Consciousness, Literature and the Arts

Consciousness, Literature and the Arts
Vol. 11.3, December 2010

Soubhik Chakraborty, Swarima Tewari and Gargi Akhoury, What do the fractals tell about a raga? A case study in raga Bhupali

Alphabetical Archive
Yvonne Adalian (1:3, December 2000) The Art of Theatre: Magic or Illusion?
Alexey Aliev (10:2, August 2009) The Intentional-Attributive Definition of Art 
Alan Beck (1:2, July 2000)  Cognitive Mapping and Radio Drama
Efrat Biberman (6:1, April 2005) The Self as Other
Walter Bilderback (4:3, December 2003) The Naomi Wallace Festival and 9/11

Christine Boyko-Head (3:2, August 2002) Mirroring the Split Subject: Jean Genet’s The Balcony

Per Brask (4:2, July 2003) The Reflective Actor

Per K. Brask (7:2, August 2006) ACTING AND ARCHETYPES : A point of departure

Bryan Carter, Joi Moore and Chris Amelung (1:3, December 2000) Seeing is Believing: Advanced Visualization and the Use of Virtual Reality in an African American Literature Course

L.Cignoni, L.Godding, G.Salvoni, G.Turrini (4:1, April 2003) Peer-supported foreign language learning: a proposal

Natasha Conde (8:1, April 2007) Nothingness

Anne C. Coon and Marcia Birken (4:1, April 2003) Developing Analogical Thinking and Creativity in University Students

Darren Domsky (2:2, July 2001) Dreaming with Descartes

Jane Duran (9:3, December 2008) Georges de la Tour and the Significance of Light

Jane Duran (11:1, April 2010) Mohenjo-Daro: The Origins of a Tradition

Osita C. Ezenwanebe (7:1, April 2006) Feminist Consciousness and Nigerian Theatre

Terry Fairchild (3:2, August 2002) Oedipus Rex: The Sins of the Father

Terry Fairchild (5:3, December 2004) Maharishi Vedic Science and Literary Theory

Terry Fairchild (10:1, April 2009) Infinite Correlation in Pynchon's Crying of Lot 49

Catherine Fitzmaurice (1:1, April 2000) Zeami Breathing

Michael R. Fox (10:3, December 2009) Walter Pater, His Child, and His Plato

John Freeman (2:2, July 2001) Autobiographical Spectatorship

Olga S. Fomichova and Nadezhda V. Sidorova (4:1, April 2003) Recognition by the Child of a Transition Moment Fixed in a Picture
Sybille Fritsch-Oppermann (2:3, December 2001) Particularities and Universals, Ethics and Aesthetics –  How Art Can Lead to Spiritual Experience

Dimple Godiwala and William S Haney II (5:2, August 2004) Editorial, Special Issue, Jacques Derrida's Indian Philosophical Subtext

Tamara Gurtueva (5:3, December 2004) Man in the ontological space of the newest time

Fee Alexandra Haase (6:1, April 2005) Opening A colorful Lexico: The Relation between Synesthesia and the Production of Metaphors. Or: "Is reading synesthetic?"

William S. Haney II (5:2, August 2004) Derrida’s Indian Literary Subtext

William S. Haney II (10:3, December 2009) Consciousness and the Posthuman in Short Fiction

Jennifer Hansen (3:3, December 2002) Necessary Fictions: Memoir and Self-Making

Jude James (6:1, April 2005) BEYOND CONVENTION: Border Crossing From The Social Body To The Porous Body: The Porous Body As Ontological Site - Interface For A-Located Realities

Anwen Jones (1:3, December 2000) The crisis of  French Symbolist drama

John Chris Jones (1:2, July 2000) human mind, the real theatre?

Kalamandalam Radhika (1:1, April 2000) Dance and God Realisation

Christopher Kelen (3:1, April 2002) Consciousness and Poetry

Christopher Kelen and Carol Archer (5:1, April 2004) Over the border, the everyday lapse

Michael Larrass (3:3, December 2002) The Town Musicians of Bremen 

Carl Lavery and Ralph Yarrow (5:1, April 2004) Genet's Sacred Theatre: Practice and Politics

David Layton (11:2, August 2010) Male and Female Archetypes in Doctor Who

Lisa Lewis (1:3, December 2000) Adnabod Nid Gwybod: The Ghost and the Cloud (Perspectives on Performance and Identity)

Kimberly Mosher Lockwood (8:2, August 2007) Metaphor as Guided Experience:  Metaphors and Situation Models

Peter Malekin and Ralph Yarrow (1:2, July 2000) The Pashyanti Project

John Marmysz (2:3, December 2001) Humor, Sublimity and Incongruity

John McClellan (10:3, December 2009) The Theatre and Civilisation

Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe (4:2, July 2003) Staging Consciousess: Updating Demastes

Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe (4:3, December 2003) Consciousness, Theatre and Terrorism

Susan Mower (10:2, August 2009) Etienne Decroux: A Corporeal Consciousness

Barine Saana Ngaage (7:1, April 2006) Political-economic Consciousness: Songs of Mosop and Fowa

Laura Nutten (2:3, December 2001) Madness and Signification in A Mouthful of Birds

Daragh O’Reilly (1:3, December 2000) Who’s Writing Whom? The Implications of a Plural Self for the Creative Writing Process

Anthony J. Palmer (5:1, April 2004) Consciousness and Varying Musical Systems

Robert Pepperell (5:3, December 2004) Towards a Self-Aware Art

Robert Pepperell (10:2, August 2009) The Conscious Act of Looking at a Painting

Christopher Perricone (9:3, December 2008) Shakespeare’s Procreation Sonnets: a Darwinian view

David Petersen (1:1, April 2000) Creativity, Structure and Randomness

Paul Andrew Powell (6:3, December 2005) The Second Coming as an Emergent property of Global Semiosis

Gordon Ramsay (4:2, July 2003) Robotic Theatre In Extremis

Dian Duchin Reed (10:1, April 2009) The Wisdom of Shakespeare’s Fools

Kenneth Robbins (4:3, December 2003) The Healing Power of Butoh    

Sébastien Ruffo (4:2, July 2003) The Phonostylistics of the Dramatic Character

Jessica Runde (8:1, April 2007) Ionesco beyond Absurdism

Alison Scott-Baumann and Christopher Norris (5:2, August 2004) Derrida and Indian Thought: prospects for an East/West dialogue? (A conversation between Alison Scott-Baumann and Christopher Norris)

Barbara Sellers-Young (9:1, April 2008) Consciousness, Contemplation and the Academy

Simon Shaw-Miller (1:3, December 2000)Skriabin and Obukhov: Mysterium  & La livre de vie The concept of artistic synthesis.

John Vignaux Smyth (11:1, April 2010) Zizek's Violence

Stefán Snævarr  (1:2, July 2000) Ibsen, our Contemporary

Nicole Szendy (2:1, April 2001) Art in Today's World

Gregory Frank Tague (2:2, July 2001) The Peculiar Morality of the Artist

Aldo Tassi (1:2, July 2000) Performance as Metamorphosis

Grant Taylor and Nick Low (3:3, December 2002) Phantoms in the Corridor: Portal Systems in the Digital Mind

Jack Turner (5:1, April 2004) Dream Journey: An Approach to Pym

Shilpa Venkatchalam (8:1, April 2007) In Search of Definitions: Literature and Philosophy

William Weiss (1:1, April 2000) The Ego and the Self in Actor Training

Michael Woods (8:3, December 2007) Some Remarks on Musical Meanin

Zhu Yanyan and Wang Quan (8:3, December 2007) A Lacanian Reading of Milkman

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