Animation Studies

Animation Studies
Volume 5, 2010

“Touching Cloth…”: Considering Satire and the Clergy in Popular Contemporary British Animation
by Van Norris 
We’re Asian, More Expected of Us: Representation, The Model Minority & Whiteness on King of the Hill by Alison Loader  PDF.
Volume 4, 2009

Animation (Theory) as the Poematic: A Reply to the Cognitivists by Alan Cholodenko  PDF

Using chronophotography to replace Persistence of Vision as a theory for explaining how animation and cinema produce the illusion of continuous motion by Paul St. George PDF

Revolutionary cels: The Sydney waterfront, Harry Reade and Cuban animation by Max Bannah PDF

To Be or Not to Be: The Controversy in Japan over the “Anime” Label by Sheuo Hui Gan PDF

Kinesic constructions: An aesthetic analysis of movement and performance in 3D animation
by Adam de Beer 

Volume 3, 2008
Half-breed Dog, Half-breed Film: Balto as Animelodrama by Amy Ratelle  PDF
The Newly Developed Form of Ganime and its Relation to Selective Animation for Adults in Japan by Sheuo Hui Gan PDF.
“Steadier, happier, and quicker at the work”? Women in Canadian Animation by Lynne Perras  PDF

TV 2.0: Animation Readership/Authorship on the Internet by Birgitta Hosea  PDF

Visions of a Future Past: Ulysses 31, a Televised Re-interpretation of Homer’s Classic Myth by María Lorenzo Hernández PDF

The Spectre in the Screen by Alan Cholodenko  PDF 

Why animation historiography? by Timo Linsenmaier PDF
The Ontology of Performance in Stop Animation by Laura Ivins-Hulley PDF
Taking an Appropriate Line by Van Norris  PDF
Animated Dialogues, 2007
Battlefields for the Undead : Stepping Out of the Graveyard by Pauls Wells  PDF

In the Sand a Line is Drawn: A Reflection on Animation Studies by Adrian Martin  PDF

(The) Death (of) the Animator, or: The Felicity of Felix Part I: Kingdom of Shadows by Alan Cholodenko 

Performing a Traumatic Effect: The films of Robert Breer by Dirk de Bruyn PDF

Superflat Eschatology: Renewal and Religion in anime by Michael Broderick PDF

The Uncanny and the Robot in the Astro Boy Episode “Franken” by Katharine Buljan PDF

Final Fantasy or The Incredibles: Ultra-realistic animation, aesthetic engagement and the uncanny valley by Matthew Butler and Lucie Joschko PDF
Flowerpot Men: The Haptic Image in Brian Cosgrove and Richard Hall’s Animations by Cordelia Brown PDF.

Facial Expressions for Empathic Communication of Emotion in Animated Characters by Andrew Buchanan PDF

Behind the Flash Exterior: Scratching the surface of online animated narratives
by Peter Moyes

The Svankmajer Touch by Cathryn Vasseleu PDF.

Checking out a Czech Animator: How Michaela Pavlatova both incorporates and rebels against the Czech animation tradition by Miriam Harris PDF

Reaching Out to Touch: Animation and Aboriginal Children in Taiwan by Zhi-Ming Su PDF

Recording Australian Animation History by Dan and Lienors Torre  PDF
Volume 2, 2007

Animated Appeal: A Survey of Production Methods in Children’s Software by Tom Klein PDF.

(The) Death (of) the Animator, or: The Felicity of Felix, Part II by Alan Cholodenko PDF.

Breaking Boundaries: The Representation of Split Identity in Anime by Caroline Ruddell  PDF

The Uses and Abuses of Cartoon Style in Animation by Leslie Bishko PDF

The Double Sense of Animated Images by María Lorenzo Hernández PDF

Early Connections Between Film and Emerging Media as Evidenced in the Animated Worlds of Adam 

Beckett by Pamela Taylor Turner PDF

The Two Golden Ages of Animated Music Video by Gunnar Strøm PDF

Volume 1, 2006

Cinematic Motion by Hand by Marina Estela Graça PDF

What is (not) so French in Les Triplettes de Belleville by Pierre Floquet PDF

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