Film - Philosophy Vol. 1 - 6

Film-Philosophy Journal Vol. 1 - 6

Vol 6, No 1 (2002)
The Life and Death of Superimposition (1946) HTML André Bazin
Will CinemaScope Save the Film Industry? (1953) HTML André Bazin
Good Vibrations HTML Sean Cubitt
Michel Chion's Blessing in Disguise HTML Gerwin van der Pol
Impassioned Aesthetics: Seeing Sound and Hearing Images in Michel Chion\'s Audio-Vision HTML Kristi McKim
Revisiting the Philosophy of Horror HTML Joan Hawkins
Haunting the House from Within: Disbelief Mitigation and Spatial Experience HTML Aaron Smuts
The Cutting Edge Between Trash Cinema and High Art HTML John Marmysz
How Heavy Light Can Be HTML Benjamin Wurgraft
Struggling to See the Light HTML Joshua Shaw
When Too Many Puns Are Never Enough: A Response to Wurgaft's and Shaw's Reviews of Textures of Light HTML Cathryn Vasseleu
The Cavell Cavil HTML Craig Tepper
Response to Tepper HTML William Rothman
Senses of Time Evoked by Artistic Images HTML Melissa Clarke
Is Cinema Renewing Itself? HTML Laurent Kretzschmar
This Special Mystique of Interview Politics: A Flow Between Fact and Fiction HTML An van Dienderen
A Non-Replying Reply to Kretzschmar HTML Jean-Luc Nancy
Darke Reading Light HTML Catherine Fowler
The Bad and the Beautiful HTML Colin McGinn
Narrowing the 'Wider Issues' in Fuery's New Developments in Film Theory HTML Latham Hunter
Reflections on Film Studies HTML Monika Mehta
The Appropriational Fallacy: Grand Theories and the Neglect of Film Form HTML Asbjørn Grønstad
Calm - On Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line HTML Simon Critchley
An Infrared Vision of the World: Deleuze, the Sign, and In the Mood for Love HTML Roger Dawkins
Vol 6, No 2 (2002) - French Cinema Issue
Pivotal Film History: Georges Melies as a Vanishing Mediator HTML Marcus Doel
Avant-Garde Meat HTML Jake Kennedy
Intersecting Identities HTML Julie Papaioannou
The Shifting Identities of French Popular Cinema HTML Martin O'Shaughnessy
In Search of Frenchness Lost? HTML Greg Hainge
Identification of a Journal: Studies in French Cinema HTML Jerome Cornette
Godard: Thinking Media HTML Marcia Landy
Godardiana: A Reply to Marcia Landy HTML David Sterritt
Vol 6, No 3 (2002) - Future Cinema Issue
The Senses and Memory in Intercultural Cinema HTML Melanie Swalwell
Emergent Senses: A Response to Swalwell HTML Laura U. Marks
Television as the Centre of the Universe HTML Geoff Lealand
The Unrealistic Rossellini HTML John Bleasdale
Reply to Bleasdale HTML Tag Gallagher
Photography Into Motion HTML R. J. Warren Zanes
After Photography: Deconstructing the Era of the Image HTML Jeffrey S. Longacre
Reply to Longacre HTML Scott McQuire
Technology and the Image HTML Matt Lee
Cinematic Media in the Age of the Quantum Particle HTML Ted Kafala
Obscenity with a View Baudrillard's Revenge of the Crystal and Film Studies HTML Kenneth Rufo
Fatal Strategies and Film Studies HTML Erik Marshall
The Defence of Extreme Realities HTML Daniel Herwitz
It is Never a Decision to Choose Between This and That: A Response to Herwitz HTML Rex Butler
Review of Paul Virilio's 'Ce qui arrive' / 'Unknown Quantity' HTML Joseph Nechvatal

Vol 5, No 1 (2001)
Casetti on Film Theory HTML Gregory L. Miller
Cat People: A Screening with CommentaryHTML David Annandale
Chabrol for Beginners (and Other Interested Parties) HTML Andrew Slade
Curiously, Fetishism Can Be Fun HTML Kenneth MacKinnon
Hieroglyphs and Carapaces: The Enigmatic Real in Laura Mulvey's Fetishism and Curiosity HTML David Sorfa
Reply to MacKinnon and Sorfa HTML Laura Mulvey
Politicising Disney HTML Nichola Dobson
Photography and Cinema from Birth to Death HTML Damian Sutton
Last Things First: A Reply to Sutton HTML Garrett Stewart
The Way that Movements Speak HTML Daniel Frampton
Both Semiotics and Cognitivism? HTML Mirko Petric
Old Wine in Old Bottles HTML Torben Grodal
Black Cats, Dark Rooms, and Paper Tigers: A Reply to Petric and Grodal HTML Warren Buckland
Understanding the American Avant-Garde HTML Douglas Hunter
