Colloquy: Monash University Postgraduate Journal

Colloquy: Monash University Postgraduate Journal

Colloquy Journal Issue Twenty
John Ryan
Book Reviews
Colloquy Journal Issue Nineteen

Book reviews 
David Blencowe
Colloquy Journal Issue Eighteen
General articles
Arriving in the Future: The Utopia of Here and Now in the Work of Modern-Day Mystics From Eric Fromm to Eckhart Tolle  [106 KB]
Thomas Reuter
Ash’s Stasi File as a Script of Life  [106 KB]
Catherine Karen Roy
Book reviews
Colloquy Journal Issue Seventeen

Book reviews
Creative writing
a table set for thousands #2  [50 KB]
Ashley Capes
Two Poems  [51 KB]
Elisabeth Hames-Brooks
Colloquy Journal Issue Sixteen
General articles
Four Japanese Poems for Peace  [270 kB]
Sue Stanford
Book reviews
Colloquy Journal Issue Fifteen

Crisis of Memory
Review article
Book reviews
Creative writing
Three Poems [68 KB]
Vivienne Glance
Light Pink Summer  [58 KB]
Susan McMichael
A Brew that is True  [52 KB]
Nicola Scholes
Colloquy Journal Issue Fourteen
Colloquy Journal Issue Thirteen

Creative writing
Three Poems  [52 KB]
Caleb Puckett
Two Poems [58 KB]
Andrew Slattery
Li Yu. Poems for Spring [67 KB]
trans. Christopher Kelen and Petra Seak
Colloquy Journal Issue Twelve

Talking about Native Plants…  [122 KB] Kylie Mirmohamadi
Human Rights: An Earth-based Ethics  [121 KB] Rebecca Garcia Lucas Rose

Colloquy Journal Issue Eleven
Mourning the Public Body in Sophocles' Antigone  [234 KB]
Jennifer R. Ballengee
A Danish Antigone  [140 KB]
Sabina Sestigiani
General articles
Review article
Creative writing
Blues  [116 KB]
Ahmede Hussain
Frank Schätzing. Extract from Death and the Devil  [113 KB]
trans. Rhiannyn Geeson
Fattys'  [94 KB] Vanessa Russell

Colloquy Journal Issue Ten

Blanchot, Leiris [115 KB]
Christophe Bident
The Measure  [195 KB]
Anthony Abiragi
Ill Seen Ill Said: Interpreting the  [108 KB]
Evin O'Riordain
Review article
Creative writing
M.  [33 KB]
Anthony Bank
Colloquy Journal Issue Nine

Mimetic Theory and Hermeneutics  [94 KB]
Paolo Diego Bubbio
Aesthet(h)ics: On Levinas' Shadow [135 KB]
Matthew Sharpe
Review articles
Creative writing
Four Poems  [61 KB]
Dan Disney
Extract from Susanne Ayoub's Engelsgift (Angel's Venom)  [102 KB]
trans.Vicky Kristoffersen
Colloquy Journal Issue Eight

Tai Po  [41 kb]
Danny Huppatz
Kowloon  [32 kb]
Danny Huppatz
Review articles
Cotter's  [31 kb]
Danny Huppatz
Globalisation:  [32 kb]
Danny Huppatz
Colloquy Issue Seven
Reviews and poetry
Southerly, Lines of Concern  [52 kb]
Sam Everingham
Carnivore  [54 kb]
Tassos Kapernaros (trans. Dimitris Vardoulakis)
Colloquy Journal Issue Six

Reviews and poetry
Poetry  [42 kb]
Chris Danta
Colloquy Journal issue Five

Bullfighting, Sex and Sensation  [96 kb]
Hél ène Frichot
Some Aspects of Islamic Allegory  [159 kb]
Nelly Lahoud
Interviews and reviews
Reflections on European Thinking  [91 kb]
Aurelia Satcau
Colloquy Journal Issue Four

Langston Hughes and Flamenco: Pan-African Kin  [122 kb]
Pedro Telleria-Teixeira
Colloquy Journal Issue Three

Andrew Riemer,Sandstone Gothic [65 KB]
Douglas McQueen-Thomson
Colloquy Journal Issue Two
The Magic of Contraries:  [108 KB]
Barbara Bursill
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