Socialist Studies / Études socialistes

Socialist Studies / Études socialistes

Vol 6, No 2 (2010)
'I Class Struggle': French Exceptionalism and Challenges for Socialist Studies
PDF Elaine Coburn
‘You Are Here’: an interview with Dorothy E. Smith
PDF William K Carroll
Rosa Luxemburg's Political Economy: Contributions to Contemporary Political Theory and Practice
PDF Elaine Coburn
Social Classes in the Process of Capitalist Landnahme: On the Relevance of Secondary Exploitation
PDF Klaus Dörre
Accumulation, Imperialism, and Pre-Capitalist Formations: Luxemburg and Marx on the non-Western World
PDF Peter Hudis
Rosa Luxemburg’s ‘Accumulation of Capital’: New Perspectives on Capitalist Development and American Hegemony
PDF Ingo Schmidt
Rosa Luxemburg’s Reform or Revolution in the Twenty-first Century
PDF Helen C Scott
The current relevance of Rosa Luxemburg's thought
PDF Estrella Trincado
Research Note: Rosa Luxemburg and the Global Violence of Capitalism
PDF Paul LeBlanc
Review Essays
Honour Songs and Indigenous Resistance
PDF Deborah Simmons
Book Reviews
PDF Various Authors
Vol 6, No 1 (2010) Twenty Years after Kanehsatà:ke: Reflections, Responses, Analyses
Post-Colonialism, Post Socialism, and Multiple Remembrances
PDF Chad D Thompson
Venezuela under Chávez: The Prospects and Limitations of Twenty-First Century Socialism, 1999-2009
PDF Jeffery R Webber
The Limitations of Global Social Movement Unionism as an Emancipatory Labour Strategy in Majority World Countries
PDF Zia Rahman, Tom Langford
‘Pulling the Monster Down’: Interview with William K. Carroll
PDF Elaine Coburn
PDF Taiaiake Alfred
From Paintings to Power: The meaning of the Warrior Flag twenty years after Oka
PDF Kahente Doxtater (Horn Miller)
The Kahnawá:ke Standoff and Reflections on Fascism
PDF David Bedford, Thomas Cheney
Kanehsatà:ke: Canadian Colonial Aporias
PDF Stephen W Koptie
Review: Valaskakis et al (eds.). Restoring the Balance: First Nations Women, Community and Culture
PDF Celia Haig-Brown
Review: Smith. Everything You Know About Indians is Wrong
PDF Norma Jo Baker

Review Essays
Conditions of Possibility: Jameson, Žižek and the Persistence of the Dialectic
PDF Matthew Flisfeder
Book Reviews
Larry Krotz. The Uncertain Business of Doing Good: Outsiders in Africa.
PDF Richard J.F. Day
Bryan D. Palmer. Canada’s 1960s: The Ironies of Identity in a Rebellious Era.
PDF Patrice LeClerc
James Laxer. Beyond the Bubble: Imagining A New Canadian Economy
PDF Ingo Schmidt
Stephen J. Rockel and Rick Halpern, eds. Inventing Collateral Damage: Civilian Casualties, War, and Empire
PDF Sima Aprahamian
Adrienne Chan and Donald Fisher, eds. The Exchange University: Corporatization of Academic Culture
PDF Jamie Brownlee
Tania Das Gupta. ‘Real’ Nurses and ‘Others’: Racism in Nursing
PDF Sheila Wilmot
Michael D. Yates. In and Out of the Working Class
PDF Dennis Pilon
Thom Workman. If You’re in My Way, I’m Walking: The Assault on Working People Since 1970
PDF Govind Rao
Sherene Razack. Casting Out: The Eviction of Muslims from Western Law and Politics
PDF Sedef Arat-Koç
Gabriel Kolko. World in Crisis: The End of the American Century
PDF J.P. Sapinski
John Bellamy Foster and Fred Magdoff. The Great Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences
PDF John Simoulidis
David Graeber. Direct Action: An Ethnography
PDF Alex Khasnabish
David J. Bailey. The Political Economy of European Social Democracy: A Critical Realist Approach
PDF Ivanka Knezevic
Daniel V. Preece. Dismantling Social Europe: The Political Economy of Social Policy in the European Union
PDF John Peters
Nancy Folbre. Greed, Lust & Gender: A History of Economic Ideas
PDF Marjorie Griffin Cohen
Rianne Mahon and Stephen McBride, eds. 2009. The OECD and Transnational Governance
PDF Mike Skinner
Minqi Li. The Rise of China and the Demise of the Capitalist World Economy
PDF Paul Kellogg
Jarret S. Lovell. Crimes of Dissent: Civil Disobedience, Criminal Justice and the Politics of Conscience
PDF Jonathan Greene
Perry Anderson. The New Old World
PDF Jordy Cummings

Vol 5, No 2 (2009)
Editorial What is Socialism? What are Socialist Studies?