Making Avant-Garde Film Accessible HTML Kirill Galetski
Carnival of the Unconscious: On Shohei Imamura HTML Catherine Cullen
The Last Analysis of Slavoj Zizek HTML Edward R. O'Neill
Behold Their Quarter'd Fires HTML Henry Breitrose
A Documentarian's Call to Arms: On Vaughan's For Documentary HTML Stephen Charbonneau
A Patient Cinema or a Cinema of Patience? (Robert Bresson for Foreigners HTML Thomas Deane Tucker
Bressonians on Bresson HTML David Sterritt
Transgression: Ordinary and Otherwise HTML Brian Butler
Film, Philosophy, and the Ordinary: A Response to Butle HTML Thomas E. Wartenberg
Toward an Ontology of Film: A Phenomenological Approach HTML Robert E. Wood
Looking at Motion Pictures (Revised)  HTML Richard Allen
Problem Formation in the Analytic Philosophy of Film HTML Warren Buckland
Rediscovering the Virtues in Popular Film HTML Adam Muller
Art Objects HTML Dorian Stuber
On Framework HTML Katrina Daly Thompson
Vol 5, No 2 (2001)
Film Theory After Deleuze HTML Tom Conley
Deleuze's Idea of Cinema HTML Stephen Arnott
Deleuze, Klossowski, Cinema, Immobility: A Response to Stephen Arnott HTML Eleanor Kaufman
The Philosopher with Two Brains HTML Richard Smith
Bergson: Before the Deleuze HTML Jinhee Choi
La Beauté tragique: Olkowski, Deleuze, and the Ruin of Representation HTML Joseph Nechvatal
La Longue durée: A Reply to Joseph Nechvatal HTML Dorothea Olkowski
Is Philosophy Ever Enough? HTML Andrew Murphie
The Laws of Cinematic Hospitality: A Response to Andrew Murphie HTML Gregory Flaxman
Reassessing the Aesthetic: Cinema, Deleuze, and the Art of Thinking HTML Amy Herzog
Fugitive Spaces -- Between the Critical and the Creative: A Reply to Amy Herzog HTML Barbara M. Kennedy
Post-reunification Fassbinder: Reception and Creation HTML Richard J. Hand
Re-imagining German Film History HTML Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
Vol 4, No 1 (2000)
Conventionalizing the Postmodern HTML Joy Palmer
Fifteen Years Gone By HTML Frederick von Zweigbergk
The Matrix Rules HTML Richard Wright
Art For All 'Time' HTML Donato Totaro
Misrecognizing Film Studies HTML Bruce Bennett
A Modest Employee of the Cinema vs The Big Garage HTML Martha P. Nochimson
More Histoire(s) du Cinema? HTML Paul Sutton
Speaking and Writing about Godard: A Response to Nochimson and Sutton HTML David Sterritt
Media Histories and Digital Futures HTML Nina Zimnik
The Mechanisms of Thought: A Jamesian Point of View on Resnais HTML Didier Debaise
The Stream of Consciousness: A Reply to Debaise HTML Haim Callev
Martin Scorsese's Invisible City in Bringing Out the Dead HTML Christina Degli-Esposti Reinert
The Limits of Critique HTML Hassan Melehy
Filming the Present Past HTML Lionel Moriel
Thinking Through Cinema HTML Garnet Creighton Butchart
Deleuze, Rodowick, and the Philosophy of Film HTML Louis Schwartz
Reawakening Imagination HTML Marty Fairbairn
Admiring Kieslowski HTML Jeffrey Hanson
The Nature of Film Spectators HTML C. Paul Sellors
Textual Subjects HTML Aylish Wood
Reply to Wood HTML Silvio Gaggi
Cruel Stories of Passion, Brutal Explorations of Extreme HTML S. Louisa Wei
Tsai Ming-liang: Defining What's Real HTML Gaik Cheng Khoo
Refocusing the Western HTML Bob Sitton
The Audience as Reader is Seldom Caught in the Act? HTML Pat Brereton
Reply to Brereton HTML Martin Barker, Thomas Austin
Thinking Television HTML Nina Zimnik
New Rules of the Game? Rejuvenating Cinema as a Field of Critical, Conceptual, and Historical Study HTML Stan Jones
Vol 3, No 1 (1999)
'To See or Not To See', That Is the Question HTML Kathleen Johnson
A State of Crisis HTML Sylvie Blum
It All Depends On What You Mean By 'Ideology' HTML Daniel Shaw
Notes on Debord HTML Santiago Cucullu
Breakdowns of Belief? HTML Lewis Johnson
The Superficial Aesthetics of the Postmodern HTML Marc Furstenau
Sense of an Ending HTML Andrew Gibson
Images of/and the Postmodern HTML Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Unnatural Reality HTML Sean Cubitt
