International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems 

Volume 1  Issue 4   PDF(487.48KB)

Decision Tree Classifiers to determine the patient’s Post-operative Recovery Decision
Shanthi Dhanushkodi, G.Sahoo, Saravanan Nallaperumal PDF(132.4KB)

Hybrid personalized recommender system using Modified Fuzzy C-Means clustering algorithm
Subhash K. Shinde, Uday V. kulkarni PDF(229.8KB)
Performance Analysis of Various Activation Functions in Generalized MLP Architectures of Neural Networks
Ahmet Vehbi, Bekir Karlik PDF(506.3KB)

Telecardiology and Teletreatment System Design for Heart Failures Using Type-2 Fuzzy Clustering Neural Networks
Rahime Ceylan , Yüksel Özbay, Bekir Karlik PDF(556.6KB)

Volume 1  Issue 3  PDF(2.64MB)
Planning in Markov Stochastic Task Domains
Yong Lin, Fillia Makedon PDF(753.4KB) 

A Design of fuzzy controller for Autonomous Navigation of Unmanned Vehicle
Vinod Kapse, DR B JHARIA, DR S S THAKUR  PDF(117.1KB)

Volume 1  Issue 2  PDF(3.2MB)
Neural Network Based Classification and Diagnosis of Brain Hemorrhages
K.V.Ramana M.Tech, Raghu Korrpati PDF(2.17MB)

An Expert System for Diagnosis of Diseases in Rice Plant
Shikhar Kr. Sarma, Kh. Robindro Singh, Abhijeet Singh PDF(231.1KB)
“An Expert System using A Decision Logic Charting Approach for Indian Legal Domain With specific reference to Transfer of Property Act”
N B Bilgi, Dr. R V Kulkarni, Clive Spenser PDF(84.8KB)

Forecasting Electric Energy Demand using a predictor model based on Liquid State Machine
Neusa Grando, Tania Mezzadri Centeno, Sílvia Silva da Costa Botelho, Felipe Michels Fontoura PDF(321.4KB)
Volume 1  Issue 1 PDF(588.41KB)
A Hybrid Oriya Named Entity Recognition system: Harnessing the Power of Rule
Sitanath Biswas, S. P. Mishra, S Acharya, S Mohanty PDF(122.2KB)
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