline L. Barretta-Herman, Kendra J. Garrett
Economic Modeling in SocialWork Education PDF
Barry R. Cournoyer, Gerald Powers, James Johnson, Robert Bennett
SocialWelfare Policy Changes and SocialWork Practice PDF
Doris McGartland Rubio, Julie Birkenmaier, Marla Berg-Weger
Perceptions of Field Instructors: What Skills are Critically Important inManaged Care and Privatized Environments? PDF
Michael N. Kane, Elwood R. Hamlin II, Wesley Hawkins
Vol 1, No 1 (2000)
What Social Workers Should Know About Ethics: Understanding and Resolving Ethical Dilemmas PDF
Elaine P. Congress
Ethical Interaction in Cyberspace for Social Work Practice PDF
Stephen M. Marson, Sara B. Brackin
Social Workers’ Religiosity and Its Impact on Religious Practice Behaviors PDF
Debra Mattison, Srinika Jayaratne, Tom Croxton
Asset Building: integrating Research, Education and Practice PDF
Michael Sherraden, Margaret Sherraden
Implementation of the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997: The Indiana Experience PDF
Cathleen S. Graham
An Infusion Model for Including Content on Elders with Chronic Illness in the Curriculum PDF
Sherry M. Cummings, Nancy P. Knopf
Effect of Urban Poverty on Parents’ Expectation of their Children’s Achievement PDF
Shanta Pandey, Min Zhan
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