England's Screening HTML Joe Brooker
Phenomenology, History and the Image: A Reply to Kathleen Fitzpatrick HTML Josh Cohen
A Future Aesthetic HTML Daniel Palmer
Reply to Palmer HTML Sean Cubitt
The Possibilities of Immanence HTML Patricia Pisters
A Site for Sore Eyes HTML David Martin-Jones
Leone's Impure Vision HTML John Bleasdale
Image and Mind: But Where's the Body? HTML Jan Simons
The Means and Ends of Screen Violence HTML Steven Schneider
Reply to Schneider HTML Stephen Prince
Visual Reality HTML David Cullen
Machine Memory: Image Technology and Identity HTML Jeffrey Pence
Thinking through Imagery HTML Evan William Cameron
The Gears of the Collective Imaginary HTML Imre Szeman
Watching You Watching Me HTML Alison McMahan
Signs of the Times: The Thirty-Year Trajectory of Signs and Meaning in the Cinema HTML Karla Oeler
Getting a Good View of Depiction HTML Jeffrey T. Dean
Pictures and Film; Philosophy and the Empirical Disciplines: A Reply to Dean HTML Robert Hopkins
Bill Viola and the Video Sublime HTML Cynthia A. Freeland
As Animals Might Dream HTML Erica Sheen
The Gaze and Eyes Wide Shut HTML Marty Fairbairn
Reflections Upon the Matrix HTML Mark Crosby
Bazin at Last; or, The Style Is the Man Himself HTML Dan Friedman
The Necessity of Critical Realism HTML Gary MacLennan
Reply to MacLennan HTML John Izod
How to Account for Cinematic Experience HTML Bohdan Y. Nebesio
Why Film History Should Not Repeat Itself HTML Tina M. Kelleher
Negotiating Modernity in Weimar Film Theory HTML Paul M. Malone
Reply to Cameron HTML Mary Carruthers
Urban Montage HTML Deborah L. Parsons
Cinecity Confidential: A Reply to Parsons HTML David B. Clarke
Letting Go of David Lynch HTML John Bleasdale
Response to Bleasdale HTML Martha P. Nochimson
Assessing Ong HTML Phillip H. Gochenour
A Formalist Reborn HTML Ian Verstegen
Identifying Aliens The Problem of Difference in Alien Identities HTML Robert E. Mitchell
Agnes Varda: Questions at Twenty-Four Frames a Second HTML Mike Hakata
The International Cinema of Poetry HTML Tico Romao
Invaginating Antonioni HTML David Martin-Jones
Fear and Wonder: Ambivalence Towards Technology HTML Philippe D. Mather
A Non-Critical Review HTML Margaret E. Johnson
Vol 2, No 1 (1998)
All the World's a Stage: On Timothy Murray, Drama Trauma: Specters of Race and Sexuality in Performance, Video and Art PDF Joan Hawkins
Apprehending Deleuze Apprehending Cinema: Der Film bei Deleuze/Le cinema selon Deleuze, edited by Oliver Fahle and Lorenz Engell PDF Edward R. O'Neill
'I'ing Cinema: Rothman's Readings of Cinematographic Visions and Visionaries: On William Rothman, The 'I' of the Camera: Essays in Film Criticism, History, and Aesthetics PDF David Sullivan
Peter Greenaway: A User's Manual: On Amy Lawrence, The Films of Peter Greenaway PDF Paula Willoquet-Maricondi
Beyond Rhetoric (and Scepticism): A Critical Realist Perspective on Carl R. Plantinga: On Carl R. Plantinga, Rhetoric and Representation in Nonfiction Film PDF Gary MacLennan
A Naive Reply to MacLennan and Raskin PDF Carl R. Plantinga
The 'I' of the Beholder: On Richard Allen, Projecting Illusion: Film Spectatorship and the Impression of Reality PDF Karen Bardsley
An Enigmatic Text: Schefer's Quest upon a Thing Unknown: On Jean Louis Schefer, The Enigmatic Body: Essays on the Arts PDF Katya Mandoki
Rediscovering the Cinema: On Brian Winston, Technologies of Seeing: Photography, Cinematography and Television PDF C. Paul Sellors
Respecting Rossellini: On Peter Bondanella, The Films of Roberto Rossellini PDF Vincent Tocce
Art and Ethics Reunited: Aesthetics and Ethics, edited by Jerrold Levinson PDF Aaron Meskin
Survey of a Field? On Philosophy and Film, edited by Cynthia A. Freeland and Thomas E. Wartenberg PDF Brian K. Aurand
Reply to Aurand PDF Cynthia A. Freeland, Thomas E. Wartenberg
Film and Philosophy Family Reunion: On Film and Philosophy (Volume 3, 1996) edited by Kendall D'Andrade PDF Marty Fairbairn