PDF Elaine Coburn
Philosophy at the Service of History: Marx and the need for critical philosophy today
PDF Jeffrey Noonan
PDF Alex Levant
Leninism: It's Not What You Think
PDF Paul Kellogg
Strategy, Meta-strategy and Anti-capitalist Activism: Rethinking Leninism by Re-reading Lenin
PDF Stephen D'Arcy
Lenin's Aggressive Unoriginality, 1914-1916
PDF Lars T Lih
Ipsographing the Dubject; or, The Contradictions of Twitter
PDF Mark A McCutcheon
Review Essays
Social Science and the Afghan War: Canadian Perspectives
PDF Jerome Klassen
The Political Economy of Food
PDF Ian Hussey

Book Reviews
Aziz Choudry et al. Fight Back:Workplace Justice for Immigrants
PDF Sheila Wilmot
G.A. Cohen. Why Not Socialism?
PDF Frank Cunningham
Terry Gibbs & Garry Leech. The Failure of Global Capitalism: From Cape Breton to Colombia and Beyond
PDF Adam Belton
Roberto J Gonzalez. American Counterinsurgency: Human Science and the Human Terrain
PDF Ryan Toews
Sean P. Hier et al. Racism and Justice: Critical Dialogue on the Politics of Identity, Inequality, and Change
PDF Amanda Glasbeek
Jasmin Hristov. Blood & Capital: The Paramilitarization of Colombia
PDF Henry Veltmeyer
Fuyuki Kurasawa. The Work of Global Justice: Human Rights as Practices
PDF Elaine Coburn
Judy Rebick. Transforming Power: From the Personal to the Political
PDF Tammy Findlay
Göran Therborn. From Marxism to Post-Marxism?
PDF William K Carroll
Mark P Thomas. Regulating Flexibility: The Political Economy of Employment Standards
PDF Bryan Mitchell Evans
Vol 5, No 1 (2009)
A Most Curious Lack of Curiosity: Global Unions as the Missing Link in Labour Movement Studies
PDF PDF David Huxtable
Telling the Story of Globalization, Neoliberalism and the Call Centre Industry in New Brunswick
PDF Joan McFarland
Neoliberalism and Ontario Teachers’ Unions: A “Not-So” Common Sense Revolution
PDF Duncan MacLellan
Book Reviews
Nakazawa Keiji, Barefoot Gen: A Cartoon Story of Hiroshima. USA: Last Gasp of San Francisco, 2004
PDF Shige (CJ) Suzuki
Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi, Co-directors, Persepolis [animated DVD - French with English subtitles]. France: Sony Pictures Classics, 2008, 96 min., PG-13, $26.49
PDF June Madeley
Vol 4, No 2 (2008)
Examining the Institutional Ethnographer’s Toolkit.
PDF J.L. Deveau
Engineering Barriers: An Empirical Investigation into the Mechanics of Downward Mobility.
PDF Bonnie Slade
Trade Unions in the Comfort Zone: Liberal Authority in Yeltsin’s Russia.
PDF Norma Jo Baker
Of Nails and Needles: A Reconsideration of the Political Economy of Canadian Trade.
PDF Paul Kellogg

Book Reviews
Richard Sandbrook, Marc Edelman, Patrick Heller and Judith Teichman. Social Democracy in the Global Periphery: Origins, Challenges, Prospects. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007, 300 pp., $34.99 PDF Elaine Coburn
Robert Chernomas and Ian Hudson, Social Murder and Other Shortcomings of Conservative Economics. Winnipeg: Arbeiter Ring Publishing, 2007, 224 pages. $26.95.
