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Janus Head: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Psychology and the Arts

Volume 11, Issues 1 & 2 

Summer/Fall Issue 2007 | 10.1 
The Noise of the World Michael Filimowicz

Winter/Spring Issue 2007 | 9.2  - The Situated Body
Affective Proprioception Jonathan Cole & Barbara Montero

Summer/Fall 2006 | 9.1 
Our Uncertain Compassion Alphonso Lingis
The Artist Unbroken Margery E. Capone

Winter 2005 | 8.2  - Philosophical Practice
Contact Alphonso Lingis
Discursive Therapy? Tom Strong & Andy Lock

Summer 2005 | 8.1 -  Goethe's Delicate Empiricism
Doing Goethean Science Craig Holdrege

Winter 2004 | 7.2 - Open Issue
Summer 2004 | 7.1  Special Issue: Addiction II 

Winter 2003 | 6.2: Addition

Spring 2003 | 6.1

Fall 2002 | 5.2  Magical Realism

In Reality Michael Wood
Magical Realism in the Tales of Nikolai Gogol James D. Hardy & Leonard Stanton

Volume 5.1: Knowing Subjects: Human Lives, Human Worlds
Lewis R. Gordon, Making Science Reasonable: Peter Caws on Science both Human and “Natural”
David Theo Goldberg, Post-Racial States
Virginia Held, Feminist Moral Inquiry: The Role of Experience
Jonathan D. Moreno, Fiduciary Knowledge and Moral Consensus in Bioethics
John R. Wright, A Plea for Acknowledgment: Reflections on Finding Human Reasons for Moral Action
Linda Belau, The Hermeneutics of Psychoanalysis (Trauma, Repetition, and the Signifier)
Brent Dean Robbins, Lacan: The Limits of Love and Knowledge
Julie Reiser, The Autobiography of Consciousness and the New Cognitive Existentialism
Kristina Arp, Founding an Existential Ethics: Sartre’s Existentialism is a Humanism Revisited
Stuart Umpleby, Should Knowledge of Management Be Organized as Theories or as Methods?
John Rudisill, Towards a Reclamation of Substantive Liberalism

4.2 / FALL 2001
The Psychology of Self-Deception as Illustrated in Literary Characters Christopher Frost, Michael Arfken & Dylan W. Brock

4.1 Special Issue: The Legacy of R. D. Laing, Spring 2001
Remembering Ronnie Leon Redler, Steven Gans, and Bob Mullan
Laing in Austria Theodor Itten
Laing's Presence Miles Groth
Epilogue Daniel Burston

GWU Issue 2001: Selected Papers from the 6th Annual Human Sciences Conference at The George Washington University. Rethinking the Human Sciences: Interdisciplinary Studies, Global Education, and the Languages of Criticism

3.2 / Fall 2000
Doorways A. W. Metcalfe

Spring 2000 3.1 Special Issue: Regarding a Critical Rhetoric

2.2 / Fall 1999

Volume 2, Number 1: Summer 1999

Volume 1, Number 3 : Spring 1999
Volume 1, Number 2
Out of the Shadows Jennifer Severns
Volume 1, Number 1

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