Seeing and Thinking: For an Understanding of Visual Culture: On Ron Burnett, Cultures of Vision: Images, Media and the Imaginary PDF Paolo Teobaldelli
What Will This Century Be Known As?: Deleuze and Resistance for Theory: On 'A Deleuzian Century?' South Atlantic Quarterly (Volume 96, Number 3, 1997) PDF Nina Zimnik
A Critical Ellipsis: Spacing as an Alternative to Criticism: On Deconstruction and the Visual Arts: Art, Media, Architecture, edited by Peter Brunette and David Wills PDF Erin Manning
Lounging with a Big Mac in One Hand and Freud by My Side Harvey: On Roy Greenberg, Screen Memories: Hollywood Cinema on the Psychoanalytic Couch PDF Olivia Khoo
BeauKhoo Exceptions: A Reply to Olivia Khoo PDF Harvey Roy Greenberg
Feasting on Allegory: On Bridget Elliott and Anthony Purdy, Peter Greenaway: Architecture and Allegory
PDF Paula Willoquet-Maricondi
The Radical Cinema and its Double: On Vertigo (Vol. 1, No. 7, 1997) PDF Michael Sicinski
Is There Personality in a Textbook?: On Jacques Aumont The Image PDF Glen Norton
N/M: Misreading the Womand: On Patrick McGee, Cinema, Theory, and Political Responsibility in Contemporary Culture PDF David Sorfa
Forget Aporia: A Reply to David Sorfa PDF Patrick McGee
Beauty Lies in the Eye (So Why Can't I Touch It?): On Brian Massumi, Guest Editor, 'Deleuze, Guattari and the Philosophy of Expression', Canadian Review of Comparative Literature/Revue Canadienne de Litterature Comparee (Vol. 24 no. 3, 1997) PDF Michael Goddard
David Bordwell's Iron Cage of Style: On David Bordwell, On the History of Film Style PDF James S. Hurley
Forays into Philosophy and Film: On Film and Philosophy (Vol. 1, 1994), edited by Kendall D'Andrade PDF Dennis Rothermel
What Do You Really Want From Žižek?: On Slavoj Žižek, The Sublime Object of Ideology PDF Oliver C. Speck
To Be Outside and In-Between: On Paul Willemen, Looks and Frictions: Essays in Cultural Studies and Film Theory PDF Ben Goldsmith
Virilio on Vision Machines: On Paul Virilio, Open Sky PDF Douglas Kellner
Film Theory at the Turning Point of Modernity: On Hugo Münsterberg, Das Lichtspiel: Eine Psychologische Studie [1916] Und andere schriften zum Kino PDF Pasi Nyyssonen
Taking Deleuze (On): On Gilles Deleuze, Negotiations: 1972-1990 PDF Matt Lee
The Sign of Zero: Semantics of Seeing, Perceiving, and Believing: The Film Spectator: From Sign to Mind edited by Warren Buckland PDF Liora Moriel
The Practice of Filmic Interpretation: On Noel Carroll, Interpreting the Moving Image PDF Warren Buckland
Analytic Philosophy and Film: On Film Theory and Philosophy, edited by Richard Allen and Murray Smith
PDF Samuel Guttenplan
I'm Not Joking - Lacanian Nostalgia Ain't What It Used To Be: On Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lacan (But Were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock), edited by Slavoj Žižek PDF Andrew Murphie
The 'High-Water Mark' of Film Theory: On Explorations in Film Theory: Selected Essays from Cine-Tracts, edited by Ron Burnett PDF Tico Romoa
The Archeology of Vision: On The Image in Dispute: Art and Cinema in the Age of Photography, edited by Dudley Andrew PDF Jan-Christopher Horak
Vol 1, No 1 (1997)
Unknown Men and Unkown Women: Reading Cavell PDF David Large
Noemata or No Matter?: Forcing Phenomenology into Film Theory PDF David Sullivan
Ecology and Reality: Notes Toward an Ecological Film Theory PDF David Large
A Humean Definition of Horror PDF Daniel Shaw
Piecemeal Engineering PDF Ludvig Hertzberg
The Rear Window of Essentialism PDF Laszlo Tarnay
The Friction Over the Fiction of Nonfiction Movies PDF Jay Raskin
Thinking with Cinema: Deleuze and Film Theory PDF Jeffrey Bell
On Imagologies PDF Ralph Berets
Rothman and the Challenge of Critical Realism PDF Gary MacLennan
Project for a Scientific Film Theory PDF Eric Parkinson
Film Aesthetics and Parkinson\'s Nostalgia for Psychologisms PDF Torben Grodal
Wim Wenders: The Inside Story PDF Stan Jones

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