PDF Daniel Preece
Vol 4, No 1 (2008)
Reconsidering the Underground Railroad: Slavery and Racialization in the Making of the Canadian State
PDF Abigail Bakan
Reconstructing the Normative Foundations of Socialism
PDF Jeff Noonan
Social Science and Social Struggle: Understanding the Necessary Confluence of Scholarship and Political Commitment
PDF Michael Clow
Dynamite in the Mines and Bloody Urban Clashes: Contradiction, Conflict and the Limits of Reform in Bolivia's Movement towards Socialism
PDF Jeffrey Webber
Book Review: Communism (Short Histories of Big Ideas Series)
PDF Alex Caldararu
Book Review: The New Imperialists: Ideologies of Empire
PDF Jeffery Webber
Book Review: Ecological Ethics: An Introduction
PDF Mary Richardson
Book Review: I am not a Man, I am Dynamite! Friedrich Nietzche and the Anarchist Tradition
PDF Richard Day
Vol 3, No 2 (2007)
Making Change From Below
PDF Dorothy Smith
Staying Afloat on Social Assistance: Parents’ Strategies of Balancing Employability Expectations and Caregiving Demands
PDF Amber Gazso
The Differing Revolutionary Positions of Gramsci and Trotsky in Relation to Classical Marxism, the Peasantry, and the Majority World
PDF James Brittain
The Conditions of Subalternity: Reflections on Subjectivity, Experience and Hegemony
PDF Peyman Vahabzadeh
Book Review: Telling Tales: Living the Effects of Public Policy
PDF Mike Bratton
Book Review: Anarchy and Art: from the Paris Commune to the Fall of the Berlin Wall
PDF Kevin Walby
Book Review: Labour Left Out: Canada’s Failure to Protect and Promote Collective Bargaining as a Human Right
PDF Stephanie Ross
Vol 3, No 1 (2007)
Healing the Metabolic Rift between Farming and the Eco-System: Challenges Facing Organic Farmers in Canada and in Sweden
PDF Michael Clow, Darrell McLaughlin
Towards a Historical Materialist Approach to Racism in Post-'Unification' Germany
PDF Juliane Edler
"You've Never Seen this Kind of Poverty": Facing Class and Gender in Shoah Representations
PDF Marion Gerlind
National-Cultural Autonomy and 'Neutralism': Vladimir Medem's Marxist Analysis of the National Question, 1903-1920.
PDF Roni Gechtman
Book Reviews
Michael D. Mehta (Ed.), Biotechnology Unglued: Science, Society & Social Cohesion. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2005, 194 pp., $29.95 paper.
PDF Kimiko Inouye
Susanne Soederberg, Global Governance in Question: Empire, Class and the New Common Sense in Managing North South Relations. Winnipeg and London: Arbeiter Ring Publishing and Pluto Press, 2006, 206 pp., $24.95 paper.
PDF Dieter Misgeld
Vol 2, No 2 (2006)
Powerful Silences: Becoming a Survivor Through the Construction of Story.
PDF Arlene Voski Avakian
Marxism's 'Communicative Crisis'? Mapping Debates over Leninist Print-Media Practices in the 20th Century.
PDF Herbert F. Pimlott
A Peace Paradigm in Social Work.
PDF Adenike Yesufu
Assessing Employment Risk: New Dimensions in the Measurement of Unemployment.
PDF John Shields, Susan Silver, Sue Wilson
Hegemony, Counter-hegemony, Anti-hegemony
PDF William K. Carroll
Book Reviews
Jamie Brownlee, Ruling Canada: Corporate Cohesion and Democracy. Halifax: Fernwood Publishing, 2005, 140 pp. $16.95.
PDF Bryan Evans
George Woodcock, Anarchism: A History of Libertarian Ideas and Movements. Peterborough: Broadview Encore Editions, 2004, 434 pp. $22.95.
