Phenomenology & Practice

Phenomenology & Practice
Vol 4, No 1 (2010)
Pedagogical Recognition, Raquel Ayala Carabajo  PDF
The After-School Programme: An Arena for Interaction with Others through Body Movements in Play, Knut Londal PDF
How Literature Works: Poetry and the Phenomenology of Reader Response, Patrick G. Howard PDF
Oz Never Did Give Nothing to the Scarecrow: Neurophenomenology and Critical Pedagogy, Robert Garfield McInerney PDF
In Memoriam: The Experience of Eulogizing a Loved One, Paul Sopcak PDF
The Ethical Experience of Nature: Aristotle and the Roots of Ecological Phenomenology, Dylan B. van der Schyff PDF
Vol 3, No 1 (2009) - Special issue on method and methodology
Debating Phenomenological Research Methods, Linda Finlay  PDF
The Metabletic Method: An Interdisciplinary Look at Human Experience, Bertha Mook  PDF
"An Event in Sound" Considerations on the Ethical-Aesthetic Traits of the Hermeneutic Phenomenological Text, Carina Henriksson, Tone Saevi  PDF
Immigrant Children's Bodily Engagement in Accessing Their Lived Experiences of Immigration: Creating Poly-Media Descriptive Texts, Anna Kirova, Michael Emme  PDF
Children's Embodied Voices: Approaching Children's Experiences Through Multi-Modal Interviewing, Charlotte Svendler Nielsen  PDF
"In Search of a Lost Eye: The Mythopoetic Dimension in Pedagogy" A Review of Timothy Leonard & Peter Willis' (Eds.) Pedagogies of the Imagination. Mythopoetic Curriculum in Educational Practice, Ragna Aadlandsvik  PDF
Vol 2, No 1 (2008)
"Have I kept inquiry moving?" On the Epistemology of Reflection, Bengt Molander  PDF
Seeking Pedagogical Places, Andrew Foran, Margaret Olson  PDF
Teacher Praise and Encouragement: Towards an Education for Democracy, Herner Saeverot  PDF
PowerPoint's Pedagogy, Catherine Adams PDF
"Leaning into the Light" A Review of Carina Henriksson's Living Away From Blessings: School Failure as Lived Experience, Patrick Howard  PDF
A Review of Sara Ahmed's Queer Phenomenology: Orientations, Objects, Others, Dai Kojima PDF
Vol 1, No 1 (2007)
Welcome to the first issue of Phenomenology & Practice PDF 
Introducing a New Journal, Carina Henriksson  PDF 
Phenomenology of Practice, Max van Manen PDF 
The Creativity of 'Unspecialization:' A Contemplative Direction for Integrative Scholarly Practice, Kathleen Galvin, Les Todres  PDF
The First Rush of Movement: A Phenomenological Preface to Movement Education, Stephen J. Smith PDF 
Foreignness and Otherness in Pedagogical Contexts, Wilfried Lippitz   PDF
Finding Ourselves in a Predicament: Now What Do I Do?, Terrie Lynn Thompson  PDF
A review of N. Peter Steeves' "Things Themselves: Phenomenology and the Return to the Everyday", Norm Friesen PDF
A review of Gert Biesta's "Beyond Learning: Democratic Education for a Human Future", Tone Saevi PDF 

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