PDF Richard J.F. Day
Vol 2, No 1 (2006)
The Principle of Liberal Imperialism: Human Rights and Human Freedom in the Age of Evangelical Capitalism
PDF Jeff Noonan
Family-based Social Activism: Rethinking the Social Role of Families
PDF Norine Verberg
Canada, Empire and Indigenous People in the Americas
PDF Todd Gordon
Social Activism Among Some Early Twentieth-Century Baha’is
PDF Will C. van den Hoonaard
Compulsory Arbitration and the Right to Strike: The Experience of Alberta’s University Faculty.
PDF Jeffery Taylor
Book Reviews
William K. Carroll and R.S. Ratner (Eds.) Challenges and Perils: Social Democracy in Neoliberal Times. Halifax: Fernwood Publishing, 2005, 160 pp. $19.95 paper.
PDF Elaine Coburn
Sam Solecki (Ed.), Yours, Al: The Collected Letters of Al Purdy. Madeira Park, BC: Harbour Publishing, 2004, 560 pp., $44.95.
PDF Tom Middlebro’
W.A. Bogart, Good Government? Good Citizens? Courts, Politics, and Markets in a Changing Canada. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2005, 264 pp., $85.00 hardcover/$29.95 paper.
PDF Aaron Ogletree
Ian McKay, Rebels, Reds, Radicals: Rethinking Canada’s Left History. Toronto: Between the Lines Press, 2005, 254 pp., $19.95 paper.
PDF Byron Sheldrick
Vol 1, No 2 (2005)
Risk Technologies and the Securitization of Post-9/11 Citizenship: The Case of National ID Cards in Canada.
PDF Kevin Walby, Sean P Hier
Multiculturalism and the Fetishism of Difference.
PDF Colin Mooers
Renewing the Study of Public Sector Unions in Canada.
PDF David Camfield
Compulsory “White” Heterosexuality: The Politics of Racial and Sexual Loyalty.
PDF Katerina Deliovsky
A Commentary on Joel Bakan’s “The Corporation, The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power”.
PDF Gary Teeple
Henry A. Giroux, The Terror of Neoliberalism: Authoritarianism and the Eclipse of Democracy. Aurora: Garamond Press, 2004, 192 pp., $22.95 paper.
PDF Elaine Coburn
Oscar Olivera (in collaboration with Tom Lewis), !Cochabamba! Water War in Bolivia. Cambridge, Massachusetts: South End Press, 2004, 224 pp., $40.00 cloth/$16 paper.
PDF Jeffery R. Webber
Mary-Louise Engels, Rosalie Bertell: Scientist, Eco-Feminist, Visionary. Toronto: Women’s Press, 2005, 176 pp., $16.95 paper.
PDF Suzanne Elston
Neal Wood, Tyranny in America: Capitalism and National Decay. London: Verso, 2004, 147 pp., $33 cloth.
PDF Larry Patriquin
Donald C. MacDonald, The Happy Warrior: Political Memoirs. Toronto: Dundurn Press, 1998, 440 pp.
PDF Chris Alders
Vol 1, No 1 (2005)
What Mainstream Economists Won’t Tell You About Neoliberal Globalization.
PDF Robin Hahnel
The Excluded, the Vulnerable and the Reintegrated in a Neoliberal Era: Qualitative Dimensions of the Unemployment Experience.
PDF Susan Silver, John Shields, Sue Wilson, Antonie Scholtz
Family Policy, Women’s Employment and Supranational Organizations.
PDF Maureen Baker
Seeing the Other Side of the Coin: (Re)Constructing the Normative Flipside to Marx’s Sociology.
PDF Samuel A. Butler
Feminist Mothering: Challenging Gender Inequality by Resisting the Institution of Motherhood and Raising Children to be Critical Agents of Social Change.
PDF Fiona Joy Green
Book Reviews
Robin Hahnel, Economic Justice and Democracy: From Competition to Cooperation.
PDF Jules Boykoff
Allan Antliff (Editor), Only a Beginning: An Anarchist Anthology. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press, 2004
PDF Richard J.F. Day
Gordon Bailey and Noga Gayle, Ideology: Structuring Identities in Contemporary Life. Peterborough: Broadview Press, 2003, 175 pp., $24.95.
PDF Pat Durish
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